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 Names meaning 'Child'

Name that means

Meaning:  Child

List of Names that means 'Child'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AidayKazakhMoon ChildGirl
Aiko  (愛子)JapaneseChild Of Love; Beloved; Loving ChildGirl
AissaAfricanThe Grateful ChildGirl
Akiko  (秋子; 明子; 晶子)JapaneseAutumn Child Or Bright ChildGirl
AlabaAfricanSecond Child Born after TwinsGirl
AlainaIndianDear childGirl
AmarisIndianChild of the moonBoy
AnanAfricanFourth Born ChildUnisex
AnanHebrewFourth Born ChildUnisex
AnpuEgyptianRoyal ChildBoy
AnubisGreekRoyal ChildBoy
AshwinaIndianChild of the starGirl
AshwinaIndianChild of the star'sGirl
Atsuko  (篤子; 温子)JapaneseIndustrious; Warm Child; Kind ChildGirl
Ayako  (彩子; 綾子)JapaneseScholarly Child; Colorful ChildGirl
BalaSanskritChild; Young oneBoy
BalaganapatiIndianBeloved and lovable childBoy
BalgopalIndianThe Child Krishna; All AttractiveBoy
BaneHawaiianLong Awaited ChildBoy
Bunko  (あずみ)JapaneseLiterary ChildGirl
CalanScottishCailean ChildBoy
CashileAfricanHidden; Child of a Concealed BirthBoy
Chieko  (恵子)JapaneseChild Of Intelligence; Wisdom; Wise Child; Thousand Blessings ChildGirl
Chikako  (千香子)JapaneseChild Of A Thousand Perfumes; Child Of WisdomGirl
Chiyoko  (千代子)JapaneseChild Of A Thousand GenerationsGirl
Chouko  (蝶子)JapaneseButterfly ChildGirl
CowessessNative AmericanLittle ChildBoy
DubakuAfricanEleventh Born ChildUnisex
DwiIndonesianSecond ChildUnisex
Eiko  (栄子)JapaneseLong-Lived Child; Splendid ChildGirl
EkaIndonesianFirst ChildUnisex
EkajaIndianOnly childGirl
EkajaIndianThe only childGirl
EkoIndonesianFirst ChildUnisex
Emiko  (恵美子)JapaneseBeautiful; Blessed Child; Smiling ChildGirl
Etsuko  (悦子)JapaneseChild Of JoyGirl
Fumiko  (文子)JapaneseChild Of Treasured BeautyGirl
Fumio  (文雄)JapaneseLiterary; Scholarly ChildBoy
Hanako  (花子)JapaneseFlower ChildGirl
Haruko  (はるこ)JapaneseSpringtime ChildGirl
HertaGermanChild of the earthGirl
HerthaGermanChild of the earthGirl
Hideko  (秀子)JapaneseChild Of Excellence; Splendid ChildGirl
Hiroko  (裕子; 浩子; 寛子)JapaneseGenerous Child; MagnanimousGirl
Hisako  (久子)JapaneseLong-Lived ChildGirl
Hoshiko  (星子)JapaneseStar ChildGirl
JagatkishorIndianWorldly childBoy
JagatkishorIndianWorld ChildBoy
JhumarIndianChild's playthingBoy
JhumarIndianChild's play thingBoy
Junko  (純子)JapanesePure; Genuine Child; ObedientGirl
KamekoJapaneseTurtle Child; LongevityGirl
Kamiko  (上子)JapaneseSuperior ChildGirl
Kanako  (香奈子)JapaneseFragrant Nara(City In Japan ChildGirl
Katsuo  (勝雄)JapaneseVictorious ChildBoy
KayinAfricanCelebrated ChildUnisex
Kazuko  (和子; 一子)JapaneseHarmonious ChildGirl
Keiko  (恵子; 慶子; 桂子; 敬子; 啓)JapaneseBlessed; Respectful ChildGirl
KhadigaIndianPremature childGirl
Khadija  (خديجة)ArabianPremature ChildGirl
KhadijaIndianPremature childGirl
KhatijahIndianPremature childGirl
Kiko  (紀子)JapaneseChronical ChildGirl
Kimiko  (后子; 君子)JapaneseDear Child; Ruling Child; Empress ChildGirl
KiokoJapaneseHappy ChildGirl
Kiyoko  (清子)JapanesePure ChildGirl
Kumiko  (久美子)JapaneseBeautiful; Long-Lived ChildGirl
KunikoJapaneseChild From The CountryGirl
KuntoAfricanThird ChildGirl
Kyoko  (恭子)JapaneseRespectful Child; Child Of The Capital City; MirrorGirl
LeiaEnglishChild of heavenGirl
LeiaHawaiianChild of HeavenGirl
LeiaIndianChild of heavenGirl
MaekoJapaneseTruthful ChildGirl
MaemiJapaneseHonest ChildGirl
Maiko  (舞子)JapaneseChild Of DanceGirl
ManikandanIndianLord Ayyappa's childhood nameBoy
Mariko  (真里子)JapaneseTrue Reason ChildGirl
Masako  (雅子)JapaneseCorrect; Governing Child; JusticeGirl
Michiko  (美智子)JapaneseCorrect Path; Thousand Beauties Child; Beauty; WisdomGirl
Mieko  (美枝子)JapaneseBeautiful Blessing Child; Already ProsperousGirl
MiemieHebrewWished ChildGirl
Minako  (美奈子)JapaneseBeautiful ChildGirl
MiriumIndianWished for childGirl
Mitsuko  (光子)JapaneseChild Of Light; Child Full Of Blessings; Shining ChildGirl
Miyako  (美夜子)JapaneseBeautiful Night ChildGirl
MiyoJapaneseBeautiful ChildGirl
Miyoko  (美代子)JapaneseBeautiful Child Of The GenerationsGirl
Momoko  (桃子)JapanesePeach ChildGirl
Moriko  (森子)JapaneseChild Of The ForestGirl
MosiAfricanFirst Born ChildBoy
MukkiNative AmericanChildBoy
NatashaIndianChild of ChristmasGirl
NatashaIndianChild of Christmas; BirthdayGirl
Natsuko  (夏子)JapaneseSummer ChildGirl
NkrumaAfricanNinth Born ChildUnisex
Nobuko  (信子)JapaneseFaithful; Trustworthy ChildGirl
Noriko  (法子 典子)JapaneseChild Of PrinciplesGirl
NsiaAfricanSixth Born ChildUnisex
NsonowaAfricanSeventh Born ChildUnisex
OmegaEnglishLast Letter of the Greek Alphabet; Last Born ChildUnisex
OmegaIndianLast Letter of the Greek Alphabet; Last Born ChildUnisex
OmobolanleAfricanA Child who Met Wealth At HomeUnisex
OmolaraAfricanA Child is FamilyGirl
PaceEnglishPassover; Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PaceIndianPassover; Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PaceyEnglishPassover; Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PaceyIndianPassover; Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PascalFrenchChild of EasterBoy
PascalaFrenchChild of EasterGirl
PascaleFrenchChild of EasterGirl
PascalineFrenchChild of EasterGirl
PaschalFrenchChild of EasterBoy
PasclinaFrenchChild of EasterGirl
PascoalPortugueseChild of EasterBoy
PascualFrenchChild of EasterBoy
PascualSpanishChild of EasterBoy
PascualaSpanishChild of EasterGirl
PasqualSpanishChild of EasterBoy
PasqualeFrenchChild of EasterBoy
PasqualeItalianBorn On Easter; Child of EasterBoy
PasqualinaItalianBorn On Easter; Child of EasterGirl
PasqualinoItalianBorn On Easter; Child of EasterBoy
RabahHebrewFourth Born ChildGirl
RaziyaAfricanAgreeable ChildGirl
Reiko  (麗子)JapaneseBeautiful; Courteous ChildGirl
Riko  (理子)JapaneseChild Of Truth; Jasmine ChildGirl
RunakoAfricanHandsome ChildBoy
Ryoko  (涼子)JapaneseRefreshing ChildGirl
SachiJapaneseGirl Child Of BlissGirl
Sachiko  (幸子)JapaneseJoyful; Happy ChildGirl
SafiyaAfricanPure ChildGirl
SaidiAfricanHelpfull ChildBoy
Sakiko  (咲子)JapaneseBlossoming Child; Earlier ChildGirl
Sakurako  (桜子)JapaneseCherry Blossom ChildGirl
SalihahAfricanThe Correct ChildGirl
SantanIndianA tree; ChildrenBoy
Satoko  (聡子)JapaneseWise ChildGirl
Setsuko  (節子)JapaneseMelody ChildGirl
SheehanIndianPeaceful childBoy
Shigeko  (成子)JapaneseGrowing Child; Luxuriant ChildGirl
Shizuko  (静子)JapaneseQuiet ChildGirl
Sumiko  (澄子)JapaneseClear Thinking Child; Pure Child; Child Of ClarityGirl
Takako  (隆子)JapaneseFilial; High; Noble ChildGirl
Tamiko  (民子)JapaneseAbundance Child; Child Of Many BeautiesGirl
Teruko  (照子)JapaneseShining ChildGirl
TiponiNative AmericanChild of ImportanceGirl
Tomiko  (美子)JapaneseTreasured Beauty ChildGirl
Tomoko  (智子)JapaneseChild Of Wisdom; IntellectGirl
Toshiko  (敏子)JapaneseAlert Child; Child Of Many Years; Valued Child; Clever ChildGirl
TriIndonesianThird ChildUnisex
Tsukiko  (月子)JapaneseMoon ChildGirl
Tufayl  (طفيل)ArabianSmall ChildBoy
UmekoJapanesePlum Blossom ChildGirl
WaleedIndianNewborn childBoy
WaleedaIndianNewborn childGirl
WalidIndianNewborn childBoy
XocoyotlNahuatlYoungest childGirl
Yasuko  (康子)JapaneseHonest Child; Peaceful ChildGirl
Yoko  (洋子)JapaneseOcean Child; Positive Child; Child Of SunlightGirl
Yoshiko  (好子)JapaneseFragrant; Good; Noble Child; Child Of GoodnessGirl
Yukiko  (幸子 / 雪子)JapaneseChild Of Snow; Child Of HappinessGirl
Yuko  (優子)JapaneseHelpful; Superior Child; Gentle ChildGirl
Yumiko  (由美子)JapaneseBeautiful Child; Helpful ChildGirl
Yuriko  (百合子)JapaneseLily; Prized ChildGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Child'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AdkinsEnglish Child of Adam
BabaWelsh A Boy; A Child
KanekoJapan金子Gold Child

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