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Name that means

Meaning:  Dew Drop

List of Names that means 'Dew Drop'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BindhiyaIndianDew dropGirl
ManjuIndianSnow; Dew drops; PleasantGirl
ManjuIndianSnow; Dew dropsGirl
ManjuIndianSnow; Dew drops; Beautiful; PleasantGirl
ManjunathIndianSnow; Dew drops; Beautiful; PleasantBoy
ManjuprasadIndianSnow; Dew drops; Beautiful; PleasantBoy
MaytalHebrewDew DropGirl
MeitalHebrewDew DropGirl
MihikaIndianMist; Fog; Dew dropsGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew drop; Admired for looksGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew dropsGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew dropGirl
NeeharikaIndianDew drops; Silver lining of every cloudGirl
NeharikaIndianDew DropsGirl
NeharikaIndianDew dropGirl
ShabnamIndianDew dropGirl
ShabnamIndianDew dropsGirl
TahliaHebrewDew DropGirl
TalHebrewDew DropUnisex
TaliaHebrewDew DropUnisex
TaliahHebrewDew DropGirl
TuhinaIndianSnow; Dew dropGirl