indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Living

List of Names that means 'Living'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abdul HayyIndianSlave of the livingBoy
AishaIndianLiving; Prosperous; Wife of prophet MohammedGirl
Al Hayy (الحي)IndianThe Ever Living One
AmritbaanIndianLiving a nectar like way of lifeBoy
AntiniIndianLiving in a hermitageGirl
AshwathamaIndianEver livingBoy
AvaEnglishAlive; LivingGirl
AvaIndianAlive; LivingGirl
AyeeshaEnglishAlive; LivingGirl
AyeeshaIndianAlive; LivingGirl
AyseTurkishAlive; LivingGirl
BhavinIndianLiving; ExistingBoy
ChavaHebrewAlive; LivingGirl
ChayaHebrewAlive; LivingGirl
ChayimHebrewAlive; LivingBoy
ChaykaHebrewAlive; LivingGirl
ChayyimHebrewAlive; LivingBoy
ChayymHebrewAlive; LivingBoy
EevaFinnishAlive; LivingGirl
EeviFinnishAlive; LivingGirl
EfaWelshAlive; LivingGirl
EubhScottishAlive; LivingGirl
EubhaScottishAlive; LivingGirl
EvaEnglishBeauty; Alive; LivingGirl
EvaHungarianAlive; LivingGirl
EvaIndianBeauty; Alive; LivingGirl
EvaLatinAlive; LivingGirl
EvacskaHungarianAlive; LivingGirl
EveliaEnglishAlive; LivingGirl
EveliaIndianAlive; LivingGirl
EviaHebrewLiving OneGirl
EvianaHebrewLiving OneGirl
EvickaCzech & SlovakAlive; LivingGirl
EvieEnglishLife; Alive; LivingGirl
EvieHebrewLiving OneGirl
EvieIndianLife; Alive; LivingGirl
EvikeHungarianAlive; LivingGirl
EvinkaCzech & SlovakAlive; LivingGirl
EvitaSpanishAlive; LivingGirl
EvkaCzech & SlovakAlive; LivingGirl
EvulkaCzech & SlovakAlive; LivingGirl
EvuskaCzech & SlovakAlive; LivingGirl
EwaHawaiianAlive; Living.Girl
EwaPolishAlive; LivingGirl
HavaHebrewAlive; LivingGirl
HavvaTurkishWomen; Alive; LivingGirl
IeshaEnglishAlive; LivingGirl
IeshaIndianAlive; LivingGirl
JavedIndianEternal; Immortal; Living foreverBoy
JaveedIndianEternal; Immortal; Living foreverBoy
JaveedIranian (Persian)Living ForeverBoy
JishaIndianPerson having highest feelings for livingGirl
JishaIndianOne who has highest feelings for livingGirl
JishaIndianPerson having the highest feelings for livingGirl
JivaIndianA living being; AliveBoy
JivaIndianLiving being; AliveBoy
KunjalaIndianLiving in shrubsGirl
NaeemIndianBlessing; Comfort; Ease; Tranquil; Living an enjoyable lifeBoy
NaeemaIndianBlessing; Comfort; Ease; Tranquil; Living an enjoyable lifeGirl
NihithaIndianEver living girlGirl
NihithaIndianEver livingGirl
OmarArabianLong LivingBoy
OmarIndianElevated; An Era; Life; Long livingBoy
OmeirIndianLong livingBoy
OmerArabianLong LivingBoy
OmmarArabianLong LivingBoy
PashupatiIndianLord of all living beingsBoy
SaijeevadharaIndianSupport of all living beingsBoy
SatjeevanIndianThe one living the truthful lifeBoy
ShailaIndianGoddess Parvati; Living in mountainGirl
ShailaIndianLiving in mountainGirl
ShailaIndianLiving in mountain; Goddess ParvatiGirl
TryphenaLatinLuxurious Living; SoftnessGirl
ViiviFinnishAlive; LivingUnisex
VitCzech & SlovakAlive; LivingBoy
VivianaLatinAlive; LivingGirl
VivianusLatinAlive; LivingBoy
Yeva  (Ева)RussianAlive; LivingGirl
Zhivka  (Живка)BulgarianAlive; LivingGirl
Zhivko  (Живко)BulgarianAlive; LivingBoy