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Name that means

Meaning:  Crooked Nose

List of Names that means 'Crooked Nose'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
CamEnglishCrooked NoseUnisex
CamIndianCrooked NoseUnisex
CamScottishCrooked noseUnisex
CamVietnameseOrange; Crooked NoseUnisex
CameronScottishCrooked noseUnisex
CamronEnglishCrooked NoseUnisex
CamronIndianCrooked NoseUnisex
CamronScottishCrooked noseUnisex
CamrynEnglishCrooked NoseUnisex
CamrynIndianCrooked NoseUnisex
CamshronScottishCrooked noseBoy
KamEnglishCrooked NoseBoy
KamIndianCrooked NoseBoy
KamScottishCrooked noseBoy
KameronEnglishCrooked NoseBoy
KameronIndianCrooked NoseBoy
KameronScottishCrooked noseUnisex
KamronScottishCrooked noseBoy
KamrynEnglishCrooked NoseUnisex
KamrynIndianCrooked NoseUnisex

List of Surnames that means 'Crooked Nose'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
CameronScottish Crooked nose