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Name that means

Meaning:  Shining One

List of Names that means 'Shining One'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BeavisEnglishShining oneBoy
BeavisIndianShining oneBoy
BelphoebeEnglishBeautiful Shining OneGirl
BelphoebeIndianBeautiful Shining OneGirl
BeverleyEnglishBeaver Stream; Shining OnesBoy
BeverleyIndianBeaver Stream; Shining OnesBoy
BeverlyEnglishBeaver Stream; Shining OnesGirl
BeverlyIndianBeaver Stream; Shining OnesGirl
BevisEnglishShining oneBoy
BevisIndianShining oneBoy
Faivish  (פַײבֿוּשׁ)YiddishShining OneBoy
Fayvel  (פַײבֶֿעל; פַײוֶעל)YiddishShining OneBoy
Feibush  (פַײבוּשׁ)YiddishShining OneBoy
Feivel  (פַײבֶֿעל; פַײוֶעל)YiddishShining OneBoy
Feiwel  (פעיוועל)YiddishShining OneBoy
PhebeEnglishShining oneGirl
PhebeIndianShining oneGirl
PheobeEnglishShining oneGirl
PheobeIndianShining oneGirl
PhoebeEnglishShining oneGirl
PhoebeIndianShining oneGirl