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Meaning:  Ash Tree

List of Names that means 'Ash Tree'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AescAnglo-SaxonAsh treeBoy
AshEnglishAshley; Ash tree settlementUnisex
AshIndianAshley; Ash tree settlementUnisex
AshleeEnglishAsh tree groveUnisex
AshleeIndianAsh tree groveUnisex
AshleighEnglishAsh tree groveUnisex
AshleighIndianAsh tree groveUnisex
AshleyEnglishAsh tree settlementUnisex
AshleyIndianAsh tree settlementUnisex
AshlieEnglishAsh tree groveUnisex
AshlieIndianAsh tree groveUnisex
AshlynEnglishAsh tree lakeGirl
AshlynIndianAsh tree lakeGirl
AshlynnEnglishAsh tree lakeGirl
AshlynnIndianAsh tree lakeGirl
AshtonEnglishAsh tree settlementUnisex
AshtonIndianAsh tree settlementUnisex
AstonEnglishEast settlement; Ash tree settlementUnisex
AstonIndianEast settlement; Ash tree settlementUnisex
NashEnglishLives by an Ash treeBoy
NashIndianLives by an Ash treeBoy
NishIndianBy the Ash tree; An adventurerBoy
NishIndianBy the Ash tree; AdventurerBoy
OericAnglo-SaxonAsh treeBoy
Yasen  (Ясен)BulgarianAsh TreeBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Ash Tree'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AshburtonEnglish Town on the hill covered with Ash trees
AshleyEnglish Ash tree grove
AshtonEnglish Ash tree settlement
NashEnglish Lives by an Ash tree