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 Names meaning 'Heart'

Name that means

Meaning:  Heart

List of Names that means 'Heart'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AarnaviIndianHeart as big as oceanGirl
AnjuIndianBlessings; Unconquerable; One who lives in heartGirl
AnjuIndianBlessing; One who lives in heartGirl
AnjuIndianOne who lives in heartGirl
AnjushreeIndianDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnjushreeSanskritDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnjushriIndianDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
AnjushriIndianDear to one's heartGirl
AnjushriSanskritDear to one's heart; BelovedGirl
ArjavIndianStraight forward person by heart; Speech and actBoy
ArjavIndianStraightforward person by heart; Speech and actBoy
AronyamonIndianHeart of forestUnisex
AronyamonIndianThe heart of the forestUnisex
AtiIndonesianThe HeartGirl
BhagwantIndianOne whose heart is full of loving devotionBoy
BirbalIndianBrave heartBoy
BukkaIndianHeart; Loving; SincereBoy
CanoaiIndianHeart and soulUnisex
CheyneFrenchOak HeartedBoy
ChidambarIndianOne whose heart is as big as the skyBoy
ChidambarIndianSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambarSanskritSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambaramIndianSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambaramSanskritSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ConcordiaEnglishHarmony; Peace; HeartlyGirl
ConcordiaIndianHarmony; Peace; HeartlyGirl
CordulaEnglishLittle HeartGirl
CordulaGermanLittle HeartGirl
CordulaIndianLittle HeartGirl
DameerIndianHeart; ConscienceBoy
DarshwanaIndianPure of heartGirl
DarshwanaSanskritPure of heartGirl
DayaalIndianKind heartedBoy
DayalIndianKind heartedBoy
DelaramIndianQuiet heartedGirl
DelaramIranian (Persian)Quiet HeartedGirl
DelbarIndianCharming; Sweetheart; Heart RavisherGirl
DelbarIranian (Persian)Charming; Sweetheart; Heart RavisherGirl
DelshadIndianHappy heart; Cheerful; BelovedUnisex
DelshadIranian (Persian)Happy Heart; CheerfulUnisex
DilawarIndianBrave; Strong heartedBoy
DilbaagIndianThe one with a blossoming heartBoy
DilnawaazIndianCherishing; Caressing heartBoy
DilshadIndianHappy heart; Cheerful; BelovedUnisex
DilshadIranian (Persian)Happy Heart; CheerfulUnisex
Fuad  (فؤاد)ArabianHeartBoy
GayFrenchLight HeartedGirl
GhafirIndianAnother name for god; Generous; Kind heartedBoy
GirikIndianLord Shiva; Heart of the godsBoy
GirikSanskritLord Shiva; Heart of the godsBoy
GirikaIndianLord Shiva; Heart of the godsGirl
GirikaSanskritLord Shiva; Heart of the godsGirl
GurjeetIndianOne winning the guru's heartBoy
GurjeetIndianOne who wins the guru's heartUnisex
GurmanIndianHeart of guruBoy
GurmanIndianHeart of godBoy
GurmanIndianHeart of guruUnisex
HabibahIndianBeloved; Sweetheart; DarlingGirl
HabibehIndianBeloved; Sweetheart; DarlingGirl
HafizIndianProtector; Guardian; One who knows holy Quran by heartBoy
HardiIndianFrom the heartGirl
HardikIndianFull of love; HeartfeltBoy
HardikIndianFull of love; Heart feltBoy
HarmanIndianEverybody's beloved; In everyone heartBoy
HeilgarGermanHearty SpearBoy
HeilgarTeutonicHearty spearBoy
HestiaGreekHearth; FiresideGirl
HewieEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HewieIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HiyaIndianHeart; HappinessGirl
HridankIndianPreference of heartBoy
HridankIndianPrefernce of heartBoy
HridayanandIndianJoy of heartBoy
HridayanandIndianJoy of the heartBoy
HridayanathIndianLord of heartBoy
HridayanathIndianLord of heart; BelovedBoy
HridayeshIndianKing of heartBoy
HridikIndianLord of heart; BelovedBoy
HridyanshuIndianLight from heart; MoonBoy
HrithikIndianFrom the heartBoy
HrithikIndianHeartily; BelovedBoy
HrithikeshIndianWinner of every heartBoy
HritikIndianFrom the heartBoy
HritishIndianLord of heartBoy
HrydayeshIndianLord of heartsBoy
HrydayeshIndianLord of heartBoy
HubertPolishBright HeartBoy
HubertusDutchBright Heart; Mind; SpiritBoy
HubertusLatinBright heart; mind and spiritBoy
HubrechtDutchBright Heart; Mind; SpiritBoy
HuddEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HuddIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HuddeEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HuddeIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HueEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HueIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HueVietnameseLily; Intelligence; Of Heart; Mind and SpiritGirl
HuetEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HuetIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HueyEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HueyIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HughEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HughIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HugheEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HugheIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HughieEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HughieIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HugoEnglishHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HugoGermanBright heart; mind and spiritBoy
HugoIndianHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HugoLatinHeart; mind and spiritBoy
HugubertGermanBright heart; mind and spiritBoy
HugubertTeutonicBright heartBoy
HuguesFrenchHeart; Mind; SpiritBoy
HuibDutchBright Heart; Mind; SpiritBoy
HuppertGermanBright heart; mind and spiritBoy
HupprechtGermanBright heart; mind and spiritBoy
HuubDutchBright Heart; Mind; SpiritBoy
HuwWelshHeart; Mind; SpiritBoy
JanaanIndianHeart or soulGirl
Janan  (جنان)ArabianHeart; SoulGirl
JananIndianHeart; SoulGirl
JigarIndianHeart; PreciousBoy
JimitIndianWinner of others heartsBoy
JimitIndianWin others heartsBoy
JiyaIndianSweet heartGirl
Jiya RamIndianLord Rama's heartBoy
KarunanidhiIndianKind HeartedBoy
KarunanidhiSanskritKind HeartedBoy
Kokoro  ()JapaneseSoul; HeartGirl
KripanidhiIndianOne with heart full of mercyBoy
LarisaIndianLighthearted; Cheerful; Fortified townGirl
LarissaIndianLighthearted; Cheerful; Fortified townGirl
LarissaIndianLighthearted; CheerfulGirl
LebHebrewHeart; Lion; BraveBoy
LebbaeusLatinMan of heartBoy
LevHebrewHeart; Lion; BraveBoy
LovellaNative AmericanKind HeartedGirl
MaanIndianMind; Heart; Lecturer; RespectBoy
MandeepaIndianLight of heartGirl
ManeetIndianOne who wins heartBoy
ManisiIndianDesired by heartGirl
ManjotIndianLight of your heartBoy
ManjunathIndianKing of heartBoy
ManmeetIndianConqueror of heartBoy
ManmohanIndianPleasing; One who wins over the heartBoy
ManomayIndianConqueror of heartBoy
ManomayIndianConqueror of ones heartBoy
ManomayIndianWinner of heartsBoy
ManpreetIndianConqueror of heartUnisex
ManreetIndianCustom of heartGirl
MatchitehewNative AmericanHe Has an evil heartBoy
MuhjaIndianHeart's blood; SoulGirl
MuhjarIndianHeart's blood; SoulGirl
MukhlisIndianSincere; Pure heartedBoy
NazaninIranian (Persian)SweetheartGirl
NegarIranian (Persian)SweetheartGirl
Ngam Chit  (จิตรงาม)ThaiGood HeartGirl
NuttahNative AmericanMy HeartGirl
ObiAfricanHeart; KindBoy
ObiajuluAfricanThe Heart is ConsoledBoy
OlegarioSpanishHearty SpearBoy
PejmanIndianBroken hearted; SadBoy
PejmanIranian (Persian)Broken Hearted; SadBoy
PezhmanIndianBroken hearted; SadBoy
PezhmanIranian (Persian)Broken Hearted; SadBoy
PrajinIndianKind HeartedBoy
PrajitIndianKind HeartedBoy
RafeedaIndianFriend; Soft heartedGirl
RafeeqIndianFriend; Soft heartedBoy
RafeeqaIndianFriend; Soft heartedGirl
RafeeqahIndianFriend; Soft heartedGirl
RaheemIndianCompassionate; Merciful; Kind hearted; GenerousBoy
RaheemaIndianCompassionate; Merciful; Kind hearted; GenerousGirl
RahimIndianCompassionate; Merciful; Kind hearted; GenerousBoy
RehmanIndianKind hearted; MercifulBoy
SachmanIndianTrue at heartBoy
SalmaIndianSweetheart; PeacefulGirl
SalmaIranian (Persian)SweetheartGirl
SayaamIndianMan with a alluring heart; One of a kindBoy
ShuangChineseFrank; Open-HeartedGirl
ShugScottishHeart; Mind; SpiritBoy
SpandanIndianHeart beatBoy
SuhrudaIndianGood hearted; Kind heartedBoy
SuhrudaIndianGood heartedBoy
SukhmaniIndianBringing peace to heartGirl
SumanaIndianFlower; Kind heartedGirl
TadEnglishPoet; Courageous; Large HeartedBoy
TadIndianPoet; Courageous; Large HeartedBoy
ThadEnglishCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadIndianCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThaddaeusLatinCourageous; Large heartedBoy
ThaddeusEnglishCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThaddeusIndianCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadeusEnglishCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
ThadeusIndianCourageous; Large hearted; Given of GodBoy
UbertoItalianIntelligent; Bright Mind; Bright Heart; Bright SpiritBoy
UgoItalianIntelligent; Bright Mind; Bright Heart; Bright SpiritBoy
UraIndianHeart; EarthGirl
UraIndianEarth; HeartGirl
UraIndianThe HeartGirl
VestaEnglishHearth; FiresideGirl
VestaIndianHearth; FiresideGirl
VestaLatinGoddess of the hearth; Hearth; FiresideGirl
WahabIndianKind heartedBoy
XochiyotlNahuatlHeart of a gentle flowerGirl
Yente  (יֶענטֶע)YiddishAristocratic; Noble; Nice; Good-HeartedGirl
Yentl  (יֶענְטל)YiddishAristocratic; Noble; Nice; Good-HeartedGirl
YoloxochitlNahuatlFlower of the heartGirl
YoltzinNahuatlLittle heartGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Heart'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AckartEnglish Oak Like; Firm hearted; Unyielding
GuishartEnglish Wise Heart
WishartEnglish Wise Heart

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