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Meaning:  River

List of Names that means 'River'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AeronwyWelshRiver of carnageGirl
AfftonEnglishName of the riverUnisex
AfftonIndianName of the riverUnisex
AfonWelshRiver; ImmortalUnisex
AftonEnglishName of the riverUnisex
AftonIndianName of the riverUnisex
AlakanandaIndianName of a riverGirl
AlaknandaIndianA riverGirl
AlaknandaIndianA river in HimalayasGirl
AlaknandaIndianA River in the HimalayasGirl
AldfordEnglishOld River FordBoy
AldfordIndianOld River FordBoy
AlfordEnglishOld River FordBoy
AlfordIndianOld River FordBoy
AltonEnglishOld town; Settlement along riverBoy
AltonIndianOld town; Settlement along riverBoy
AmhuinnScottishFrom the Alder tree riverBoy
AshitaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
AsitaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
AsitaIndianThe River YamunaGirl
AtreyeeIndianName of a river; Container of gloryGirl
AtreyeeSanskritName of a river; container of gloryGirl
AtreyiIndianA riverGirl
AtreyiIndianName of a riverGirl
AtreyiIndianName of a river; Container of gloryGirl
AtreyiSanskritName of a river; container of gloryGirl
AvaaniIndianOn Course; Bed of a river; EarthGirl
AvaaniIndianOn course; The bed of a river; The EarthGirl
AvishIndianEarth; RiverBoy
AvishiIndianEarth; RiverGirl
BhagirathiIndianThe river GangaGirl
BhagirathiSanskritThe river GangaGirl
BhanujaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
BhanumatiIndianFull of Luster; Famous; River Ganga; Bright; ShiningGirl
BhilanganaIndianA riverGirl
BhilanganaSanskritA riverGirl
BipashaIndianName of a riverGirl
BipashaIndianA riverGirl
BradfordEnglishBroad River CrossingBoy
BradfordIndianBroad River CrossingBoy
CauveryIndianSame as Cavery; Name of a riverGirl
CauveryIndianName of a river in IndiaGirl
CaveryIndianName of a river in IndiaGirl
ChandaniIndianA River; Moon lightGirl
ChandaniIndianA RiverGirl
ChandaniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandaniIndianName of a riverGirl
ChandaniSanskritMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandiniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandiniSanskritMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandniSanskritMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandrabhagaIndianRiver ChenabGirl
ChandrabhagaSanskritRiver ChenabGirl
ChitraniIndianRiver GangaGirl
CliffordEnglishCliff river crossingBoy
CliffordIndianCliff river crossingBoy
ClydeScottishWarm; Refers the Clyde RiverBoy
ColwynScottishA River in WalesBoy
DaryaIndianRiver; Possesses a lot; WealthyGirl
DaryaIranian (Persian)River; Possesses a Lot; WealthyGirl
DougScottishDark Stream; Dark RiverBoy
DougieScottishBlack stream; Dark riverBoy
DouglasScottishBlack stream; Dark riverBoy
DouglassScottishDark Stream; Dark RiverBoy
DubhghlasScottishBlack stream; Dark riverBoy
DubhglasScottishDark Stream; Dark RiverBoy
DwijeshIndianRiver; Lord of BrahminsBoy
EcchumatiIndianA RiverGirl
EcchumatiIndianName of a riverGirl
EiravatiIndianLightening; Ravi riverGirl
FordEnglishFord; River CrossingBoy
FordIndianFord; River CrossingBoy
GachieAfricanSmall Pool; RiverBoy
GangaIndianRiver GangaGirl
GangaIndianSacred riverGirl
GangaIndianRiver Ganga; Sacred riverGirl
GangadharaIndianLord of river GangaBoy
GangeshIndianLord Shiva; Lord of the Ganges RiverBoy
GangeshSanskritLord Shiva; Lord of the Ganges RiverBoy
GangeyaIndianSon of river GangaBoy
GangikaIndianRiver GangaGirl
GangotriIndianSacred river of IndiaGirl
GatitaIndianA RiverGirl
GatitaIndianName of a riverGirl
GautamiIndianRiver GodavariGirl
GautamiIndianRiver Godavari; Wife a sage GautamGirl
GautamiSanskritRiver Godavari; Wife a sage GautamGirl
GilfordEnglishGolden River CrossingBoy
GilfordIndianGolden River CrossingBoy
GodavariIndianRiver GodavariGirl
GodavariIndianRiver Godavari; Sacred river of IndiaGirl
GodavariIndianSacred riverGirl
GodavriIndianName of a riverGirl
GodavriIndianRiver GodavariGirl
GodavriIndianA riverGirl
GomatiIndianName of a riverGirl
GomtiIndianName of a riverGirl
GomtiIndianA riverGirl
GouthamiIndianFull of life; Name of a riverGirl
GuadalupeEnglishRiver of the wolfUnisex
GuadalupeIndianRiver of the wolfUnisex
HaVietnameseRiver; OceanUnisex
HabrenWelshThorny cactus; Name of a riverGirl
HafrenWelshThorny cactus; Name of a riverGirl
He  ()ChineseYellow RiverBoy
IkshulaIndianHoly riverGirl
IndiaEnglishLand of the Indus (river)Girl
IndiaIndianLand of the Indus (river)Girl
IndrayaniIndianHoly riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianName of a sacred riverGirl
IndrayaniIndianThe name of a sacred riverGirl
IndujaIndianMoon's daughter; Narmada riverGirl
IndujaIndianNarmada RiverGirl
InekScottishWhite RiverBoy
IravatiIndianFull of water or milk; River RaviGirl
IravatiIndianRiver RaviGirl
IravatiIndianThe River RaviGirl
IrvineEnglishFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvineIndianFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvineScottishGreen RiverBoy
IrvingEnglishFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvingIndianFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvingScottishGreen RiverBoy
JafarIndianRiver; StreamBoy
JafarIranian (Persian)RiverBoy
JahnaviIndianRiver GangaGirl
JahnaviIndianDaughter of Jahnu; River GangaGirl
JahnaviIndianDaughter of Jahnu; Ganga riverGirl
JalabalaIndianA RiverGirl
JalabalaIndianName of a riverGirl
JamshadIndianShining riverBoy
JamshadIranian (Persian)Shining RiverBoy
JamshedIndianShining riverBoy
JamshedIranian (Persian)Shining RiverBoy
JamsheedIndianShining riverBoy
JamsheedIranian (Persian)Shining RiverBoy
JamunaIndianA Holy river in IndiaGirl
JamunaIndianHoly RiverGirl
JamunaIndianA holy riverGirl
JanhaviIndianRiver GangaGirl
Jiang  ()ChineseRiverUnisex
JubalEnglishRiver; StreamBoy
JubalIndianRiver; StreamBoy
KalindiIndianYamuna riverGirl
KaverIndianName of a riverGirl
KaveriIndianA RiverGirl
KaveriIndianName of a riverGirl
KawtharIndianRiver in paradise; Much; Abundant; CopiousGirl
KelvinEnglishFriendly River; Narrow riverBoy
KelvinIndianFriendly River; Narrow riverBoy
KinjalIndianRiver bankGirl
Kosi; KosikaIndianA River in North IndiaGirl
KoutherIndianRiver in paradiseGirl
KrishnaIndianDark Complexioned; Lord Krishna; Name of a riverGirl
KshipraIndianFast; Name of a river in IndiaGirl
KshipraIndianName of a river in IndiaGirl
LanfordEnglishLong river crossing; Long fordBoy
LanfordIndianLong river crossing; Long fordBoy
LangfordEnglishLong river crossingBoy
LangfordIndianLong river crossingBoy
LeithScottishFlowing Water; Broad RiverBoy
LohitIndianRed; Made of Copper; Mars; Bramhaputra riverBoy
LuhitIndianName of a riverBoy
LuitIndianRiver BrahmputraBoy
MadhumatiIndianFull of honey; River GangaGirl
MahabhadraIndianGanga riverGirl
MaliniIndianGarland maker; Gardener; Fragrant; Flourish; A RiverGirl
MandaIndianA RiverGirl
MandaIndianName of a riverGirl
MandaakiniIndianAn Indian riverGirl
MandaakiniSanskritAn Indian riverGirl
MandakiniIndianA riverGirl
MandakiniIndianName of a riverGirl
MandakiniIndianAn Indian riverGirl
MandakiniSanskritAn Indian riverGirl
Momoe  (百恵)JapaneseHundred Blessings; Hundred RiversGirl
MonroeScottishFrom the river's mouthUnisex
MunroScottishFrom the river's mouthBoy
MunroeScottishFrom the river's mouthBoy
NadeeshIndianGod of river; OceanBoy
NadeeshIndianLord of river and oceanBoy
NadeeshIndianGod of RiverBoy
NadeeshIndianGod of river (ocean)Boy
NadinIndianLord of riversBoy
NahalHebrewStream; RiverGirl
Naida  (Найда)RussianWater Nymph; River Nymph; FlowingGirl
NairnaScottishDwells at the Alder tree riverGirl
NairneScottishDwells at the Alder tree riverGirl
NarmadaIndianOne who arouses tender feelings in others; River NarmadaGirl
NeelajaIndianRiver starting from blue mountain NeelparvatGirl
NeelajaIndianRiver starting from blue mountain - NeelparvatGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; Night of full moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full moonGirl
PoorvagangaIndianRiver NarmadaGirl
PrayagIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiBoy
PrayagIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiBoy
PulinIndianBeautiful; Sandy river bankBoy
RehwaIndianAncient name of river NarmadaGirl
RenfrewWelshDwells near the still riverBoy
RhondaEnglishRunning river; NoisyGirl
RhondaIndianRunning river; NoisyGirl
RomneyScottishWinding RiverBoy
RondaEnglishRunning river; NoisyGirl
RondaIndianRunning river; NoisyGirl
SabrynaLatinSevern; Name of a river in EnglandGirl
SahilIndianRiver bank; Shore; One who shows the wayBoy
SaravatiIndianA RiverGirl
SaravatiIndianName of a riverGirl
SarayuIndianHoly riverGirl
SarayuIndianWind; Holy riverGirl
SarayuIndianA Holy riverGirl
SarayuIndianHoly river; WindGirl
SaritaIndianGoddess Durga; RiverGirl
SaryuIndianRiver SharayuGirl
SawiniIndianName of a riverGirl
SawiniIndianA RiverGirl
SejalIndianPure; Depth in character; River waterGirl
SejalIndianRiver water; Pure; Depth in characterGirl
SejalIndianRiver WaterGirl
ShahroozIndianGreat riverBoy
ShahroozIranian (Persian)Great RiverBoy
ShahruzIndianGreat riverBoy
ShahruzIranian (Persian)Great RiverBoy
ShailajaIndianA RiverGirl
ShailajaIndianName of a river; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShailajaIndianRiver; Goddess ParvatiGirl
ShailajaIndianName of a riverGirl
ShannenEnglishOld River; River of wisdomUnisex
ShannenIndianOld River; River of wisdomUnisex
ShannonEnglishOld River; River of wisdomUnisex
ShannonIndianOld River; River of wisdomUnisex
SharayuIndianRiver in AyodhyaGirl
ShatadruIndianName of a riverBoy
ShevaliniIndianA riverGirl
ShevaliniIndianName of a riverGirl
ShilavatiIndianA RiverGirl
ShilavatiIndianName of a riverGirl
ShilavatiaIndianName of a riverGirl
ShipraIndianA RiverGirl
ShipraIndianName of a riverGirl
SindhuIndianOcean; RiverGirl
SindhuIndianOcean; River; Lord VishnuGirl
SougandikaIndianSacred riverGirl
SougandikaIndianSacred river; Good smellGirl
SravantiIndianFlowing; A riverGirl
SravantiIndianFlowing; RiverGirl
SutoyaIndianName of a riverBoy
SutoyaIndianA RiverBoy
TamasIndianRiver; DarknessBoy
TamasaIndianA River; DarknessGirl
TamasaIndianRiver; DarknessGirl
TapaniIndianThe River GodavariGirl
TapaniIndianRiver GodavariGirl
TapiIndianName of a riverGirl
TapiIndianA RiverGirl
TapniIndianGodavari - a river in IndiaGirl
TapniIndianRiver Godavari; A river in IndiaGirl
TaptiIndianA RiverGirl
TaptiIndianName of a riverGirl
TaptiIndianName of a river; Daughter Of SunGirl
TaranginiIndianName of a riverGirl
TaranginiIndianA RiverGirl
TaranijaIndianRiver YamunaGirl
TarikIndianOne who crosses the river of lifeBoy
TeestaIndianA riverGirl
TiberiaItalianOf the Tiber RiverGirl
TiberiusEnglishOf the Tiber (river)Boy
TiberiusIndianOf the Tiber (river)Boy
TiberiusLatinOf the Tiber (river)Boy
TiborHungarianOf the River TiberBoy
TiborcHungarianOf the River TiberBoy
TiburcioPortugueseOf the Tiber (River)Boy
TiburcioSpanishOf the Tiber (river)Boy
TiburtiusLatinOf the Tiber (river)Boy
TistaIndianA tributary of river Ganga that is located in north IndiaGirl
TistaIndianTributary of Ganga river located in north IndiaGirl
TorshaIndianName of a riverGirl
TridharaIndianRiver GangaGirl
TridharaIndianThe river GangaGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred riversGirl
TriveniIndianConfluence of three sacred river Ganga; Yamuna and SaraswatiGirl
UdvitaIndianRiver filled with lotus flowersGirl
UpalaIndianSandy shore; Sandy river bankGirl
UsriIndianA RiverGirl
UsriIndianName of a riverGirl
UtpalaIndianFilled with lotus; River; LotusGirl
UtpalaIndianFilled with lotuses; A riverGirl
UtpalaIndianLotus; Filled with lotus; A riverGirl
Vaiga; VaigaiIndianA river in Tamil naduGirl
VainamoinenFinnishWide And Slow Flowing RiverBoy
VainoFinnishWide And Slow Flowing RiverBoy
ValdemarFinnishWide And Slow Flowing RiverBoy
VaranaIndianHoly riverBoy
VaranaIndianName of a riverGirl
VaranaIndianA RiverGirl
VaranaIndianHoly river; Name of a riverGirl
VardaIndianDeity; River; Giver of boonsGirl
VardaIndianA deity; A river; Giver of boonsGirl
VarunaIndianWife of Varun; Name of a riverGirl
VarunaIndianWife of Varun; Name of a river; Goddess of allGirl
VarunaIndianWife of the lord of the sea; Name of a riverGirl
VaruniIndianWife of Varun; Name of a river; Goddess of allGirl
VedikaIndianConsciousness; Altar; Name of a river in IndiaGirl
VedikaIndianAltar; A river in India; ConsciousnessGirl
VedikaIndianAltar; A river in IndiaGirl
VedikaIndianAltar; Name of a river in IndiaGirl
VenikaIndianHoly riverGirl
VetravatiIndianA River in IndiaGirl
VetravatiIndianName of a riverGirl
VidishaIndianA riverGirl
VidishaIndianName of a riverGirl
VipasaIndianA RiverGirl
VipasaIndianName of a riverGirl
VipashaIndianOld name of the river Vyas.Girl
VipashaIndianOld name of the river VyasGirl
VipashaIndianA River nameGirl
VitastaIndianRiver Jhelum in SanskritBoy
VitastaIndianSanskrit name of river JhelumBoy
VjosaAlbanianA river nameBoy
WadeEnglishRiver FordBoy
WadeIndianRiver FordBoy
WainamoinenEnglishWide and Slow flowing riverBoy
WainamoinenIndianWide and Slow flowing riverBoy
WilfordEnglishWill's river crossingBoy
WilfordIndianWill's river crossingBoy
YamunaIndianJamuna riverGirl
YamunaIndianHoly river; Jamuna riverGirl
YamunaIndianHoly riverGirl
YamuniIndianJamuna riverGirl
Yaochuan  (摇船)ChineseHonoring the RiverBoy
YuanjunChineseMaster of the Yuan RiverBoy

List of Surnames that means 'River'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AbercrombieGaelic The mouth of a river; Marshy ground
AberdeenEnglish The mouth of a river; Marshy ground; Place where streams meets
AberdeneEnglish From the mouth of the river Don
AbernethyGaelic Dangerous confluence of two or more rivers
AbernithyGaelic Dangerous confluence of two or more rivers
AftonEnglish From the river Afton
AinsworthEnglish Place; Possession on the river
AinsworthWelsh Place; Possession on the river
AlfordEnglish Old River Ford
AltonEnglish Old Town; Settlement at the river source
AlvordEnglish Old River Ford
AnnanEnglish Slow running water; Gentle river
ArbuthnotEnglish The mouth of a river; Marshy ground; Place where streams meets
AshfordEnglish On the river ash
AylsworthEnglish Low meadow washed by a river; A farm house or village
BangsEnglish From the hillside; From the riverbank
BankerEnglish From the hillside; From the riverbank
BanksEnglish From the hillside; From the riverbank
BradfordEnglish Broad river crossing
CliffordEnglish Cliff river crossing
FordEnglish Ford; River crossing
GilfordEnglish Golden River Crossing
HasegawaJapan長谷川Long Valley River
HayagawaJapan長谷川Long Valley River
IshikawaJapan石川Stone River
KawanoJapan河野River Field
KokawaJapan小川Small River
KounoJapan河野River Field
LangfordEnglish Long river crossing
MonroeScottish From the mount on the river Roe
MontroeIrish From the mount on the river Roe
MunroIrish From the mount on the river Roe
MunroeIrish From the mount on the river Roe
NakagawaJapan中川Middle River
OgawaJapan小川Small River
SanfordEnglish Sandy river crossing
StaffordEnglish Landing place at the river crossing
StanfordEnglish Stony river crossing
TrentEnglish Lives on the river bank
WadeEnglish Lives near the river crossing
WempelEnglish A Name of a river in England; A Cave; A Hollow place
WentworthEnglish Farm on the river worth
WickhamEnglish Winding River Valley
WilfordEnglish Will's River Crossing