indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Simple

List of Names that means 'Simple'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
ChangpuChineseForever SimpleBoy
MardavIndianSoftness; SimpleBoy
MardavIndianSimple; SoftnessBoy
NiranjanIndianSimple; Lord Shiva; FlawlessBoy
NiranjanIndianSimple; Lord ShivaBoy
NirgranthIndianSimple behaviorBoy
PranjalIndianHonest and dignified; SimpleGirl
PranjalIndianHonest and soft; Dignified; SimpleGirl
PranjaliIndianHonest and soft; Dignified; SimpleGirl
RujulIndianSimple; HonestBoy
RujulIndianSoft Spoken; Simple; HonestGirl
SahajIndianEasy; Simple; OriginalBoy
SahajIndianSimple; Original; EasyBoy
SahlIndianEasy; Uncomplicated; Smooth; SimpleBoy
SaralIndianHonest; Simple; StraightBoy
SaralIndianSimple; Straightforward; Easy; HonestBoy
SaralIndianHonest; SimpleBoy
SaralaIndianHonest; Simple; StraightGirl
SaralaIndianSimple; Straightforward; Easy; HonestGirl
SulabhaIndianSimple; Easily availableGirl
SulabhaIndianEasy; Natural; Simple; Easily availableGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Simple'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AmmadonEnglish Numskull; Simpleton