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Name that means

Meaning:  Goddess Laxmi And Lord Vishnu Together

List of Names that means 'Goddess Laxmi And Lord Vishnu Together'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
HaripriyaIndianConsort of lord Vishnu; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalnathIndianLord of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshmiIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; Fortunate; Wife of lord VishnuGirl
LakshmikantIndianLord Vishnu; Husband of goddess LaxmiBoy
LakshminarayanIndianGoddess Laxmi and lord Vishnu togetherBoy
LakshminathIndianConsort of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
LakshmipatiIndianHusband of goddess Laxmi; Lord VishnuBoy
SridharIndianPossessor of goddess Laxmi; Possessor of good fortune; Lord VishnuBoy
VishnupriyaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Dear to lord VishnuGirl