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Meaning:  Arrow

List of Names that means 'Arrow'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbeEnglishFather of a multitude; Bow for an arrowBoy
AbeIndianFather of a multitude; Bow for an arrowBoy
AnjalikaIndianOne of Arjuna's arrowsBoy
AnjalikaIndianOne of Arjuna's arrowsGirl
ChikoJapaneseArrow; PledgeBoy
CitlalminaNahuatlArrow; Stars; MeteoritesGirl
CulhwchWelshNarrow and straightBoy
DrorHebrewFreedom; SparrowBoy
EshikaIndianArrow; DartGirl
EshikaIndianAn Arrow; DartGirl
FletcherEnglishMaker of arrowsBoy
FletcherFrenchArrow MakerBoy
FletcherIndianMaker of arrowsBoy
FletcherScottishArrow makerBoy
FloNative AmericanArrowGirl
IlhicaminaNahuatlOne who shoots arrows at the skyBoy
KeleNative AmericanSparrowBoy
KelvinEnglishFriendly River; Narrow riverBoy
KelvinIndianFriendly River; Narrow riverBoy
KyleIndianNarrow split of landGirl
KyleIndianNarrow split of land; SlenderGirl
LaneEnglishNarrow PathwayBoy
LaneIndianNarrow PathwayBoy
MandodariIndianWith narrow abdomen; Ravan wifeGirl
MandodariIndianOne with narrow abdomen; Ravan wifeGirl
MandodariIndianWith narrow abdomen; Ravan's wifeGirl
MarvaEnglishMarrow EminentGirl
MarvaIndianMarrow EminentGirl
MarvinEnglishMarrow EminentBoy
MarvinIndianMarrow EminentBoy
MarvynEnglishMarrow EminentBoy
MarvynIndianMarrow EminentBoy
MerfynWelshMarrow; Eminent; Marrow eminentBoy
MervEnglishMarrow EminentBoy
MervIndianMarrow EminentBoy
MervinEnglishMarrow EminentBoy
MervinIndianMarrow EminentBoy
MervynEnglishMarrow EminentBoy
MervynIndianMarrow EminentBoy
MotegaNative AmericanNew ArrowBoy
OmusaNative AmericanMisses while shooting with arrowsGirl
OurayNative AmericanArrowBoy
SahmIndianArrow; DartBoy
ShalyaIndianAn arrowBoy
ShankuIndianLord Shiva arrow dartBoy
ShankuIndianLord Shiva; Arrow dartBoy
SparrowEnglishA Bird name; SparrowUnisex
SparrowIndianA Bird name; SparrowUnisex
SuhaymaIndianSmall arrowGirl
SuhaymahIndianSmall arrowGirl
Suzume  ()JapaneseSparrowGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Arrow'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
FletcherEnglish Maker of Arrows
YarrowEnglish Plant of a thousand leaves; Yarrow