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 Names meaning 'Born'

Name that means

Meaning:  Born

List of Names that means 'Born'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaghnyaIndianBorn from fire; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AaghnyaIndianBorn from fire; Goddess LakshmiGirl
AagneyIndianBorn from fire; Son of fireBoy
AagneyaIndianBorn from fire; Son of fireBoy
AbaAfricanBorn on ThursdayGirl
AbenaAfricanBorn on TuesdayGirl
AbhijaatIndianWell bornBoy
AbhijaataIndianWell bornGirl
AbhijataIndianWell bornGirl
AbhijataIndianWell born womanGirl
AbidemiAfricanBorn During Father's AbsenceBoy
AbimbolaAfricanBorn WealthyUnisex
AbiodunAfricanBorn on a FestivalUnisex
AbioyeAfricanBorn in RoyaltyBoy
AbjaIndianBorn in waterGirl
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Another name for BrahmaBoy
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
AchiengAfricanBorn when the Sun ShinesGirl
AdelphaLatinSibling; Born of the same wombGirl
AdelphiaLatinSibling; Born of the same wombGirl
AdelphieEnglishBorn of the same womb; SiblingGirl
AdelphieIndianBorn of the same womb; SiblingGirl
AdelphusLatinSibling; Born of the same wombBoy
AdhiamboAfricanBorn in the EveningGirl
AdhochAfricanBorn Feet FirstGirl
AditIndianFirst bornBoy
AditIndianFirst born; From the beginningBoy
AdjoaAfricanBorn on MondayGirl
AdongoAfricanSecond Born of TwinsGirl
AduorAfricanBorn At DawnGirl
AdventFrenchBorn during adventBoy
AdwoaAfricanBorn on MondayGirl
AfiaAfricanBorn on FridayGirl
AfolabiAfricanBorn in to WealthBoy
AfuaAfricanBorn on FridayGirl
Agrafena  (Аграфена)RussianWild Horse; Born with feet firstGirl
AgustinaIndonesianBorn on AugustGirl
AjaIndianOne who is self existent; UnbornGirl
AjamboAfricanBorn in the EveningGirl
AjiamboAfricanBorn in the AfternoonGirl
AkelloAfricanBorn after TwinsGirl
AketchAfricanBorn During a FamineGirl
AkinyiAfricanBorn in the MorningGirl
AkosuaAfricanBorn on SundayGirl
AkuaAfricanBorn on WednesdayGirl
AlabaAfricanSecond Child Born after TwinsGirl
AlulaArabianFirst BornGirl
AmaAfricanBorn on SaturdayGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AnanAfricanFourth Born ChildUnisex
AnanHebrewFourth Born ChildUnisex
AnumEgyptianBorn FifthBoy
ApioAfricanFirst Born of TwinsGirl
ApiyoAfricanFirst Born of TwinsGirl
AsaJapaneseBorn At DawnBoy
AshmitaIndianRock born; Very hard and strongGirl
AtienoAfricanBorn At NightGirl
AventFrenchBorn during adventBoy
AwotwiAfricanEighth BornUnisex
AyooAfricanBorn on the PathGirl
BaakoAfricanFirst BornUnisex
BabiryeAfricanFirst-Born of TwinsGirl
BabuEgyptianOsiris's FirstbornBoy
BadruEgyptianBorn during the Full MoonBoy
BarasaAfricanBorn on SaturdayBoy
BayVietnameseBorn on a SaturdayBoy
BebEgyptianOsiris's FirstbornBoy
BebtiEgyptianOsiris's FirstbornBoy
BenjaminBiblicalBorn of the Right HandBoy
BenjaminHebrewBorn of the Right HandBoy
BenjaminSpanishBorn of the right handBoy
BimbolaAfricanBorn to WealthBoy
BosedeAfricanBorn on SundayBoy
BuintonSpanishBorn fifthBoy
CaimileAfricanA Family is BornGirl
CalligeniaGreekBeauty BornGirl
CalligeniaLatinBeauty BornGirl
CanicusLatinBorn of fireBoy
ChaarudattIndianBorn of beautyBoy
ChaitaleeIndianBorn in the month of ChaitraGirl
ChaitaliIndianA season; Born in the Chaitra monthGirl
ChaitaliIndianBorn in the month of ChaitraGirl
CharudattIndianBorn of beautyBoy
CharudattaIndianBorn with beautyBoy
CharuduttaIndianBorn of beautyBoy
ChenziraEgyptianBorn on a JourneyBoy
CheyenneIndianBorn dancerGirl
ChithayuIndianBorn of intellectBoy
CinaedScottishBorn of FireBoy
CináedScottishBorn of FireGirl
CionaodhScottishBorn of FireBoy
CuartioSpanishBorn fourthBoy
CuartoSpanishBorn fourthBoy
CyrilIndianBorne by large number of saintBoy
CyrilIndianLord; Borne by large number of SaintBoy
DanujIndianBorn of Danu; A DanavaBoy
DanujIndianBorn of Danu; DanavaBoy
Diogenes  (Διογένης)GreekBorn of ZeusBoy
DivijaIndianBorn in heavenGirl
DubakuAfricanEleventh Born ChildUnisex
DunnEnglishBorn of Yew; BrownBoy
DunnIndianBorn of Yew; BrownBoy
DwaipayanSanskritThe sage Vyasa; Another name of Veda Vyasa; Island-bornBoy
DwaipayanaSanskritThe sage Vyasa; Another name of Veda Vyasa; Island-bornBoy
EboEgyptianName Born on TuesdayBoy
EfuaAfricanBorn on FridayGirl
EkuaAfricanBorn on WednesdayGirl
EnuAfricanFifth BornUnisex
EoghanScottishBorn from the Yew treeGirl
EsiAfricanBorn on SundayGirl
EssienAfricanSixth-Born SonBoy
EuanEnglishBorn of YewBoy
EuanIndianBorn of YewBoy
EuanScottishBorn from the Yew treeBoy
EugeinWelshWell bornBoy
EugenGermanWell Born; NobleBoy
EugenGreekWell Born; NobleBoy
EugeneFrenchWell Born; NobleBoy
Eugene  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
EugeneiaGreekWell Born; NobleGirl
EugeniaEnglishWell bornGirl
EugeniaFrenchWell Born; NobleGirl
EugeniaIndianWell bornGirl
EugeniaPortugueseWell bornGirl
EugenieFrenchWell Born; NobleGirl
EugenioItalianWell Born; NobleBoy
EugenioPortugueseWell bornBoy
EugenioSpanishWell Born; NobleBoy
Eugenios  (Ευγένιος)GreekWell Born; NobleBoy
EugeniusLatinBorn of Yew; Well bornBoy
EugeniuszPolishWell Born; NobleBoy
EugueinWelshWell bornBoy
Evgeni  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Evgenia  (Ευγενια)GreekWell Born; NobleGirl
Evgenia  (Евгения)RussianWell Born; NobleGirl
Evgenii  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Evgeniy  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Evgeniya  (Евгения)RussianWell Born; NobleGirl
Evgeny  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzaCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzenCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzenekCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzenieCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleGirl
EwainEnglishWell bornBoy
EwainIndianWell bornBoy
EwanEnglishBorn of YewBoy
EwanIndianBorn of YewBoy
EwanScottishBorn from the Yew treeBoy
EwaneEnglishWell bornBoy
EwaneIndianWell bornBoy
EwaneScottishWell Born; NobelBoy
EweinWelshWell bornBoy
EwenEnglishBorn of YewBoy
EwenIndianBorn of YewBoy
EwenScottishBorn from the Yew treeBoy
EzvenCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
FaguniIndianBeautiful; Born in Falgun - A Hindu calendar monthGirl
FalguniIndianBorn in Falgun - A Hindu calendar monthGirl
FalguniIndianBeautiful; Born in Falgun - A Hindu calendar monthGirl
FalguniIndianBeautiful; Born in Falgun - A Hindu monthGirl
FarrokhzadIndianHappily bornBoy
FarrokhzadIranian (Persian)Happily BornBoy
FenukuEgyptianBorn LateBoy
GarnetEnglishGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GarnetIndianGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GarnettEnglishGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryBoy
GarnettIndianGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryBoy
GarnetteEnglishGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GarnetteIndianGarnet (the gem); Precious Stone; Red like a Pomegranate; Born in januaryUnisex
GenaEnglishWell bornGirl
GenaIndianWell bornGirl
GeneEnglishWell bornBoy
GeneIndianWell bornBoy
GeniaEnglishWell bornGirl
GeniaIndianWell bornGirl
GenieEnglishWell bornGirl
GenieIndianWell bornGirl
GentiusLatinGentian Flower; Well BornBoy
GenyaEnglishWell bornGirl
GenyaIndianWell bornGirl
GermogenRussianBorn of HermesBoy
GinaItalianWell BornGirl
GinoItalianNoble; Well BornBoy
GirijaIndianBorn of a mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GirijaIndianBorn of mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
GurdittaIndianOne born with guru's blessingBoy
HajiEgyptianBorn during a Pilgrimage; One who performed HajjBoy
HariharIndianBorn out of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharanIndianBorn out of Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva)Boy
HariharanIndianBorn out of lord Vishnu (Hari) and lord Shiva (Hara)Boy
HarimantiIndianBorn in the season of HemantaGirl
Hermogenes  (Ερμογένους)GreekBorn of HermesBoy
HiramEnglishFree Born; NobleBoy
HiramIndianFree Born; NobleBoy
HyramEnglishFree Born; NobleBoy
HyramIndianFree Born; NobleBoy
IdowuAfricanBorn after TwinsUnisex
IgeAfricanBorn Feet FirstGirl
Iphigeneia  (Ιφιγένεια)GreekBorn RoyalGirl
Iphigenia  (Ιφιγένεια)GreekStrong bornGirl
IphigeniaLatinStrong BornGirl
IukiniHawaiianWell BornBoy
JagaviIndianBorn of the worldGirl
JaniuszPolishBorn in JanuaryBoy
JaniuszekPolishBorn in JanuaryBoy
JaromilCzech & SlovakBorn In SpringBoy
JaromilPolishBorn in SpringBoy
JavieroSpanishBorn in JanuaryBoy
JeanaEnglishWell bornGirl
JeanaIndianWell bornGirl
JenciHungarianWell-Born; NobleBoy
JenoHungarianWell-Born; NobleBoy
JenuHungarianWell-Born; NobleBoy
JephtahHebrewFirst BornBoy
JumaAfricanBorn on a FridayBoy
JumaaneAfricanBorn on TuesdayBoy
KamilleFrenchFree Born; NobleGirl
KaranIndianKarna; The first born of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianKarna; First born of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianKarna; The firstborn of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianInstrument; The firstborn of KuntiBoy
KaranIndianA warrior; Instrument; Karna; First born of KuntiBoy
KareefArabianBorn During AutumnBoy
KarifArabianBorn During AutumnBoy
KarnaIndianA warrior; Instrument; First born of KuntiBoy
KarnaIndianThe first born of KuntiBoy
KarnaIndianFirst born of KuntiBoy
KarnaIndianFirstborn of KuntiBoy
KarnaIndianThe firstborn of KuntiBoy
KasindaAfricanBorn to a Family with TwinsGirl
KekonaHawaiianSecond BornGirl
KeninaEnglishBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeGirl
KeninaIndianBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeGirl
KeninaScottishFinely made and Born of fireGirl
KenitIndianA handsome man; Born of fireBoy
KenitIndianHandsome man; Born of fireBoy
KenithEnglishBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KenithIndianBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KennaEnglishBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeGirl
KennaIndianBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeGirl
KennaScottishFinely made and Born of fireGirl
KennethEnglishBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KennethIndianBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KennithEnglishBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KennithIndianBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KennyEnglishBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KennyIndianBorn of fire; Comely; Finely madeBoy
KesiEgyptianBorn of a Troubled FatherGirl
KhamisiAfricanBorn on ThursdayBoy
KhnurnEgyptianMythical Reborn SunBoy
KidenAfricanFemale Born after 3 or more BoysGirl
KinneyScottishBorn of FireBoy
KinnonScottishFair BornBoy
KobinaAfricanBorn on TuesdayBoy
KofiAfricanBorn on FridayBoy
KojoAfricanBorn on MondayBoy
KulikIndianWell bornBoy
KwabenaAfricanBorn on TuesdayBoy
KwadwoAfricanBorn on MondayBoy
KwakuAfricanBorn on WednesdayBoy
KwameAfricanBorn on SaturdayBoy
KwasiAfricanBorn on SundayBoy
KwekuAfricanBorn on WednesdayBoy
KwesiAfricanBorn on SundayBoy
La VergneFrenchBorn in the springGirl
La VerneFrenchBorn in the springGirl
LaylaEgyptianBorn At Night; NightlyGirl
LeilaArabianBorn At NightGirl
LeilahArabianBorn At NightGirl
LelaArabianBorn At NightGirl
LeylaArabianBorn At NightGirl
LinditaAlbanianBirth of day; Daybreak; Day is bornGirl
LumusiAfricanBorn Face DownGirl
MajlindaAlbanianBorn in MayGirl
MakennaEnglishBorn of fireGirl
MakennaIndianBorn of fireGirl
ManojIndianBorn of mindBoy
ManojIndianBorn of mind; Mental LoveBoy
ManojIndianBorn of the mind; CupidBoy
ManojSanskritBorn of the mind; CupidBoy
ManojaIndianBorn of the mindGirl
ManojaIndianBorn of mindGirl
ManothIndianBorn of mindBoy
ManothIndianBorn of the mindBoy
ManuEgyptianBorn SecondBoy
MaralahNative AmericanBorn during an earthquakeGirl
MarushikaIndianBorn with blessings of lord ShivaGirl
MasikaEgyptianBorn during RainGirl
MckennaEnglishBorn of fireGirl
MckennaIndianBorn of fireGirl
MedhanshIndianOne who born with intelligenceBoy
MedhanshIndianWho is born with IntelligenceBoy
MedhanshIndianOne who is born with intelligenceBoy
MensahEgyptianBorn ThirdBoy
MirlindAlbanianBorn wellBoy
MirlindaAlbanianBorn wellGirl
MitenaNative AmericanBorn under coming; New MoonGirl
MosiAfricanFirst Born ChildBoy
MosiEgyptianBorn FirstGirl
MozesDutchBorn Of; Son Of; Saved from the WaterBoy
MsrahEgyptianSixth BornBoy
MukantagaraEgyptianBorn during WarGirl
MwanajumaAfricanBorn on FridayGirl
NabhojIndianBorn in skyBoy
NaganandiniIndianMountain bornGirl
Najib  (نجيب)ArabianNoble; Intelligent; Born To NobilityBoy
NajjaEgyptianBorn SecondBoy
NakatoAfricanSecond Born of TwinsGirl
NashaAfricanBorn During Rainy SeasonGirl
NataleeFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NataliaIndonesianBirthday; Born on Christmas DayGirl
NataliaSpanishBorn at ChristmasGirl
NatalieFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NataliiFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NatalinaPolishBorn at ChristmasGirl
NathaleeFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NathaliaFrenchBorn at ChristmasUnisex
NathalieFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NathalyFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NatsuJapaneseBorn In Summer
NatucheFrenchBorn at ChristmasGirl
NavajIndianNewly bornBoy
NebuchadnezzarEnglishNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NebuchadnezzarIndianNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NebuchadrezzarEnglishNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NebuchadrezzarIndianNebo; Defend my crown; Nebo; Defend my firstborn sonBoy
NeddaCzech & SlovakBorn on SundayGirl
NeemaEgyptianBorn to Wealthy ParentsGirl
NeerajIndianLotus; Born from waterBoy
NeerajaIndianLotus; Born from waterGirl
NirajIndianLotus; Born of waterBoy
NkrumaAfricanNinth Born ChildUnisex
NkrumahEgyptianBorn NinthBoy
NkrumshEgyptianNinth BornBoy
NoushzadIndianHappily bornBoy
NoushzadIranian (Persian)Happily BornBoy
NsiaAfricanSixth Born ChildUnisex
NsonowaAfricanSeventh Born ChildUnisex
NuruEgyptianBorn during DayUnisex
OchiengAfricanBorn when the Sun ShinesBoy
OctaveFrenchBorn EighthBoy
OdhiamboAfricanBorn in the EveningBoy
OdionEgyptianBorn of TwinsBoy
OkparaEgyptianFirst BornBoy
OlolaraAfricanBorn At the Right TimeGirl
OmariEgyptianHigh BornBoy
OmegaEnglishLast Letter of the Greek Alphabet; Last Born ChildUnisex
OmegaIndianLast Letter of the Greek Alphabet; Last Born ChildUnisex
OmjaIndianBorn of cosmic unityBoy
Orestes  (Ορέστης)GreekMountain bornBoy
Origen  (Ωριγένη)GreekMountain bornBoy
OtienoAfricanOne who is Born at NightBoy
OttahEgyptianThird BornBoy
OuenWelshWell bornBoy
OwainWelshWell bornBoy
OweinWelshWell bornBoy
OwenEnglishWell bornBoy
OwenIndianWell bornBoy
OwenWelshWell bornBoy
OwenaEnglishWell bornGirl
OwenaIndianWell bornGirl
OwenaScottishBorn to NobilityGirl
OwenaWelshWell bornGirl
OwinEnglishWell bornBoy
OwinIndianWell bornBoy
OwinWelshWell bornBoy
OwynEnglishWell bornBoy
OwynIndianWell bornBoy
OwynWelshWell bornBoy
PadmajIndianBorn from lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
PadmajaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PankajIndianLotus flower; Mud bornBoy
PankajaIndianLotus flower; Mud bornGirl
PascalHebrewBorn on PassoverBoy
PaschalHebrewBorn on PassoverBoy
PascualHebrewBorn on PassoverBoy
PasqualeItalianBorn On Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PasqualinaItalianBorn On Easter; Child of EasterGirl
PasqualinoItalianBorn On Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PatriziaItalianNoble; Well Born; NoblewomanGirl
PegasusLatinBorn near the Pege (Source of the Ocean; Spring; Well)Boy
PehlajIndianFirst bornBoy
PiliEgyptianPillar; Born SecondGirl
PrimeiroSpanishBorn firstBoy
PurnayanIndianOne who has born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
PurnayanIndianOne who was born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
PushpajIndianBorn from a flowerBoy
QuaashieEgyptianBorn on SundayBoy
QuasshieEgyptianBorn on SundayBoy
QuintaSpanishBorn fifthGirl
RabahHebrewFourth Born ChildGirl
RabiahEgyptianBorn in SpringGirl
RamanujaIndianBorn after lord Rama; LakshmanBoy
RamanujaIndianBorn after Rama; LakshmanBoy
RamanujaIndianBorn after lord Rama; Lord LakshmanBoy
SabahEgyptianBorn in MorningGirl
SagarikaIndianWave; Born in the oceanGirl
SambhavIndianBorn; ManifestedBoy
SanyaIndianBorn on SaturdayGirl
SanyaSanskritBorn on SaturdayGirl
SarojaIndianBorn in a lakeGirl
SarojaSanskritBorn in a lakeGirl
SavithIndianBorn on SundayBoy
SegundaSpanishBorn secondGirl
ShahrazadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShahrizadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShahrizadIranian (Persian)Modern; City Dweler; Person of the City; City BornGirl
ShahrzadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShahrzadIranian (Persian)Modern; City Dweler; Person of the City; City BornGirl
ShamiseEgyptianFirst BornUnisex
ShravaniIndianBorn in the month of ShravanGirl
ShuddhashilIndianWell bornBoy
SomerFrenchBorn in SummerBoy
SosigenesGreekBorn SafeBoy
Suchart  (สุชาติ)ThaiBorn into a good lifeBoy
SudesnaIndianBorn in good placeGirl
SundhujaIndianLakshmi; Born of the oceanGirl
SundhujaIndianLaxmi; Born of the oceanGirl
SundhujaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Born of the oceanGirl
TanerTurkishBorn At DawnBoy
TanujaIndianBorn of the body; DaughterGirl
Tasha  (Таша)RussianBorn at ChristmasGirl
TerceiraSpanishBorn thirdGirl
TercieroSpanishBorn thirdBoy
TeyacapanNahuatlFirst bornGirl
ThutmoseEnglishBorn of Djehuty (Thoth); Born of the IbisBoy
ThutmoseIndianBorn of Djehuty (Thoth); Born of the IbisBoy
ThutmosisEnglishBorn of Djehuty (Thoth); Born of the IbisBoy
ThutmosisIndianBorn of Djehuty (Thoth); Born of the IbisBoy
TlacoNahuatlMiddle bornGirl
TolegenKazakhBorn after the death of his brotherBoy
UwainWelshBorn of yewBoy
VaibhavIndianRichness; Prosperity; Glorious; Powerful; Born of moonBoy
VasumanIndianBorn of fireBoy
WaleedIndianNewborn childBoy
WaleedaIndianNewborn childGirl
WalidIndianNewborn childBoy
WalidahEgyptianNewly BornGirl
WasswaAfricanFirst Born of TwinsBoy
WeishengChineseGreatness is bornBoy
WekesaAfricanBorn During HarvestBoy
WenonaEnglishFirstborn daughterGirl
WenonaIndianFirstborn daughterGirl
WenonaNative AmericanFirst born daughterGirl
WenonahEnglishFirstborn daughterGirl
WenonahIndianFirstborn daughterGirl
WinonaEnglishFirstborn daughterGirl
WinonaIndianFirstborn daughterGirl
WinonaNative AmericanFirst born daughterGirl
WynonnaEnglishFirstborn daughterGirl
WynonnaIndianFirstborn daughterGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Born'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
MckennaIrish Son of Cionaodh; Born of Fire
MckennaScottish Son of Cionaodh; Born of Fire
TyrrellEnglish Stubborn

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