indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Indian

List of Names that means 'Indian'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhiriIndianA raagini of Indian musicGirl
AbhiriIndianA raagini in Indian musicGirl
AntaraIndianThe second note in Indian classical musicGirl
AsawariIndianRaga in Indian classical musicGirl
BhartiIndianIndian; IndiaGirl
BhupaliIndianA raagini in Indian musicGirl
ChaitraIndianAries sign; 1st month in Indian calendar; BeginningGirl
CholanIndianA South Indian dynastyBoy
CholanIndianSouth Indian dynastyBoy
DeepikaIndianLamp; Light; A raagini used in Indian musicGirl
DevakaliIndianName of a Indian music; RaaginiGirl
DevakaliIndianName of a Indian music raaginiGirl
DhruvpadIndianOldest style of north Indian classicalBoy
IndianaEnglishLand of the IndiansUnisex
IndianaIndianLand of the IndiansUnisex
IndyEnglishLand of the IndiansUnisex
IndyIndianLand of the IndiansUnisex
KarthiaeiniIndianIndian goddess nameGirl
KindamIndianA Rishi in Indian mythologyBoy
MalharIndianRaga used in Indian musicBoy
MalharIndianA raga in Indian musicBoy
MandaakiniIndianAn Indian riverGirl
MandaakiniSanskritAn Indian riverGirl
MandakiniIndianAn Indian riverGirl
MandakiniSanskritAn Indian riverGirl
NaradIndianIndian Saint; Devotee of lord NarayanBoy
NaradIndianIndian saint; Devotee of NarayanBoy
NishadIndianSeventh note on Indian musical scaleBoy
NyneishiaIndianIndian princessGirl
PandyaIndianSouth Indian DynastyBoy
ParajikaIndianA raagini in Indian musicGirl
ShravastiIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
SrichaitraIndianFirst month in Indian calendar; BeginningGirl
UjjaniniIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
UjjayiniIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
VaishaliIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl