indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Related

List of Names that means 'Related'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AathmikaIndianRelated to aathma or soulGirl
AntaraIndianBeauty; Near; Related; IntimateGirl
JaveshIndianRelated to godBoy
JibadeEgyptianRelated to RoyaltyBoy
MaheenIndianGreatest; Related to the moon; Feeble voiceGirl
MaheenIranian (Persian)Greatest; Related to the MoonGirl
MahikaIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahinIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahinIranian (Persian)Greatest; Related to the MoonGirl
MahineIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahineIranian (Persian)Greatest; Related to the MoonGirl
ManivannanIndianLord Ayyappa's related nameBoy
Nomiki  (Νομικη)GreekRelating to the law; LegalBoy
RutujaIndianRelated with seasonGirl
SouganthikaIndianRelated to flower; Used for worshipGirl