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 Names meaning 'Give'

Name that means

Meaning:  Give

List of Names that means 'Give'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AashrithaIndianSomebody who gives shelterGirl
AashrithaIndianOne who gives shelterGirl
AashrithaSanskritSomebody who gives shelterGirl
Abdul FattaahIndianSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul FattahIndianSlave of the giver of victoryBoy
Abdul GhaffarIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul GhafoorIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
Abdul MutiIndianSlave of the giverBoy
Abdul-GhafoorIndianServant of the forgiverBoy
AbdulmuhyeeIndianSlave of who gives life and sustains itBoy
Abdus SalaamIndianSlave of the giver of peaceBoy
Abdus SalamIndianSlave of the giver of peaceBoy
AbichailHebrewGives JoyGirl
AdeodatusLatinGiven to GodBoy
Al 'Afuww (العفو)IndianThe Forgiver
Al Ghafur (الغفور)IndianThe Forgiver and Hider of Faults
Al Muhyi (المحيى)IndianThe Giver of Life
Al Wahhab (الوهاب)IndianThe Giver of All
AmariahHebrewGiven by God; The Word of GodGirl
AmarisHebrewGiven by God; The Word of GodGirl
AmarisSpanishGiven by GodGirl
AmarisaHebrewGiven by God; The Word of GodGirl
AmariseHebrewGiven by God; The Word of GodGirl
AmarissaHebrewGiven by God; The Word of GodGirl
AmarissaSpanishGiven by GodGirl
AmaryaHebrewGiven by God; The Word of GodBoy
AnaniasEnglishWhom Jehovah has graciously givenBoy
AnaniasIndianWhom Jehovah has graciously givenBoy
ArchitIndianWho deserves to be worshiped; Give; WorshipBoy
Asclepius  (Ασκληπιός)GreekGives well beingBoy
AshrithIndianOne who gives refuge to othersBoy
Asif  (أصف)ArabianForgivenessBoy
AsklepiadesGreekGives well beingBoy
Asklepios  (Ασκληπιού)GreekGives well beingBoy
AvichayilHebrewGives JoyGirl
Bogdan  (Богдан)BulgarianGiven By God; Gods GiftBoy
Bogdan  (Богдан)RussianGiven by GodBoy
Bogdana  (Богдана)BulgarianGiven By God; Gods GiftGirl
BognaBulgarianGiven By God; Gods GiftGirl
BubuEgyptianGives Light; Prosperous; Glowing; GloriousBoy
Chan  ()ChineseGiven by god; God giftedBoy
DattaIndianOne who is givenBoy
DattaIndianGiven; Granted; PresentedBoy
DattaIndianGiven; Granted; Presented; One who is givenBoy
DattaIndianOne who is giver; DonorBoy
DattaSanskritOne who is giver; DonorBoy
DattatreyaIndianGiven by AtriBoy
DayaanidhiIndianKind; One who givesBoy
DayaanidhiSanskritKind; One who givesBoy
DazbogRussianGive me GodBoy
Dazhdbog  (Даждьбог)RussianGive me GodBoy
DelitFrenchGives PleasureGirl
DeodatusLatinGiven to GodBoy
DeusdeditLatinGiven to GodBoy
DevadattaIndianGod givenBoy
DevdattaIndianGiven by godBoy
DhanyaIndianGreat; Personification of Gratitude; Thankful; Lucky; Giver of wealthGirl
DharmikIndianOne who gives charity; Lord GaneshBoy
DharmikIndianOne who gives charityBoy
DieudonneeFrenchGod GivenGirl
DiodotusLatinGiver of ZeusBoy
DomeniqueFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodGirl
DominiqueFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodUnisex
DonatFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodBoy
DonatHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
DonatienFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodBoy
DonatienneFrenchGod Given; Gift of GodGirl
DonatoPortugueseGiven by GodBoy
DoraHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
DorikaHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
DorottyaHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
ElnathanBiblicalGod has GivenBoy
Euterpe  (Ευτέρπη)GreekGiver of Pleasure; DelightGirl
FaddeiRussianGiven by GodBoy
Fadei  (Фадей)RussianGiven by GodBoy
Fedot  (Федот)RussianGod GivenBoy
GhaffarIndianForgiver; MercifulBoy
GhafoorIndianForgiver; MercifulBoy
GhafurIndianForgiver; MercifulBoy
Ghufran  (غفران)ArabianForgivenessUnisex
GuiffordFrenchBold GiverBoy
HananiahEnglishWhom Jehovah has graciously givenBoy
HananiahIndianWhom Jehovah has graciously givenBoy
HarditIndianGiven by godBoy
HarshadIndianOne who gives pleasureBoy
HarshadIndianHappy; One who gives pleasureBoy
HarshadIndianOne who gives pleasure; Giver of JoyBoy
HarshadaIndianGiver of joyGirl
HarshadaIndianHappy; One who gives pleasureGirl
HarshadaIndianOne who gives pleasure; Giver of JoyGirl
HarshikaIndianJoyful; Happy; One who gives happinessGirl
HarshilIndianJoyful; Happy; One who gives happinessBoy
HarshiniIndianJoyful; Happy; One who gives happinessGirl
HarshitIndianJoyful; Happy; One who gives happinessBoy
HarshitaIndianJoyful; Happy; One who gives happinessGirl
HarshithaIndianJoyful; Happy; One who gives happinessGirl
Herodotos  (Ηρόδοτος)GreekHero GivenBoy
JarahHebrewHe Gives SweetnessBoy
JayapradaIndianGiver of victoryGirl
JehoashEnglishGiven by the lord; Whom Jehovah gaveBoy
JehoashIndianGiven by the lord; Whom Jehovah gaveBoy
JehonathanEnglishGod has givenBoy
JehonathanIndianGod has givenBoy
JendayiAfricanGive ThanksGirl
JivinIndianGive lifeBoy
JivinIndianTo give lifeBoy
JoashEnglishGiven by the lordBoy
JoashIndianGiven by the lordBoy
JohnathanEnglishGod has givenBoy
JohnathanIndianGod has givenBoy
JohnathonEnglishGod has givenBoy
JohnathonIndianGod has givenBoy
JonEnglishGod has givenBoy
JonIndianGod has givenBoy
JonatanNorwegianYahweh has givenBoy
JonathanEnglishGod has givenBoy
JonathanIndianGod has givenBoy
JonathanNorwegianYahweh has givenBoy
JonathonEnglishGod has givenBoy
JonathonIndianGod has givenBoy
JontyEnglishGod has givenBoy
JontyIndianGod has givenBoy
JyotheeshIndianLord who gives light; Lord VishnuBoy
KefilweAfricanI was givenUnisex
KhamaIndianEmbodiment of forgivenessGirl
KhodadadIndianGod givenBoy
KhodadadIranian (Persian)God GivenBoy
Khoda-DadIndianGod givenBoy
Khoda-DadIranian (Persian)God GivenBoy
KshamaIndianForgiveness; Mercy; FlameGirl
KshamaIndianForgiveness; Mercy; Goddess DurgaGirl
KshamakaramIndianThe place of forgivenessBoy
KshamakaramIndianPlace of forgivenessBoy
MateHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
MatyasHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
MeherdadIndianGiven by the sunBoy
MercyEnglishForgiveness; MercyGirl
MercyIndianForgiveness; MercyGirl
MubashsharaIndianGiver of good newsGirl
MueezIndianOne who gives protectionBoy
MuhyeeIndianOne who gives life and sustains itBoy
MukundaIndianFreedom giverBoy
MukundaIndianLord Krishna; Precious stone; Freedom giverGirl
NasihaIndianOne who gives valuable adviceGirl
NatanaelPortugueseGiven by GodBoy
NatanaeleItalianGod Has GivenBoy
NathanEnglishGift; Given by GodBoy
NathanIndianGift; Given by GodBoy
NathanaelFrenchGod has givenBoy
NathanialHebrewGod has GivenBoy
NathanielEnglishGift; Given by GodBoy
NathanielHebrewGod has GivenBoy
NathanielIndianGift; Given by GodBoy
NethaneelEnglishGiven of God; Whom God gaveBoy
NethaneelIndianGiven of God; Whom God gaveBoy
NethaniahEnglishGiven of God; Whom God gaveBoy
NethaniahIndianGiven of God; Whom God gaveBoy
NideeshwaramIndianGiver of wealth and treasuresBoy
NideeshwaramaIndianGiver of wealth and treasuresBoy
NiradIndianGiven by water; CloudBoy
NiradIndianCloud; Given by waterBoy
NiradIndianGiven by waterBoy
NkechinyereAfricanWhat God Has Given Or Gift of GodGirl
OlufunmilolaAfricanGod Gives Me WealthGirl
OlujimiAfricanGiven by GodBoy
OmaIndianLife giverGirl
OpeyemiAfricanI Should Give PraiseBoy
PrabhakarIndianLord Surya (Sun); One who gives lightBoy
PriyalaIndianOne who gives loveGirl
PushpadIndianOne who gives flowersBoy
PushpadIndianOne who gives flowersBoy
RefilweAfricanWe were GivenUnisex
SarabdeepIndianThe lamp that gives light to allBoy
ShankarIndianLord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happinessBoy
ShankarSanskritLord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happinessBoy
ShankaraIndianGiver of joyBoy
ShreyaIndianBeautiful; Auspicious; Better; To give credit to someoneGirl
ShreyaSanskritBeautiful; Auspicious; Better; To give credit to someoneGirl
ShubhadaIndianGiver of luckGirl
SridattaIndianGiven by godBoy
SukhadaIndianOne who gives happinessGirl
TaddeoItalianGiven of GodBoy
TadeuPortugueseGiven by GodBoy
TemitopeAfricanEnough To Give ThanksGirl
TeodoraHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodGirl
TeodosioItalianGod GivenBoy
TeodosioPortugueseGiven by GodBoy
ThadEnglishCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadIndianCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThaddeusEnglishCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThaddeusIndianCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadeusEnglishCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadeusIndianCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadinaHebrewGiven PraiseGirl
ThadineHebrewGiven PraiseGirl
ThadyEnglishGiven of GodBoy
ThadyIndianGiven of GodBoy
TivadarHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
TodorHungarianGiven by God; Gift of GodBoy
UjeshIndianOne who gives lightBoy
VardaIndianDeity; River; Giver of boonsGirl
VardaIndianA deity; A river; Giver of boonsGirl
VareshIndianGiver of boons; Lord ShivaBoy
VareshvarIndianGiver of boons; Lord ShivaBoy
VasudhaIndianEarth; Giver of wealthGirl
VasudhaIndianGiver of wealthGirl
VasudhaIndianGiver of wealth; EarthGirl
VilasiniIndianPlayful; One who gives pleasureGirl
WahibahIndianGiver; DonorGirl
Walid  (وليد)ArabianFather; To Give BirthBoy
YahyaEgyptianGiven by GodBoy
YashadaIndianThe one who gives successGirl
YonatanHebrewGiven by GodBoy
ZebedeeBiblicalGod has GivenBoy

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