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Name that means

Meaning:  Lord Of Strength

List of Names that means 'Lord Of Strength'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BahubaliIndianOne who has strength in his arms; Brother of lord BharatBoy
BalanathIndianLord of strengthBoy
BaliIndianThe lord of strengthBoy
BaliIndianBrave; Lord of strengthBoy
BhalendraIndianLord of light; Lord of strengthBoy
BhalenduIndianLord of light; Lord of strengthBoy
DeeherIndianLord Shiva's strengthGirl
DeeherIndianOf Goddess Durga and lord Shiva's strengthGirl
JayaniIndianA strength of lord GaneshGirl
JayaniIndianStrength of lord GaneshGirl
LolaksiIndianStrength of Lord GaneshGirl
UrjaniIndianLord of strengthBoy