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Name that means

Meaning:  Longing

List of Names that means 'Longing'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhidhyaIndianWish; LongingGirl
AchaicusLatinBelonging to AchaiaBoy
AseelIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyBoy
AseelaIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyGirl
AseelahIndianOne belonging to a great heritage and familyGirl
AsenathEnglishBelonging to the Goddess NeithGirl
AsenathIndianBelonging to the Goddess NeithGirl
DalbhyaIndianBelonging to wheelsBoy
DatanHebrewBelonging to a FountainBoy
DedoHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DelrayFrenchBelonging to the KingBoy
DelrickFrenchBelonging to the KingBoy
DelricoFrenchBelonging to the KingBoy
DelronFrenchBelonging to the KingBoy
DelroyFrenchBelonging to the KingBoy
DesiSpanishDesired; Longing forBoy
DesideriaSpanishDesired; Longing forGirl
DesiderioSpanishDesired; Longing forBoy
DezsoHungarianDesire; LongingBoy
DomeHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DomekCzech & SlovakBelonging to the LordBoy
DomenicaSpanishBelonging to the lordGirl
DomenicoSpanishBelonging to the lordBoy
DomingaSpanishBelonging to the lordUnisex
DomingoSpanishBelonging to the lordBoy
Dominica  (Ντομίνικα)GreekBelonging to the lordGirl
DominicaSpanishBelonging to the lordGirl
DominicoItalianBelonging to the LordBoy
DominikPolishBelonging to the LordBoy
Dominik  (Доминик)RussianBelonging to the LordBoy
DominikaPolishBelonging to the LordGirl
Dominika  (Доминика)RussianBelonging to the LordGirl
DomoHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DomokosHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DomonkosHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DonekPolishBelonging to the LordBoy
DuminCzech & SlovakBelonging to the LordBoy
HaninIndianLonging; YearningGirl
HariIndianThe one belonging to godBoy
HarivanshIndianBelonging to the family of HariBoy
HarivanshIndianBelonging to the family of godsBoy
IlmIndianSlave girl belonging to ZubaydahGirl
InanIndianA slave girl belonging to Haroon al RashidGirl
IshanikaIndianBelonging to the north eastGirl
IshtiyaqIndianLonging; CravingBoy
LaelHebrewBelonging to GodGirl
LatinusLatinBelonging to LatiumBoy
LemEnglishBelonging to GodBoy
LemIndianBelonging to GodBoy
LemmyEnglishBelonging to GodBoy
LemmyIndianBelonging to GodBoy
LemuelEnglishBelonging to GodBoy
LemuelIndianBelonging to GodBoy
MaridahIndianA slave girl belonging to Haroon al RashidGirl
MurgatroydEnglishThe clearing belonging to MargaretBoy
MurgatroydIndianThe clearing belonging to MargaretBoy
MushtaaqIndianArdent; LongingBoy
MushtaaqaIndianArdent; LongingGirl
MushtaqIndianArdent; LongingBoy
NaimaIndianBelonging to oneGirl
RuhikaIndianOne that rises; Longing; DesireGirl
SaibyaIndianBelonging to lord ShivaBoy
SujatIndianBelonging to a good clanBoy
TamalikaIndianBelonging to a place full of TamalGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Longing'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
MurgatroydEnglish The clearing belonging to margaret