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 Names meaning 'Lot'

Name that means

Meaning:  Lot

List of Names that means 'Lot'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Another name for BrahmaBoy
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
AdhikIndianGreater; More; LotsBoy
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
AmbujaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
BahugandhaIndianOne with lot of scentGirl
BakhtIndianLot; Fate; PortionGirl
CharanjeetIndianWinning the service of Guru's lotus feetBoy
CharanjotIndianLight of Guru's lotus feetBoy
CharanpalIndianProtection under the Guru's lotus feetBoy
DaraweshIndianPossesses a lot; WealthyBoy
DaraweshIranian (Persian)Possesses a Lot; WealthyBoy
DareiaGreekPossesses a lot; WealthyGirl
Dareios  (Δαρείος)GreekPossesses a lot; WealthyBoy
DariaEnglishPossesses a lot; WealthyGirl
DariaIndianPossesses a lot; WealthyGirl
DariaLatinPossesses a lot; WealthyGirl
DarianEnglishPossesses a lot; WealthyUnisex
DarianIndianPossesses a lot; WealthyUnisex
DarieaLatinPossesses a lot; WealthyGirl
DarienEnglishPossesses a lot; WealthyUnisex
DarienIndianPossesses a lot; WealthyUnisex
DarioItalianPossesses a Lot; Wealthy; RichBoy
DariusLatinPossesses a lot; WealthyBoy
DariuszPolishPossesses a lot; Wealthy; RichBoy
Dariya  (Дарія)UkrainianPossesses a Lot; WealthyGirl
DaryaIndianRiver; Possesses a lot; WealthyGirl
DaryaIranian (Persian)River; Possesses a Lot; WealthyGirl
Darya  (Дарья)RussianPossesses a lot; Wealthy; RichGirl
Daryna  (Дарина)UkrainianPossesses a Lot; WealthyGirl
DichaliNative AmericanSpeaks a LotBoy
Fu  (; )ChineseWealthy; LotusUnisex
GurcharanIndianOne who takes shelter in guru's lotus feetBoy
HarcharanIndianOne taking shelter in god's lotus feetBoy
He  (; )ChineseLotusGirl
IndeeverIndianBlue lotusBoy
IndivarIndianBlue lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
IndivarIndianBlue LotusBoy
JahzeelEnglishWhom God allotsBoy
JahzeelIndianWhom God allotsBoy
JalajaIndianGoddess of wealth; Goddess Laxmi; LotusGirl
JalajaIndianGoddess of wealth; Laxmi; LotusGirl
JalajaIndianLotus; Goddess of wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
JalbalaIndianLotus flowerGirl
KailashnathIndianLotus eyed lordBoy
KailashnathIndianLotus eyed lord; Lord ShivaBoy
KairavIndianWhite lotusBoy
KamaalIndianPerfection; Excellence; Completion; Utmost level; LotusBoy
KamaaluddeenIndianPerfection; Excellence; Completion; Utmost level; LotusBoy
KamalIndianPerfection; Excellence; Completion; Utmost level; LotusBoy
KamalaIndianLotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
KamalaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamalaapatiIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalakarIndianLord Vishnu; A lake where lotus growsBoy
KamalakshIndianOne with beautiful lotus eyesBoy
KamalakshIndianBeautiful lotus type eyesBoy
KamalakshIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesBoy
KamalakshIndianWith beautiful lotus type eyesBoy
KamalakshiIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusGirl
KamalakshiIndianOne whose eyes are beautiful like lotusesGirl
KamalanayanIndianLotus eyedBoy
KamalapatiIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalasambhavaIndianEmanating from the lotusGirl
KamalbandhuIndianBrother of Lotus (Sun)Boy
KamalbandhuIndianBrother of LotusBoy
KamaleshwarIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamaliIndianA collection of lotusesGirl
KamaliIndianCollection of Lotus; Full of desiresGirl
KamalikaIndianGoddess Laxmi; LotusGirl
KamalikaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamaliniIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
KamaljotIndianOne who; like the lotus is unsoiledBoy
KamalkaliIndianBud of a lotusGirl
KamalkaliIndianThe Bud of a lotusGirl
KamalkantIndianLord of lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
KamalnayanIndianThe lord with lotus shaped eyesBoy
KamalnayanIndianLotus eyedBoy
KamalnayanIndianLotus eyedGirl
KamlapatiIndianLord of lotus; The preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshIndianLord of lotus; The preserver; Lord VishnuBoy
KamleshIndianThe Preserver; Lord Vishnu; God of lotusBoy
KamleshIndianGod of lotusBoy
KamleshIndianLord of lotusBoy
KanwalIndianDetached and unsoiled like the lotus flowerBoy
KanwalkishoreIndianLotus; Lord KrishnaBoy
KishlayaIndianLotus; Fresh leaveBoy
KshirajIndianMoon; Lotus; Conch shell; NectarBoy
KumudIndianLotus; Lord VishnuGirl
KumudIndianA LotusGirl
KumudaIndianLotus; Pleasure of the earthGirl
KumudaSanskritLotus FlowerGirl
KumudiniIndianA LotusGirl
KumudiniIndianWhite Lotus; Moon LightGirl
KunaalIndianLotus; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Of gold; GoldenBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Of Gold; Golden; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KunalIndianLotus; Son of emperor AshokBoy
KuvalayaIndianLotus; WorldGirl
LachesisLatinDisposer of lotsGirl
LaraineEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LaraineIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LareynaEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LareynaIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LauraineEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LauraineIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
Lien  (留置权)ChineseLotusGirl
LienVietnameseLotus FlowerGirl
Lien Hua  (连华)ChineseLotus FlowerGirl
LivsharanIndianAbsorbed in the lotus feet of godBoy
LoraineEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LoraineIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorainneEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorainneIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorayneEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorayneIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LoriEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LoriIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorieEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorieIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorraineEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorraineIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorriEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorriIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorrieEnglishLand of the people of LotharGirl
LorrieIndianLand of the people of LotharGirl
MahapadmanandaIndianBig lotusBoy
Mei Lien  (梅连)ChineseBeautiful LotusGirl
MranaliniIndianCollection of lotusBoy
MranaliniIndianA collection of lotusBoy
MrinaalIndianLotus stackBoy
MrinaliIndianLotus stemGirl
MrinalikaIndianLotus stemGirl
MrinalikaIndianStem of lotusGirl
MrinaliniIndianLotus stemGirl
MrnaliniIndianCollection of lotusGirl
MrnaliniIndianA collection of lotusGirl
MrunalIndianLotus stackGirl
NalinIndianLotus; WaterBoy
NalinakshIndianLotus eyedBoy
NalinakshaIndianLotus eyedBoy
NaliniIndianLotus; Sweet nectarGirl
NaliniIndianLotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess Gayatri; Sweet nectarGirl
NaliniSanskritLotus; Mother of the Vedas; Goddess GayatriGirl
NalinikantIndianLord of lotus; (Sun)Boy
NalinikantIndianLord of lotus; SunBoy
NalinikantIndianHusband of lotusBoy
NalinikantIndianHusband of Lotus (sun)Boy
NeelabjaIndianBlue LotusGirl
NeelambariIndianA Raagini; Blue lotusGirl
NeelambujIndianBlue LotusBoy
NeelkamalIndianBlue lotusGirl
NeelkamalaIndianBlue lotusGirl
NeelofarIndianLotus; Water lilyGirl
NeelopherIndianBlue lotus flowerGirl
NeelotpalIndianBlue lotusBoy
NeerajIndianLotus; Born from waterBoy
NeerajaIndianLotus; Born from waterGirl
NeerajaIndianLotus flowerGirl
NilambariIndianClothed in blueGirl
NilotpalIndianBlue lotusBoy
NirajIndianLotus; Born of waterBoy
NirajIndianLotus flowerBoy
NisharIndianWarm clothBoy
PadmaIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmaSanskritA lotusGirl
PadmabandhuIndianFriend of lotus (Bee; Sun)Boy
PadmabandhuIndianFriend of lotus (bee; sun)Boy
PadmadharIndianOne who holds a lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmadharIndianOne who holds a lotusBoy
PadmagrihaIndianOne who resides in a lotusGirl
PadmagrihaIndianOne who resides in lotusGirl
PadmagrihaIndianWho resides in a lotusGirl
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianOne who has hands like lotusBoy
PadmahastaIndianLotus handed. Lord KrishnaBoy
PadmahastaIndianHaving lotus like handsGirl
PadmahastaIndianHaving lotus like hands; Lord KrishnaGirl
PadmajIndianBorn from lotus; Lord BrahmaBoy
PadmajaIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaIndianBorn from lotus; LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn of a lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmajaiIndianBorn from lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmakaliIndianLotus budGirl
PadmakantIndianHusband of lotus (Sun)Boy
PadmakantIndianHusband of lotusBoy
PadmakshiIndianOne with lotus like eyesGirl
PadmakshyaIndianLotus eyedGirl
PadmakshyaIndianOne with lotus like eyesGirl
PadmalayaIndianLake of lotusesGirl
PadmalayaIndianLake of lotusGirl
PadmalochanIndianLotus eyedBoy
PadmalochanaIndianLotus eyedGirl
PadmamaladharaIndianWearer of lotus garlandGirl
PadmamukhiIndianLotus facedGirl
PadmanabhIndianOne with lotus in his navel (lord Vishnu)Boy
PadmanabhIndianOne with lotus in his navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navelBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotusGirl
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadmapriyaIndianLover of lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmarekhaIndianLotus like lines on palmGirl
PadmaroopaIndianLike a lotusGirl
PadmashriIndianDivine lotusGirl
PadmasundariIndianBeautiful like the lotusGirl
PadmavasaIndianOne who resided in lotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadmavasaIndianOne who resided in lotusGirl
PadminiIndianLotus; Goddess LakshmiGirl
PadminiIndianLotus; Goddess LaxmiGirl
PadminishIndianLord of lotus; SunBoy
PadminishIndianLord of lotuses; SunBoy
PadmodbhavaIndianOne who emerged out of the lotusGirl
PankajIndianLotus flowerBoy
PankajIndianLotus flower; Mud bornBoy
PankajaIndianLotus flower; Mud bornGirl
PankajadhariniIndianLotus holderGirl
PankajadhariniIndianLotus holder.Girl
PankajalochanaIndianLotus eyed. Lord KrishnaBoy
PankajalochanaIndianLotus eyed; Lord KrishnaBoy
PankajanIndianLotus; Lord VishnuBoy
PoornakamalaIndianA blooming lotusGirl
PoornakamalaIndianBlooming lotusGirl
PundarikIndianWhite lotusBoy
PushkarIndianLotus; A LakeBoy
PushkarIndianLotus; LakeBoy
PushkaraIndianBlue Lotus; Fountain; LakeBoy
PushkariniIndianLake of lotusGirl
PushkariniIndianLake having lotus flowersGirl
PuskaraIndianBlue lotus; FountainBoy
RaahithyaIndianWealthy; With lots of moneyBoy
RaahithyaIndianPerson with lots of moneyBoy
RaahithyaIndianWealthy; Person with lot of moneyBoy
RaajeevIndianBlue lotus; One who rules allBoy
RaajeevalochanIndianWho has blue lotus eyesBoy
RajeevIndianBlue lotusBoy
RajeevalochanaIndianLotus eyed; Lord RamaBoy
RajevalochanIndianOne who has blue lotus eyesBoy
RajevalochanIndianWho has blue lotus eyesBoy
RajivIndianLotus flower; Blue lotusBoy
RajivIndianBlue lotusBoy
RajivSanskritLotus FlowerBoy
RajivalochanaIndianLotus eyed; Lord RamaBoy
RajiviniIndianCollection of blue lotusGirl
RaktakamalIndianA red lotusBoy
RaktakamalIndianRed lotusBoy
Ren  (蓮 / 恋)JapaneseLotus; Love; Water LilyUnisex
RochanIndianRed lotus; BrightBoy
SarojiniIndianIn the lotusGirl
SarojkantIndianSun; Lord of lotusBoy
SenthamaraiIndianRed lotusBoy
ShatpadmIndianHundred petaled lotusBoy
Shat-PadmIndianHundred petaled lotusBoy
Shat-PadmIndianHundred pedaled lotusBoy
Shat-PadmIndianHundred petal lotusBoy
ShoniIndianOne of complexion of red lotusGirl
ShwetambarIndianOne who wears white clothesBoy
SukhcharanIndianPeace attained through Guru's lotus feetBoy
SunilIndianDark Blue; Red Lotus; Pomegranate treeBoy
SuparnaIndianLeafy; Lotus; Goddess ParvatiGirl
TarjaFinnishPossesses a lot; WealthyGirl
TaylerEnglishCutter of cloth; TailorUnisex
TaylerIndianCutter of cloth; TailorUnisex
TaylorEnglishCutter of cloth; TailorUnisex
TaylorIndianCutter of cloth; TailorUnisex
ThamaraiIndianLotus; Pure and LovelyGirl
ThamaraiIndianLotus flower; Pure and lovelyGirl
ThamaraiIndianLotus flower; Pure and lovelyGirl
TuckerEnglishCloth FullerBoy
TuckerIndianCloth FullerBoy
UdvitaIndianRiver filled with lotus flowersGirl
UtpalaIndianFilled with lotus; River; LotusGirl
UtpalaIndianFilled with lotuses; A riverGirl
UtpalaIndianLotus; Filled with lotus; A riverGirl
UtpaliniIndianLotus pondGirl
Xiaolian  ()ChineseLittle LotusGirl
Yon  (저곳에)KoreanA Lotus BlossomGirl
Yui  (結衣)JapaneseBind ClothingGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Lot'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
LorraineFrench Land of the people of Lothar
ScarlettEnglish Scarlet cloth
TaylorEnglish Cutter of cloth; Tailor
TuckerEnglish Cloth fuller
WalkerEnglish Cloth fuller

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