indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Of Allah

List of Names that means 'Of Allah'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abd Al BariArabianServant of AllahBoy
Abdul AhadIndianSlave of he who is one AllahBoy
AbdullahIndianServant of AllahBoy
AhadIndianAllah; Another name for godBoy
AmanullahIndianFemale servant of AllahUnisex
AmatullahIndianFemale servant of AllahGirl
AmatullahIndianFemale servant of AllahUnisex
AnaumIndianBlessing of AllahGirl
BariArabianOf AllahBoy
BariIndianEvolver. A name For AllahBoy
BatoolIndianAscetic Virgin; A true devotee woman of AllahGirl
EbadaahIndianPrayer to AllahBoy
HabibIndianAllah’s beloved servant
HamoodIndianOne who praises AllahBoy
HassibIndianReckoned; A name for AllahBoy
HibatullahIndianGift of AllahGirl
IslamIndianSubmission to AllahBoy
JibrilIndianArchangel of Allah; GabrielBoy
MansoorIndianHelped by Allah; Victorious
MohamadIndianProphet; Messenger of Allah; Humble; MercifulBoy
MuhamadIndianProphet; Messenger of Allah; Humble; MercifulBoy
MujaahidIndianFighter in the way of AllahBoy
MujaahidaIndianFighter in the way of AllahGirl
MusawwirIndianFashioner; A name for AllahBoy
MuslimIndianOne who submits to AllahBoy
Muta AliIndianMost Exalted; A name for AllahBoy
MutakabbirIndianMajestic; A name for AllahBoy
MuttaqiIndianRighteous; One who fears AllahBoy
NabiIndianAnother name for prophet Muhammad; Messenger of AllahBoy
NoorIndianLight; Angel; Attribute of Allah; ShiningGirl
PrayaagIndianPlace of sacrifice; AllahabadBoy
PrayagSanskritConfluence of Ganga-Jamuna-Saraswati; A city in India called AllahabadBoy
QabidIndianConstrictor; A name for AllahBoy
SajidahIndianProstrating to AllahGirl
TahmeedIndianPraise of almighty AllahBoy
TaqdeesIndianName for Allah; The AlmightyBoy
UbaydullahIndianServant of AllahBoy
ZakirahIndianOne who remembers Allah regularlyGirl