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 Names meaning 'Air'

Name that means

Meaning:  Air

List of Names that means 'Air'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AalokIndianBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
AalokSanskritBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
Adil  (عادل)ArabianFair; Honest; JusticeBoy
AdsiltiaLatinFair AspectGirl
AetherLatinBright; Upper AirBoy
AfsanehIndianFairy taleGirl
AfsanehIranian (Persian)Fairy TaleGirl
AileenScottishLight Bearer; Fair haired beauty; BirdGirl
AlakaIndianGirl with a lovely hair; BeautyGirl
AlakaIndianA Girl with a lovely hairGirl
AlakaIndianGirl; Curl; Lock of hairGirl
Alaka; AlkaIndianGirl with a lovely hairGirl
AlkaIndianA Girl with a lovely hairGirl
AlkaIndianGirl with a lovely hair; BeautyGirl
AlkaIndianBeauty; Lock of curly hairGirl
AlokIndianBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
AlokSanskritBrightness; Light; Cry of victory; A man with lovely hairBoy
AlpinScottishAttractive; Fair; WhiteBoy
AlvaHebrewLight Skinned; Fair; SublimeUnisex
AlvahHebrewLight Skinned; Fair; SublimeBoy
AmunEgyptianName of a God of Wind and Air; God of MysteryBoy
AnilaIndianAir; WindGirl
AnwenWelshVery fairGirl
AnwynWelshVery fairGirl
AuraEnglishAir; Breeze; WindGirl
AuraIndianAir; Breeze; WindGirl
AureoleEnglishAir; Breeze; WindGirl
AureoleIndianAir; Breeze; WindGirl
AviIndianSun and AirBoy
AviIndianThe Sun and AirBoy
AviIndianSun and the airBoy
BaenScottishFair SkinnedBoy
Baozhai  (宝斋)ChinesePrecious HairpinGirl
BarrieEnglishFair headedBoy
BarrieIndianFair headedBoy
BarryEnglishFair headedBoy
BarryIndianFair headedBoy
BayFrenchAuburn hairedBoy
BayardFrenchAuburn hairedBoy
BaylenFrenchAuburn hairedBoy
BeanScottishFair SkinnedBoy
BerryEnglishFair headedUnisex
BerryIndianFair headedUnisex
BerwynWelshFair headed; Fair; WhiteBoy
BevinEnglishFair LadyGirl
BevinIndianFair LadyGirl
BialasPolishWhite Haired BoyBoy
BialyPolishWhite HairedBoy
BlakeEnglishBlack and white; Light hair or skinBoy
BlakeIndianBlack and white; Light hair or skinBoy
BlanchFrenchWhite; FairGirl
BlancheFrenchWhite; FairGirl
BlondellFrenchFair Haired; BlondeGirl
BlondelleFrenchFair Haired; BlondeGirl
BlondeneFrenchFair Haired; BlondeGirl
BoydScottishYellow; Yellow Haired; BlondBoy
BrangwenWelshFair ravenGirl
BrangwyWelshFair ravenGirl
BranwenWelshFair ravenGirl
BranwennWelshFair ravenGirl
BreninWelshGrey haired kingBoy
BronWelshFair breastedGirl
BrongwynWelshFair breastedGirl
BronwenWelshFair; White; HolyGirl
BronwynWelshFair breastedGirl
BrunellaFrenchBrown; Dark hairedGirl
BrunelleFrenchBrown; Dark hairedBoy
BurelFrenchReddish brown hairedBoy
BurnellFrenchReddish brown hairedBoy
CaerwynWelshFair loveBoy
CaesarLatinSevered; HairyBoy
CarwynWelshFair; Holy; Pure; WhiteBoy
CassidyEnglishCurly hairedUnisex
CassidyIndianCurly hairedUnisex
CeinwenWelshFair; Holy; White; LovelyGirl
CeridwenWelshFair poetessGirl
CerridwynWelshFair poetessGirl
CesaraSpanishLong HairedGirl
ChadwickEnglishCeadda's dairy farmBoy
ChadwickIndianCeadda's dairy farmBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (lord Shiva)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knotBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (Shiva)Boy
ChepiNative AmericanFairyGirl
ChitsaNative AmericanFairGirl
CledwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteBoy
ClintEnglishSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ClintIndianSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ClintonEnglishSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ClintonIndianSettlement near the headland; Fair; WhiteBoy
ColbeyFrenchDark; Dark hairedBoy
CorvinFrenchRaven HairedBoy
CrispianEnglishCurly hairedBoy
CrispianIndianCurly hairedBoy
CrispinEnglishCurly hairedBoy
CrispinIndianCurly hairedBoy
CrispinusLatinCurly hairedBoy
CrispusLatinCurly hairedBoy
DadaAfricanCurly HairGirl
DarellEnglishFrom AirelleBoy
DarellIndianFrom AirelleBoy
DarrelEnglishFrom AirelleBoy
DarrelIndianFrom AirelleBoy
DarrellEnglishFrom AirelleBoy
DarrellIndianFrom AirelleBoy
DarrylEnglishFrom AirelleUnisex
DarrylIndianFrom AirelleUnisex
DarylEnglishFrom AirelleUnisex
DarylIndianFrom AirelleUnisex
DeargGermanRed HairedBoy
DelwynWelshPretty and fair; Fair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
DerryGermanRed HairedBoy
DhavalIndianFair complexionBoy
DhavalIndianFair complexionedBoy
DheekshitaIndianFair complexionedGirl
DwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
DwynwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
DwynwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EavanEnglishBeautiful; Fair formGirl
EavanIndianBeautiful; Fair formGirl
EilwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EtherLatinBright; Upper AirBoy
Euphemia  (Ευφημίας)GreekFair of voiceGirl
EurwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
EvantheGreekFair FlowerGirl
FayetteFrenchLittle FairyGirl
FinbarEnglishFair headedBoy
FinbarIndianFair headedBoy
FinbarrEnglishFair headedBoy
FinbarrIndianFair headedBoy
FindlayScottishFair WarriorBoy
FinnbarEnglishFair headedBoy
FinnbarIndianFair headedBoy
FlaviaItalianBlond; Fair HairedGirl
FlaviaLatinYellow HairGirl
FlaviaPortugueseYellow hairedGirl
FlavianGreekBlond; Fair hairedBoy
FlavianLatinYellow HairBoy
FlavieFrenchYellow HairGirl
FlavioItalianYellow Hair; Blond; Fair HairedBoy
FlavioPortugueseYellow hairedBoy
FlavioSpanishBlond; Yellow hairedBoy
FlaviusLatinYellow HairBoy
FloydEnglishGray hairedBoy
FloydIndianGray hairedBoy
FloydWelshGray hairedBoy
FraserScottishCurly HairBoy
FrasierScottishCurly HairBoy
FrazerScottishCurly HairBoy
FrazierScottishCurly HairBoy
GaelFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousBoy
GaelleFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousGirl
GauraIndianFair womanGirl
GauraIndianA fair womanGirl
GauraIndianFair woman; Fair complexionedGirl
GauraIndianFair woman; Goddess Parvati; Name of a raagaGirl
GauraangIndianFair; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord ShivaBoy
GauraangSanskritA Fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord ShivaBoy
GaurangIndianFair complexionedBoy
GaurangIndianFair; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva; MelodyBoy
GaurangSanskritA Fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord ShivaBoy
GaurangaIndianFair complexionedBoy
GaurangaIndianFair; Cow coloredGirl
GaurangaSanskritFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloredBoy
GauriIndianA fair woman; ParvatiGirl
GauriIndianFair woman; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GaynorEnglishWhite and soft; Fair headedGirl
GaynorIndianWhite and soft; Fair headedGirl
GerwinScottishFair LoveBoy
GinniferScottishFair LadyGirl
GiustinaItalianFair; JustGirl
GiustinoItalianLawful; Just; Fair; JustBoy
GiustoItalianLawful; Just; Fair; JustBoy
GourangaIndianFair complexionedBoy
GourangaSanskritFair complexioned; Golden-limbed; Having a white or yellowish body; Cow coloredBoy
GourangiIndianFair complexionedGirl
GriceldaGermanGray; Gray hairedGirl
GwalltafwynWelshHair like rainBoy
GwenEnglishFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwenIndianFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwenaelFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousBoy
GwenaelleFrenchWhite; Fair; Blessed; GenerousGirl
GwendaEnglishFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwendaIndianFair; Holy; White; GoodGirl
GwendaWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwenllianWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennEnglishFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennIndianFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwennWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
GwynEnglishFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynIndianFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynWelshFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
GwynforWelshFair; Holy; WhiteBoy
GwynnWelshFair; Holy; WhiteUnisex
HarijathaIndianFair hairedGirl
HarijathaIndianFair haired; BlondeGirl
HeddwynWelshHoly Peace; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
HevataneoNative AmericanHairy ropeBoy
HimaniIndianFair; Snowy; Goddess ParvatiGirl
HiromasaJapaneseFair; JustBoy
HouriIranian (Persian)FairyGirl
IestynWelshFair; JustBoy
IsokeAfricanHairy; Satisfying GiftBoy
IsoldGermanFair LadyGirl
IsoldaGermanFair LadyGirl
IsoldaLatinIce Battle; Fair AspectGirl
IsoleGermanFair LadyGirl
IzoldaPolishFair AspectGirl
JatinIndianOne who has matted hairBoy
JatinIndianOne who has matted hair; Lord ShivaBoy
JoostDutchFair And JustBoy
JusalIndianPari; FairyBoy
JusteFrenchFair; JustBoy
JustekPolishFair; JustBoy
JusticeEnglishFair; JustGirl
JusticeIndianFair; JustGirl
JustinEnglishFair; JustBoy
JustinIndianFair; JustBoy
JustinaEnglishFair; JustGirl
JustinaIndianFair; JustGirl
JustinaLatinFair; JustGirl
JustinaLithuanianFair; JustGirl
JustinasLithuanianFair; JustBoy
JustineEnglishFair; JustGirl
JustineFrenchFair; JustGirl
JustineIndianFair; JustGirl
JustinusLatinFair; JustBoy
JustusLatinFair; JustBoy
JustyEnglishFair; JustUnisex
JustyIndianFair; JustUnisex
JustynPolishFair; JustBoy
JustynaEnglishFair; JustGirl
JustynaIndianFair; JustGirl
JustynaPolishFair; JustGirl
KaiserGermanKing; Long hairedBoy
KanakabatiIndianFairy taleGirl
KanakabatiIndianA fairy taleGirl
KapilIndianName of a sage; Sun; Fair complexionedBoy
KassidyEnglishCurly hairedUnisex
KassidyIndianCurly hairedUnisex
KeelanEnglishCompanion; Fair and slenderUnisex
KeelanIndianCompanion; Fair and slenderUnisex
KeelinEnglishCompanion; Fair and slenderUnisex
KeelinIndianCompanion; Fair and slenderUnisex
KenzieScottishThe Fair One; Finely MadeUnisex
KenzyScottishThe Fair One; Finely MadeGirl
KeshiIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshikaIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianA woman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianOne with beautiful hairGirl
KeshiniIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KesiniIndianOne with beautiful hairGirl
KewaneeNative AmericanPrairie HenGirl
KinnonScottishFair BornBoy
KuntalaIndianWomen with beautiful hairGirl
KuntalaIndianA Woman with luxurious hairGirl
KuntalaIndianWoman with beautiful hairGirl
La RowFrenchRed hairedGirl
LarueFrenchThe red haired oneBoy
LeotieNative AmericanFlower of the PrairieGirl
LerouxFrenchThe red haired oneBoy
LloydEnglishGray hairedBoy
LloydIndianGray hairedBoy
LloydScottishGray hairedBoy
LloydWelshGray hairedBoy
LoydEnglishGray hairedBoy
LoydIndianGray hairedBoy
LoydWelshRay hairedBoy
MackenzieScottishMaid; Young Woman; FairGirl
MairwenWelshBeloved; Blessed; Fair; WhiteGirl
MaliWelshBeloved; Blessed; Fair; WhiteGirl
ManikuntalaIndianOne whose hair is like gemsGirl
MckenzieScottishFair SkinnedGirl
MeinwenWelshSlender and fairGirl
MistiqueFrenchAir of mysteryGirl
MithunIndianPair; CoupleBoy
MithunIndianA pairBoy
MrigankmouliIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MrigankshekharIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MunsifIndianJust; FairBoy
MurronScottishSea FairGirl
MystiqueFrenchAir of mysteryGirl
NaseemIndianBreeze; Fresh airGirl
NaseemaIndianBreeze; Fresh airGirl
NaseemahIndianBreeze; Fresh airGirl
Nasim  (نسيم)ArabianBreeze; Fresh AirGirl
NasimIndianBreeze; Fresh airGirl
NasimahIndianBreeze; Fresh airGirl
NidawiNative AmericanFairyGirl
NimaIndianSmall; Just; FairBoy
NimaIranian (Persian)Small; Just; FairBoy
OlwenWelshFair; Holy; WhiteGirl
PareeIranian (Persian)FairyGirl
PareechehrIndianHaving a face like a fairy; BeautifulGirl
PareechehrIranian (Persian)Having a Face like a Fairy; BeautifulGirl
PareerouIndianHaving a face like a fairy; BeautifulGirl
PareerouIranian (Persian)Having a Face like a Fairy; BeautifulGirl
PareesaIndianLike a fairyGirl
PareesaIranian (Persian)Like a FairyGirl
PareevashIndianFairy facedGirl
PareevashIranian (Persian)Fairy FacedGirl
PareeyaIndianBeauty; FairyGirl
PariIndianBeauty; FairyGirl
PariIranian (Persian)FairyGirl
ParisaIndianFairy; Like a fairyGirl
ParisaIranian (Persian)Fairy; like a FairyGirl
PirroSpanishFlaming hairBoy
QuinlanEnglishLittle fair formed oneBoy
QuinlanIndianLittle fair formed oneBoy
RezHungarianRedheaded; Having Red; Copper Colored HairBoy
RhonwenWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteGirl
RoselinFrenchRed hairedBoy
RoselynFrenchRed hairedBoy
RosiynFrenchRed hairedBoy
RoslinFrenchRed hairedBoy
RossGermanRed HairedBoy
RosselinFrenchRed hairedBoy
RosselynFrenchRed hairedBoy
RothGermanRed HairedBoy
RothScottishRed haired; KingBoy
RousseFrenchRed hairedBoy
RoussetFrenchRed hairedBoy
RousskinFrenchRed hairedBoy
RoyScottishRed haired; KingBoy
RuadhScottishRed haired; KingGirl
RufaSpanishKing; Red hairedGirl
RuffFrenchRed hairedBoy
RuffeFrenchRed hairedBoy
RufinPolishRed HairedBoy
RufinaItalianRed HairGirl
RufinaLatinRed Haired; QueenGirl
RufinaSpanishKing; Red hairedGirl
RufinoItalianRed HairedBoy
RufinoPortugueseRed HairedBoy
RufinoSpanishKing; Red hairedBoy
RufinusLatinRed Haired; KingBoy
RufioSpanishKing; Red hairedBoy
RufoSpanishKing; Red hairedBoy
RufusLatinRed Haired; KingBoy
RushFrenchRed hairedBoy
RusheFrenchRed hairedBoy
RushkinFrenchRed hairedBoy
RussFrenchRed hairedBoy
RusselFrenchRed hairedBoy
RussellFrenchRed hairedBoy
RustFrenchRed hairedBoy
SaleemIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeBoy
SaleemaIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeGirl
SaleemahIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeGirl
SalemIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeBoy
SalimIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeBoy
SalimaIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeGirl
SalimahIndianSound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Healthy; SafeGirl
SatuFinnishFairy Tale; FableGirl
SchaelyIndianFairy forteGirl
SeemantaIndianParting line of hairBoy
SeirEnglishHairy; RoughBoy
SeirIndianHairy; RoughBoy
ShankhamalaIndianA fairy tale princessGirl
Shu  ()ChineseFair; Kind; GentleGirl
Shuchun  (树春)ChineseFair PurityGirl
ShvetangIndianFair complexionedBoy
ShvetankIndianFair complexionedBoy
ShwetaIndianLovable; White; Fair complexionedGirl
ShwetaSanskritFair complexionedGirl
SiamakIndianBlack haired manBoy
SiamakIranian (Persian)Black Haired ManBoy
SigridFinnishVictory; Beautiful; FairGirl
SiiriFinnishVictory; Beautiful; FairGirl
SopaanIndianStairs; StepsBoy
SopanIndianStairs; StepsBoy
SorelFrenchReddish brown hairedBoy
SorrellFrenchReddish brown hairedBoy
SpikeEnglishSpiky HairBoy
SpikeIndianSpiky HairBoy
SuhaybIndianReddish hair or complexionBoy
SukeshIndianGood hair; BeautifulBoy
SukeshIndianGood hairBoy
SwetaIndianFair complexionedGirl
SwetaSanskritFair complexionedGirl
SwetambariIndianFairy Dressed in whiteGirl
SwetankIndianFair bodiedBoy
TaniaIndianFairy queenGirl
TaniamitraIndianFairy queenGirl
TanisSpanishFairy QueenGirl
Tanya  (Таня)RussianFairy PrincessGirl
TarakeshIndianStary hairBoy
TarakeshIndianStarry hairBoy
TataRussianFairy PrincessGirl
Tatiana  (Τατιάνα)GreekFairy; PrincessGirl
Tatiana  (Татьяна)RussianFairy PrincessGirl
Tatyana  (Татьяна)RussianFairy PrincessGirl
TehutiEgyptianHe who Balances; God of Earth; Sky; Air and SeaBoy
TerrwynWelshBrave; FairGirl
TienVietnameseAngel; Fairy; SpiritGirl
TroyesFrenchCurly hairedBoy
TsiishchiliNative AmericanCurly hairedBoy
Tsiishch'IliNative AmericanCurly hairedBoy
TusaNative AmericanPrairie DogGirl
Ustin  (Устин)RussianFair; JustBoy
Ustinya  (Устинья)RussianFair; JustGirl
VarunIndianWind; Lord of water; AirBoy
VarunIndianWind; Lord of water; Air; Lord of Sea; NeptuneBoy
VyomakeshIndianSky like hairBoy
WynEnglishBlessed; Fair; WhiteBoy
WynIndianBlessed; Fair; WhiteBoy
WynWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
WynforWelshGreatly fair; HolyBoy
WynnWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
WynneWelshBlessed; Fair; Holy; WhiteBoy
XiangChineseCircling in the air; FlyingBoy
YuhannisIndianFreed salve of ZubairBoy
Yustin  (Юстин)RussianFair; JustBoy
Yustina  (Юстина)RussianFair; JustGirl
Zulfiqar  (ذو الفقار)ArabianCleaver; HairyBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Air'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
BarberEnglish Barber; One who shaves and dresses hair
BlakeEnglish Dark; Light Hair; Skin
CassidyEnglish Curly haired
CassidyGaelic Curly haired
ChadwickEnglish Canada's dairy farm
GrayEnglish Grey Haired
LloydWelsh Gray Haired
QuinlanIrish Little Fair Formed One
ReadEnglish Red; Red haired
SinclairScottish Saint Clair
WarwickEnglish One who lives by the dam near the dairy farm
WoolEnglish One who has short or thick Hair

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