indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  A King

List of Names that means 'A King'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AabishIndianDaughter of a king; Queen of IranGirl
AsokanIndianName of a kingBoy
ChandraadityaIndianName of a kingBoy
ChandradevIndianMoon God; A KingBoy
ChandradevSanskritMoon God; A KingBoy
ChandradityaIndianA KingBoy
ChandradityaIndianName of a kingBoy
ChitrasenIndianA king of GandharvasBoy
DrupadIndianA King; Father of DraupadiBoy
DushyantIndianDestroyer of evil; Name of a kingBoy
DushyantIndianName of a king; Destroyer of evilBoy
DushyantIndianName of a kingBoy
DushyantaIndianName of a king; Destroyer of evilBoy
DushyantaIndianA king from the epic MahabharataBoy
FirozIndianName Of A KingBoy
GopichandIndianName of a kingBoy
KanishkIndianName of a kingBoy
KanishkaIndianName of a kingBoy
KanishkaIndianGold; A KingGirl
KanishkaSanskritA king of the Kushan empire in South Asia who supported buddhism; SmallGirl
KusagraIndianA KingBoy
MansaAfricanA King; PowerfulBoy
MenesEgyptianName of a KingBoy
NarmerEgyptianName of a KingBoy
NrupadhIndianFeet of a kingBoy
PrasenjitIndianA King in epicsBoy
PrasenjitIndianA king in the epicsBoy
PuruIndianHeaven; Abundant; Name of a kingBoy
PuruIndianAbundant; Name of a kingBoy
RaajyashreeIndianPropriety of a kingBoy
RajasiIndianWorthy of a kingGirl
RajyashreeIndianPropriety of a kingBoy
RavanaIndianThe raksasa king of LankaBoy
SahanjIndianA kingBoy
SamudraguptaIndianFamous Gupta kingBoy
SamudraguptaIndianA famous gupta kingBoy
SanyatIndianFollowing a kingBoy
ShabakaEgyptianName of a KingBoy
ShantanuIndianWhole; A king from the epic MahabharataBoy
ShantanuIndianA king from the epic MahabharataBoy
ShantanuSanskritWhole; A king of Hastinapura in the epic of 'Mahabharata'; Father of Bhishma; Peace lovingBoy
SharmisthaIndianYayathi's (a king) wifeGirl
SuketuIndianA Yaksha kingBoy
SuketuIndianYaksha kingBoy
TrishankuIndianA king of the Surya dynastyBoy
YagyasenIndianName of a kingBoy