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Meaning:  House

List of Names that means 'House'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbishtaIndianLady of the houseGirl
AldisEnglishFrom the old houseBoy
AldisIndianFrom the old houseBoy
BankoleEgyptianHelp me to Build the HouseBoy
BelenSpanishHouse of BreadGirl
BetaEnglishHouse; Second letter of the Greek alphabetGirl
BetaIndianHouse; Second letter of the Greek alphabetGirl
BethaneeHebrewHouse of FigsGirl
BethaniHebrewHouse of FigsGirl
BethaniaSpanishHouse of FigsGirl
BethanieEnglishHouse of dates; House of figsGirl
BethanieHebrewHouse of FigsGirl
BethanieIndianHouse of dates; House of figsGirl
BethannHebrewHouse of FigsGirl
BethanyEnglishHouse of dates; House of figsGirl
BethanyHebrewHouse of FigsGirl
BethanyIndianHouse of dates; House of figsGirl
BethelEnglishHouse of GodGirl
BethelHebrewHouse of GodGirl
BethelIndianHouse of GodGirl
BetheliHebrewHouse of GodGirl
BethneyEnglishHouse of dates; House of figsGirl
BethneyIndianHouse of dates; House of figsGirl
BibiArabianLady of the HouseGirl
BibianaArabianLady of the HouseGirl
BibsbebeArabianLady of the HouseGirl
Bo  ()ChineseWave; To Dwell; HouseholdUnisex
BolanileAfricanThe Riches of this HouseGirl
BothScottishFrom the stone houseBoy
BothainScottishFrom the stone houseBoy
BothanScottishFrom the stone houseBoy
DayanidhiIndianTreasure house of mercyBoy
DayanidhiIndianTreasure house of mercy; Compassionate lord; KindBoy
GrhalakshmiIndianLakshmi of the houseGirl
GrhalakshmiIndianLaxmi of the houseGirl
HaleighaHawaiianHouse of the Rising SunGirl
HanriettaFrenchRuler of the householdGirl
HanrietteFrenchRuler of the householdGirl
HarmandarIndianHouse of godBoy
HathorGreekHouse of HorusGirl
JavierSpanishNew HouseBoy
JavieraSpanishNew HouseGirl
JiayiChineseHousehold FittingGirl
Jiaying  (嘉应)ChineseHousehold; FlourishingGirl
KsaweryPolishA New HouseBoy
KulbhushanIndianOrnament of family; Pride of the houseBoy
KulbhushanIndianPride of the houseBoy
KuldeepIndianLight of the houseBoy
KuljeetIndianVictory of houseUnisex
KuljitIndianVictory of houseBoy
KuraJapaneseTreasure HouseGirl
MahanidhiIndianGreat storehouseBoy
MahanidhiIndianGreat storehouse; Great treasure houseBoy
MahanidhiIndianGreat treasure houseBoy
MahanidhiIndianTreasure houseBoy
ManaarIndianGuiding light; Light houseBoy
ManaarIndianGuiding light; Light houseGirl
ManaaraIndianGuiding light; Light houseGirl
ManarIndianGuiding light; Light houseGirl
MiyaJapaneseSacred HouseGirl
NephthysEgyptianLady of the HouseGirl
Nephthys  (Νέφθυς)GreekLady of the houseGirl
NiketanIndianHouse; Mansion; AbodeBoy
NiketanIndianHouse; MansionBoy
NilayIndianHaven; HouseBoy
SaveriaItalianA New HouseGirl
SaverioItalianA New HouseBoy
SolveigNorwegianStrength; Strong houseGirl
SolvejDanishStrong HouseGirl
StewEnglishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StewIndianHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StewScottishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StewartEnglishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StewartIndianHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StewartScottishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StuEnglishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StuIndianHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StuartEnglishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StuartIndianHouse Guard; StewardBoy
StuartScottishHouse Guard; StewardBoy
TramaineScottishHouse of stoneBoy
WoodrowEnglishLives in a row of houses by the woodBoy
WoodrowIndianLives in a row of houses by the woodBoy
WoodyEnglishLives in a row of houses by the woodBoy
WoodyIndianLives in a row of houses by the woodBoy
XaverGermanA New houseBoy
XaviaEnglishA New houseGirl
XaviaIndianA New houseGirl
XavierEnglishA New houseBoy
XavierFrenchThe new houseBoy
XavierIndianA New houseBoy
XavierPortugueseThe New HouseBoy
XavieraEnglishA New houseGirl
XavieraIndianA New houseGirl
XaviorEnglishA New houseBoy
XaviorIndianA New houseBoy
XzavierEnglishA New houseBoy
XzavierIndianA New houseBoy
ZaviaEnglishA New houseGirl
ZaviaIndianA New houseGirl
ZavierEnglishNew houseBoy
ZavierIndianNew houseBoy

List of Surnames that means 'House'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AldisEnglish From the old house
AldousAnglo-Saxon From the old house
AylsworthEnglish Low meadow washed by a river; A farm house or village
BackusEnglish Bake house
BaitsEnglish One who has house of entertainment
BalfourScottish Farm; House; Village; Farm Pasture; Grazing Land
StewartEnglish House Guard; Steward
TakeuchiJapan竹内Bamboo House
WoodrowEnglish Lives along row of houses by the wood
XavierEnglish New house