indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  One With Long Life

List of Names that means 'One With Long Life'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AayaushiIndianLong lifeGirl
AayushIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushiIndianOne with long lifeGirl
AayushmaanIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushmaanSanskritWith long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianWith long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianLong LifeBoy
AayushmanSanskritWith long lifeBoy
AyushIndianAge; Duration of life; Long livedBoy
AyushiIndianLong lifeGirl
AyushiIndianAge; Duration of life; Long livedGirl
AyushmaanIndianHaving long lifeBoy
AyushmanIndianBlessed with long lifeBoy
AyushmatiIndianBlessed with long lifeGirl
AyushmatiIndianOne who has a long lifeGirl
AyushmatiSanskritOne who has a long life; Eternal oneGirl
DirghayuIndianLong lifeGirl
KameJapaneseTortoise; Symbol Of Long LifeGirl
KameyoJapaneseTortoise; Symbol Of Long LifeGirl
KishiJapaneseLong And Happy LifeUnisex
OmarIndianElevated; An Era; Life; Long livingBoy
Soo  (한혜진)KoreanAlong Life; Noble SpiritGirl