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Meaning:  He Is My Father

List of Names that means 'He Is My Father'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AabrahamFinnishFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AapoFinnishFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AbEnglishFather of lightBoy
AbIndianFather of lightBoy
AbaegayleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbaegayleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbagaelEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbagaelIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbagailEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbagailIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbagaleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbagaleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbaigaelEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbaigaelHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbaigaelIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbaigealEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbaigealIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbarraneHebrewFather of ManyGirl
AbarronHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AbbeyEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbeyHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbbeyIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbiEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbiIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbieEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbieHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbbieIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigaelEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigaelIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigailEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigailIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigaleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigaleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigayleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbigayleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbotEnglishFather; PriestBoy
AbbotIndianFather; PriestBoy
AbbottEnglishFather; PriestBoy
AbbottIndianFather; PriestBoy
AbbyEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbyHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbbyIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbyeEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbyeIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbygaelEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbygaelIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbygailEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbygailIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbbygaleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbbygaleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbeEnglishFather of a multitude; Bow for an arrowBoy
AbeIndianFather of a multitude; Bow for an arrowBoy
AbegailEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbegailIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbegailSpanishFather RejoicesGirl
AbegayleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbegayleHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbegayleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbeyEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
AbeyIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
AbhyHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbiEnglishMy FatherGirl
AbiIndianMy FatherGirl
AbiaEnglishYahweh is my fatherUnisex
AbiaIndianYahweh is my fatherUnisex
AbiahEnglishYahweh is my fatherUnisex
AbiahIndianYahweh is my fatherUnisex
AbichailEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbichailIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbidaEnglishFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidaIndianFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidahEnglishFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidahIndianFather of knowledgeBoy
AbidanBiblicalMy Father is JudgeBoy
AbidanEnglishMy father is judgeBoy
AbidanIndianMy father is judgeBoy
AbidemiAfricanBorn During Father's AbsenceBoy
AbieEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
AbieIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
AbielBiblicalGod is my FatherBoy
AbielEnglishEl (God) is my fatherBoy
AbielIndianEl (God) is my fatherBoy
AbigaelEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbigaelIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbigailBiblicalMy Father is JoyGirl
AbigailEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbigailHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AbigailIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbigalDutchFather RejoicesGirl
AbigaleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbigaleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbigallEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbigallIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbigayleEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbigayleIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbigilEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
AbigilIndianFather RejoicesGirl
AbihailBiblicalStrong FatherGirl
AbihailEnglishFather of mightUnisex
AbihailIndianFather of mightUnisex
AbihuEnglishHe is my fatherBoy
AbihuIndianHe is my fatherBoy
AbijahEnglishYahweh is my fatherUnisex
AbijahHebrewThe Lord is my FatherBoy
AbijahIndianYahweh is my fatherUnisex
AbimaelBiblicalMy Father is GodBoy
AbimaelEnglishMy father is El (God)Boy
AbimaelIndianMy father is El (God)Boy
AbimelechBiblicalMy Father is KingBoy
AbimelechEnglishMelek is father; My father is kingBoy
AbimelechHebrewFather is KingBoy
AbimelechIndianMelek is father; My father is kingBoy
AbinoamEnglishFather of pleasantnessBoy
AbinoamIndianFather of pleasantnessBoy
AbiramBiblicalMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AbiramEnglishMy father is exaltedBoy
AbiramHebrewFather of Heights; my Father is Exalted; ProudBoy
AbiramIndianMy father is exaltedBoy
AbironHebrewMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AbishaHebrewThe Lord is my FatherBoy
AbishagBiblicalMy Father StraysGirl
AbishagEnglishMy father is a wanderer; Father of errorGirl
AbishagIndianMy father is a wanderer; Father of errorGirl
AbishaiBiblicalMy Father is a GiftBoy
AbishaiEnglishMy father is Jesse; My father is a giftBoy
AbishaiIndianMy father is Jesse; My father is a giftBoy
AbishalomEnglishFather of peaceBoy
AbishalomIndianFather of peaceBoy
AbitalBiblicalMy Father is the Night DewGirl
AbitalEnglishMy father is dewGirl
AbitalIndianMy father is dewGirl
AbiudEnglishMy father is majestyBoy
AbiudIndianMy father is majestyBoy
AbnarEnglishFather of lightBoy
AbnarIndianFather of lightBoy
AbnerBiblicalFather of LightBoy
AbnerEnglishFather of lightBoy
AbnerHebrewFather of LightBoy
AbnerIndianFather of lightBoy
AbnorEnglishFather of lightBoy
AbnorIndianFather of lightBoy
AbnurEnglishFather of lightBoy
AbnurIndianFather of lightBoy
AbraEnglishFather of a multitudeGirl
AbraIndianFather of a multitudeGirl
AbraamSpanishFather of a MultitudeBoy
AbrahamBiblicalFather of MultitudeBoy
AbrahamEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
AbrahamHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AbrahamIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
AbrahamusLatinFather of a multitudeBoy
AbrahanPortugueseFather of a multitudeBoy
AbrahanSpanishFather of a MultitudeBoy
AbrahanaDutchFather of A MultitudeGirl
AbramBiblicalHigh Father; Exalted (Father)Boy
AbramEnglishFather of elevationBoy
AbramHebrewExalted FatherBoy
AbramIndianFather of elevationBoy
AbramoHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AbramoItalianFather of a MultitudeBoy
AbranEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
AbranIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
AbranSpanishFather of a MultitudeBoy
AbriannaEnglishFather of a multitudeGirl
AbriannaIndianFather of a multitudeGirl
AbsalomEnglishFather of peaceBoy
AbsalomHebrewFather of PeaceBoy
AbsalomIndianFather of peaceBoy
AbsalonEnglishMy father is peaceBoy
AbsalonIndianMy father is peaceBoy
AbsolonFrenchMy father is peaceBoy
AbulkhairKazakhKind FatherBoy
AckeEnglishOak meadow; My father is peaceBoy
AckeIndianOak meadow; My father is peaceBoy
AdannaAfricanFather's DaughterGirl
AdannayaAfricanHer Father's DaughterGirl
AffaanIndianName of caliph Uthman's fatherBoy
AffanIndianName of caliph Uthman's fatherBoy
AhabEnglishBrother of father; UncleBoy
AhabIndianBrother of father; UncleBoy
AhsalomHebrewFather of PeaceBoy
AkselGermanFather of peaceBoy
AkselHebrewFather of PeaceBoy
AkselScandinavianMy father is peaceBoy
AkseliFinnishMy father is peaceBoy
AntipaterLatinAgainst the fatherBoy
Antipatros  (Αντίπατρο)GreekAgainst the fatherBoy
ApikaliaHawaiianFather RejoicesGirl
ApselGermanFather of peaceBoy
AramHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AttilaHungarianFather LikeBoy
AvagailHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
AviHebrewMy Father is ExaltedBoy
AviaHebrewMy Father is YahwehGirl
AvichaiHebrewMy Father is AliveBoy
AvidanHebrewMy Father is JudgeBoy
AvidorHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AvigailHebrewFather RejoicesGirl
AvigayilHebrewFather RejoicesGirl
AvigdorHebrewFather ProtectionBoy
AvimelechHebrewFather is KingBoy
AvinoamHebrewPleasant FatherBoy
AviramHebrewFather of Heights; my Father is Exalted; ProudBoy
AvitalEnglishMy father is dewGirl
AvitalHebrewFather of DewBoy
AvitalIndianMy father is dewGirl
AvnerHebrewFather of LightBoy
AvnielHebrewMy Father is my RockBoy
AvraHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherGirl
AvrahamHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
AvramHebrewFather of a Multitude; Exalted FatherBoy
Avrom  (אַבֿרהם)YiddishFather of a MultitudeBoy
Avrum  (אַבְֿרוּם)YiddishFather of a MultitudeBoy
AvsalomHebrewFather of PeaceBoy
AvshalomHebrewFather of PeaceBoy
AxelHebrewFather of PeaceBoy
AxelScandinavianMy father is peaceBoy
AxelleFrenchMy father is peaceGirl
AzenethEgyptianShe Belongs to her FatherGirl
BabafemiEgyptianLoved by his FatherBoy
BabajideAfricanMy Father has come to Life AgainBoy
BabakIndianLittle FatherBoy
BabakIranian (Persian)Little FatherBoy
BabatundeAfricanFather has ReturnedBoy
BraheemArabianFather of A MultitudeBoy
BrahimAlbanianFather of a multitudeBoy
BramEnglishFather of a multitudeBoy
BramIndianFather of a multitudeBoy
ChanakIndianFather of ChaanakyaBoy
CleoEnglishGlory of the fatherGirl
CleoIndianGlory of the fatherGirl
CleoLatinGlory of the fatherGirl
CleopasLatinGlory of the fatherBoy
CleopatraEnglishGlory of the fatherGirl
Cleopatra  (Κλεοπάτρα)GreekHer Father's FameGirl
CleopatraIndianGlory of the fatherGirl
CleopatraLatinGlory of the fatherGirl
CleopatrosLatinGlory of the fatherBoy
CleophasLatinGlory of the fatherBoy
ClophasLatinGlory of the fatherBoy
DasharathIndianFather of lord RamBoy
DasharathIndianThe Father of lord RamaBoy
DasharathIndianFather of lord RamaBoy
DevappaIndianFather of kingBoy
DinarIndianName of grandfather of Abu Bin ThabitBoy
DrupadIndianA King; Father of DraupadiBoy
EbbieEnglishStone of help; Father of lightBoy
EbbieIndianStone of help; Father of lightBoy
EbbyEnglishStone of help; Father of lightBoy
EbbyIndianStone of help; Father of lightBoy
EbnerGermanFather of lightBoy
EbrahimIndianFather of many; Abraham; Father of GratitudeBoy
EbrahimIranian (Persian)Father of Many; AbrahamBoy
EliabEnglishMy God is fatherBoy
EliabHebrewMy God is FatherBoy
EliabIndianMy God is fatherBoy
EnyinnayaAfricanHis Father's FriendBoy
GaelleGermanMy Father RejoicesGirl
GailEnglishFather RejoicesUnisex
GailHebrewMy Father RejoicesGirl
GailIndianFather RejoicesUnisex
GailaEnglishFather RejoicesGirl
GailaIndianFather RejoicesGirl
GaleEnglishCalm; Tranquil; Sea Storm; Father RejoicesUnisex
GaleIndianCalm; Tranquil; Sea Storm; Father RejoicesUnisex
GaylaEnglishFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GaylaIndianFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GayleEnglishFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
GayleIndianFather Rejoices; Sea StormGirl
HaashimIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherBoy
HaazimIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherBoy
HaazimaIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherGirl
HashimIndianGenerosity; Prophet's grandfatherBoy
HujayyahIndianFather of Ajlah bin AbdullahBoy
IbrahimArabianMy Father Is ExaltedBoy
IbrahimTurkishFather of a MultitudeBoy
IkennaAfricanFather's PowerBoy
JanakIndianFather of Sita; CreatorBoy
JanakIndianFather of goddess Sita; CreatorBoy
JanakIndianLord Buddha; Father of SitaBoy
JoabEnglishJehovah is Father; Whose father is JehovahBoy
JoabIndianJehovah is Father; Whose father is JehovahBoy
JuniorEnglishYoung; A nickname for a boy having same name as his fatherBoy
JuniorIndianYoung; A nickname for a boy having same name as his fatherBoy
JupiterLatinThe Father GodBoy
KesiEgyptianBorn of a Troubled FatherGirl
Kleopatra  (Κλεοπάτρα)GreekGlory of the fatherGirl
ManuIndianFounder father of human beingsBoy
MithileshIndianThe King of Mithila; Janak; Father of SitaBoy
MithileshIndianKing of Mithila; Janak; Father of goddess SitaBoy
MoabHebrewOf His FatherBoy
NabhirajIndianFather of lord RishabhdevBoy
NandIndianJoyful; Happy; Pleasure; Father of KrishnaBoy
NixkamichNative AmericanGrandfatherBoy
NnamdiAfricanMy Father is Alive and returned backBoy
NnennaAfricanFather's MotherGirl
NoshNative AmericanFatherBoy
NoshiNative AmericanFatherBoy
PaanduIndianFather of the PandavasBoy
PanduIndianFather of the PandavasBoy
PapakIndianLittle FatherBoy
PapakIranian (Persian)Little FatherBoy
PatroclusLatinGlory of the fatherBoy
Patroklos  (Πάτροκλος)GreekGlory of the fatherBoy
PrasataIndianFather of DraupadBoy
PrateepIndianKing; Shantanu's fatherBoy
PrateepIndianKing; Shantanu's father; OppositeBoy
PurnayanIndianOne who has born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
PurnayanIndianOne who was born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
QebEgyptianFather of the EarthBoy
SatrijitIndianFather of SatyabhamaBoy
SatrijitIndianFather of Satyabhama; Wife of lord KrishnaBoy
ShantanuSanskritWhole; A king of Hastinapura in the epic of 'Mahabharata'; Father of Bhishma; Peace lovingBoy
ShizheeNative AmericanFatherBoy
SicheiiNative AmericanGrandfatherBoy
SiddharthIndianFather of lord MahavirBoy
TeremunEgyptianLoved by his FatherBoy
UddhavIndianLord Krishna's fatherBoy
VansIndianComing generation of father; GenerationBoy
VanshIndianComing generation of father; GenerationBoy
VanshIndianComing generation of fatherBoy
VasudevIndianAll pleasing lord; Father of lord KrishnaBoy
VasudevIndianFather of lord Krishna; God of wealthBoy
VasudevIndianLord Krishna's father; God of wealthBoy
VasudevIndianKrishna's father; God of wealthBoy
VasudevIndianLord Krishna's fatherBoy
VasudevSanskritFather of lord KrishnaBoy
VasudevaIndianAll pleasing lord; Father of lord KrishnaBoy
VasudevaSanskritThe father of the God KrishnaBoy
VrishabhanuIndianFather of goddess RadhaBoy
Walid  (وليد)ArabianFather; To Give BirthBoy
YoavHebrewGod is FatherBoy
ZenobiaArabianFathers OrnamentGirl
Zeus  (Δίας)GreekGod Father; JupiterBoy
ZutiIndianName of grandfather of Imam Abu HanifahBoy

List of Surnames that means 'He Is My Father'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbbotEnglish Abbot; Father; Priest
AbbottEnglish Abbot; Father; Priest
AbrahamEnglish Father of a multitude
AvisEnglish A Schemer; Busy body; Ancestor; Grandfather
AvisFrench A Schemer; Busy body; Ancestor; Grandfather
BabayevAzerbaijanBabayevGrandfather; Father