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 Names meaning 'Tender'

Name that means

Meaning:  Tender

List of Names that means 'Tender'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
ButhaynaIndianBeautiful and tender bodyGirl
ButhaynahIndianBeautiful and tender bodyGirl
DalilaSpanishDelicate; TenderGirl
DayanitaIndianMerciful; TenderGirl
DayanitaIndianTender; MercifulGirl
ErciliaSpanishDelicate; TenderGirl
ErmelindaGermanWholly soft and tenderGirl
ErsiliaItalianDelicate; TenderGirl
GerlindeGermanSoft; TenderGirl
HelkiNative AmericanTouch; TenderUnisex
HelläFinnishGentle; TenderGirl
HerciliaLatinDelicate; TenderGirl
HersiliaLatinDelicate; TenderGirl
IrmalindaGermanSoft; TenderGirl
IsraelBiblicalContender with GodBoy
IsraelEnglishGod Prevails; Contender; Soldier of GodBoy
IsraelHebrewContender with GodBoy
IsraelIndianGod Prevails; Contender; Soldier of GodBoy
IsrealHebrewContender with GodBoy
IzrealHebrewContender with GodBoy
JananiIndianMother; TendernessGirl
JananiIndianMother; Tenderness; Name of three goddessGirl
KarunaIndianCompassionate; Tender; MercifulGirl
KomalIndianTender; Soft; DelicateGirl
KomalIndianSoft; TenderGirl
KomalaIndianTender; Soft; DelicateGirl
KomalaIndianSoft; TenderGirl
KomaliIndianTender; Soft; DelicateGirl
KomaliIndianSoft; TenderGirl
LeenaIndianDevoted one; TenderGirl
LeenaIndianA devoted one; TenderGirl
LeenaIndianPlant of dates; Soft; Mild; Clemency; TenderGirl
Lina  (لينا)ArabianPalm Tree; Tender; DelicateGirl
LindGermanTender BeautyGirl
Linda  (Линда)BulgarianSoft; TenderGirl
LindaFinnishSoft; TenderGirl
LindaGermanTender BeautyGirl
LindaHungarianSoft; TenderGirl
LindaNorwegianSoft; TenderGirl
LindaSpanishTender BeautyGirl
LindieGermanTender BeautyGirl
MridulIndianTender; DelicateBoy
MridulaIndianSoft; TenderGirl
Nadiyya  (نديّة)ArabianMoist; Tender; DelicateGirl
NarmadaIndianOne who arouses tender feelings in others; River NarmadaGirl
OmanaIndianLady; Woman; TenderGirl
RosaleenEnglishTender horseGirl
RosaleenIndianTender horseGirl
RosalinEnglishTender horseGirl
RosalinIndianTender horseGirl
RosalinaEnglishTender horseGirl
RosalinaIndianTender horseGirl
RosalinaLatinTender horse; RoseGirl
RosalindEnglishTender horseGirl
RosalindIndianTender horseGirl
RosalindLatinTender horse; RoseGirl
RosalindaLatinTender horse; RoseGirl
RosalineEnglishTender horseGirl
RosalineIndianTender horseGirl
RosalynEnglishTender horseGirl
RosalynIndianTender horseGirl
RosalynneEnglishTender horseGirl
RosalynneIndianTender horseGirl
RoselynEnglishRose grace; Tender horseGirl
RoselynIndianRose grace; Tender horseGirl
RoslynEnglishTender horseGirl
RoslynIndianTender horseGirl
RozEnglishTender horse; Horse protectionGirl
RozIndianTender horse; Horse protectionGirl
ShafeeqIndianCompassionate; TenderBoy
ShafeeqaIndianCompassionate; TenderGirl
ShafiqaIndianCompassionate; TenderGirl
ShafiqahIndianCompassionate; TenderGirl
ShaheenIndianRoyal; Soft; Gentle; Tender; FalconGirl
ShaheenaIndianRoyal; Soft; Gentle; Tender; FalconGirl
ShaheenahIndianRoyal; Soft; Gentle; Tender; FalconGirl
ShahinIndianRoyal; Soft; Gentle; Tender; FalconGirl
ShahinaIndianRoyal; Soft; Gentle; Tender; FalconBoy
SnehaIndianAffection; Tenderness; LoveGirl
SnigdhaIndianFriendly; Charming; Smooth; TenderGirl
SnigdhaIndianSmooth; TenderGirl
SoujanyaIndianOne who is free; TenderGirl
SowjanyaIndianFreely available; TenderGirl
SukomalIndianVery tenderBoy
SukumarIndianHandsome; Soft; TenderBoy
SukumaraIndianVery tender; Very delicateBoy
SukumaranIndianVery tender; Very delicateBoy
TarunIndianYoung; Youth; TenderBoy
TarunSanskritYoung; TenderBoy
YolyamanitzinNahuatlJust; Tender; ConsiderateUnisex

List of Surnames that means 'Tender'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
YoungloveEnglish Tender Affection

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