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Name that means

Meaning:  Of The Brook

List of Names that means 'Of The Brook'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BranEnglishBroom covered hill; RavenBoy
BranIndianBroom covered hill; RavenBoy
BrandenEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandenIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrandonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonEnglishBroom covered hillBoy
BrannonIndianBroom covered hillBoy
BrookEnglishBrook; StreamUnisex
BrookIndianBrook; StreamUnisex
BrookeEnglishBrook; StreamUnisex
BrookeIndianBrook; StreamUnisex
BrooksEnglishOf the BrookBoy
BrooksIndianOf the BrookBoy
CalderScottishCold Brook; Rough watersBoy
GenistaEnglishBroom PlantGirl
GenistaIndianBroom PlantGirl
HafsaIndianBrooding hen; CubGirl
HafzaIndianBrooding henGirl
MisuNative AmericanRippling Water; Rippling BrookBoy
RayScottishDear BrookBoy
RillaGermanSmall BrookGirl
RilleGermanSmall BrookGirl
RilliaGermanSmall BrookGirl
RillieGermanSmall BrookGirl
RioEnglishBrook; StreamUnisex
RioIndianBrook; StreamUnisex

List of Surnames that means 'Of The Brook'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
BackmanEnglish Brook man
BackmanGerman Brook man
BrandonEnglish Broom covered hill
BrookEnglish Brook; Stream
BrooksEnglish Of the brook