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Name that means

Meaning:  Palm Tree

List of Names that means 'Palm Tree'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
DekelHebrewPalm TreeBoy
Lina  (لينا)ArabianPalm Tree; Tender; DelicateGirl
LinaIndianPalm treeGirl
PalmerEnglishPalm treeBoy
PalmerIndianPalm treeBoy
SanobarIndianPalm treeBoy
SanobarIndianPalm treeGirl
TamarBiblicalPalm TreeGirl
TamarHebrewPalm TreeGirl
TamaraHebrewPalm TreeGirl
TamarahHebrewPalm TreeGirl
TamaryPolishPalm TreeGirl
TamelaEnglishPalm tree; HoneyGirl
TamelaIndianPalm tree; HoneyGirl
TameraEnglishPalm tree; SpiceGirl
TameraIndianPalm tree; SpiceGirl
TamiEnglishPalm treeGirl
TamiIndianPalm treeGirl
TamiaEnglishPalm treeGirl
TamiaIndianPalm treeGirl
TamirHebrewTall; Stately; Like a Palm treeBoy
TammaraEnglishPalm treeGirl
TammaraIndianPalm treeGirl
TammieEnglishPalm treeGirl
TammieIndianPalm treeGirl
TammyEnglishPalm treeGirl
TammyIndianPalm treeGirl
TamraEnglishPalm treeGirl
TamraHebrewPalm TreeGirl
TamraIndianPalm treeGirl
TamrynHebrewPalm TreeGirl
TamurHebrewTall; Stately; Like a Palm treeBoy
Toma  (Тома)BulgarianPalm TreeBoy
TomaRussianPalm Tree; StrongGirl
TomerHebrewPalm TreeBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Palm Tree'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
PalmerEnglish Palm Tree