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Name that means

Meaning:  Lord Of Moon

List of Names that means 'Lord Of Moon'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadhiraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
AadhiraIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
AmalenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
AmalenduIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
AmritambuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
AmritambuIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
BhalchandraIndianMoon crested lordBoy
ChaaruchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and lord KrishnaBoy
ChandraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrabhavIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandradharIndianOne Who Wears Moon Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrakantIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrakishorIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrakumarIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandramIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandramouliIndianMoon as crown; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandranIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandranathIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandranshuIndianMoon Ray; Lord VishnuBoy
ChandrarajIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (lord Shiva)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of moon; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of the moonBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of moonBoy
ChandreshIndianLord Shiva; MoonBoy
ChandrikaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrimaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChitreshIndianMoon; Wonderful lordBoy
DipenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DivyenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DivyenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Bright moonBoy
DurijeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DvigeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DvijendraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
HarmendraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
HimanshuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
InduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
InduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
IndubhushanIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
IndulekhaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
IndulekhaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
IndushekharIndianLike a moon; Lord ShivaBoy
KalanathkrishnaIndianMoon of lord KrishnaBoy
KalanidhiIndianTreasure of art; Moon; Lord ShivaGirl
KalapIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
KumudeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
MayankIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
MrigankmouliIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MrigankshekharIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
NeeleshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NeeleshIndianLord Krishna; MoonBoy
NeeleshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord Krishna; Blue godBoy
NilabhIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
NilabhIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NileshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord Krishna; Blue godBoy
NileshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NishakantIndianLord of night (moon)Boy
NishakarIndianMoon; Lord of nightBoy
NishanathIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NisheshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NisheshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); EntireBoy
NishikaantIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord of nightBoy
NishikantIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NishikantIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord of nightBoy
NishikantIndianLord of night (moon)Boy
NishikarIndianMoon; Lord of nightBoy
NishinathIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord of nightBoy
NishinathIndianLord of night (moon)Boy
RajnishIndianLord of the night; MoonBoy
RajnishIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
RajnishIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord of nightBoy
RajnishIndianLord of night (moon)Boy
RakeshIndianLord of the night; MoonBoy
RakeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord of the nightBoy
RakeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
RakeshSanskritLord of the night; MoonBoy
RohiniIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
RohiniIndianStar; Lord Chandra (Moon)Girl
RohinishIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SarangIndianSpotted deer; Moon; Sun; Lord KrishnaBoy
ShashaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
ShashankIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashankaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShasheeIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashiIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashiIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
ShashibhushanIndianOne who wears moon as ornament; Lord ShivaBoy
ShashidharIndianOne who carries moon; Lord ShivaBoy
ShashikantIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashikantIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Moon stoneBoy
ShashimohanIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashinIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashiniIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShashiniIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
ShashishekharIndianLord Shiva; Moon crestedBoy
SheetanshuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ShivshekharIndianOne at the top of lord Shiva (Moon)Boy
ShubhanshuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SomadevIndianLord of the moonBoy
SomadevIndianLord of moonBoy
SomendraIndianMoon; Lord IndraBoy
SomeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SomeshwarIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SomeswarIndianLord of moonBoy
SomnathIndianLord of the moon; Lord ShivaBoy
SomnathSanskritLord of the moon; God ShivaBoy
SomuIndianMoon; Lord IndraBoy
SudhakarIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SudhakarIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Mine of nectarBoy
SudhangIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SudhanshuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
SudhanssuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
TamishIndianLord of darkness (moon)Boy
TareshIndianLord of the stars (moon)Boy
VaraliIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
VaraliIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
VipraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
VipraIndianLord Chandra (Moon); PriestGirl
VirochanIndianMoon; Fire; Lord VishnuBoy
YamirIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy