indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Alert

List of Names that means 'Alert'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moon; AlertGirl
ChetnaIndianPower of Intellect; AlertGirl
Grigor  (Григор)RussianWatchful; Vigilant; AlertBoy
Grigori  (Григорий)RussianWatchful; Vigilant; AlertBoy
Grigoriy  (Григорий)RussianWatchful; Vigilant; AlertBoy
Grigory  (Григорий)RussianWatchful; Vigilant; AlertBoy
Grisha  (Гриша)RussianWatchful; Vigilant; AlertBoy
IraHebrewWatchful; Vigilant; AlertBoy
Ling  (; )ChineseAlert; Quick; Chime; CompassionBoy
Marko  (Марко)UkrainianWarlike; AlertBoy
NabeehaIndianEminent; Noble; Alert; IntelligentGirl
NabhanIndianAlert; Noble; OutstandingBoy
NabihaIndianEminent; Noble; Alert; IntelligentGirl
NishitaIndianSharp; AlertBoy
NishitaIndianAlert; SharpGirl
SuchetIndianAttentive; AlertBoy
SuchetaIndianAlways alert; With a beautiful mindGirl
SuchetaIndianAlways alertGirl
Toshi  ()JapaneseAlertUnisex
Toshiaki  (利明; 敏明; 寿明)JapaneseAlert And Bright; Ripe BrightnessBoy
Toshiko  (敏子)JapaneseAlert Child; Child Of Many Years; Valued Child; Clever ChildGirl