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Name that means

Meaning:  Spice

List of Names that means 'Spice'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BasemathEnglishSpice; Sweet smellingGirl
BasemathIndianSpice; Sweet smellingGirl
BashemathEnglishSpice; Sweet smellingGirl
BashemathIndianSpice; Sweet smellingGirl
BasmathEnglishSpice; Sweet smellingGirl
BasmathIndianSpice; Sweet smellingGirl
CorianderEnglishSpice CilantroGirl
CorianderIndianSpice CilantroGirl
KeziaHebrewCassia; Sweet Scented SpiceGirl
KeziahHebrewCassia; Sweet Scented SpiceGirl
LevonaHebrewIncense; SpiceGirl
MaceEnglishMace (the spice); Mace (the weapon)Boy
MaceIndianMace (the spice); Mace (the weapon)Boy
SaffieEnglishSaffron (the spice); Yellow; Precious; GlowingGirl
SaffieIndianSaffron (the spice); Yellow; Precious; GlowingGirl
SaffronEnglishSaffron (the spice); Yellow; Precious; GlowingGirl
SaffronIndianSaffron (the spice); Yellow; Precious; GlowingGirl
TameraEnglishPalm tree; SpiceGirl
TameraIndianPalm tree; SpiceGirl