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Name that means

Meaning:  Lord Of Truth

List of Names that means 'Lord Of Truth'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
RiteshIndianLord of seasons; Lord of truthBoy
RiteshIndianLord of truthBoy
RiteshSanskritLord of seasons; Lord of truthBoy
SateendraIndianLord of truthBoy
SatishSanskritRuler of hundreds; Victorious; One who speaks truth; Sati's husband; Lord Shiva; SunriseBoy
SatyadevIndianLord of truthBoy
SatyavacheIndianLord Rama; Speaker of truthBoy
SatyenIndianLord of the truthBoy
SatyenSanskritLord of the truthBoy
SatyendraIndianBest among truthful; Lord of truthBoy
SatyendraIndianLord of truthBoy