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Meaning:  The Lord

List of Names that means 'The Lord'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abdul RabbIndianSlave of the lordBoy
AbijahHebrewThe Lord is my FatherBoy
AbishaHebrewThe Lord is my FatherBoy
AdidevIndianThe lord of the lordsBoy
AjaipalIndianOne whose caretaker is the lordBoy
AlamgirIndianThe Lord Of The Whole WorldBoy
AmritleenIndianOne imbued in the lord's nectarBoy
AmritpalIndianOne protected by the lord's nectarBoy
AnadjotIndianOne who radiates the lord's lightBoy
AnandleenIndianOne absorbed in the lord's blissBoy
AnkitaIndianConquered; Signet; Symbol; Distinguished; Marked by the lord; DedicateGirl
AnkitaIndianDistinguished; Marked by the lord; Dedicate; ConquersGirl
AparajeetIndianThe lord who cannot be defeatedBoy
ArghyaIndianOffering to the lordBoy
ArghyaIndianValuable; Offering to the lordBoy
ArghyaIndianOffering to the lord; Floral tribute to godGirl
AtaliaHebrewThe Lord is MightyGirl
AtaliahHebrewThe Lord is MightyGirl
AtalieHebrewThe Lord is MightyGirl
AthaliaHebrewThe Lord is Exalted; God is PraisedGirl
AthalieHebrewThe Lord is Exalted; God is PraisedGirl
BaliIndianThe lord of strengthBoy
BhagavaanIndianThe lord; GodBoy
BhagavaanSanskritThe lord; GodBoy
BhagavanIndianThe LordBoy
BhagvanSanskritThe lord; GodBoy
BhuvanpatiIndianLord of the lordsBoy
ChalmerScottishSon of the LordBoy
ChalmersScottishSon of the LordBoy
CharanjeetIndianOne who has won over the lordBoy
CharanjitIndianOne who has won over the lordBoy
CiriacoItalianOf the LordBoy
CiriacoSpanishOf the lordBoy
CyriacaLatinOf the lordGirl
CyriacusLatinOf the lordBoy
DedoHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DevajyotiIndianBrightness of the lordBoy
DevajyotiSanskritBrightness of the lordBoy
DharmadhyakshaIndianThe lord of dharmaBoy
Dhu al Jalal wa al Ikram (ذو الجلال و الإكرام)IndianThe Lord of Majesty and Bounty
DineshSanskritThe lord of the day; The sunBoy
DomEnglishBelongs to the lordBoy
DomIndianBelongs to the lordBoy
DomeHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DomekCzech & SlovakBelonging to the LordBoy
DomenicEnglishBelongs to the lordBoy
DomenicIndianBelongs to the lordBoy
DomenicaItalianBelongs to the LordGirl
DomenicaSpanishBelonging to the lordGirl
DomenicoItalianBelongs to the LordBoy
DomenicoSpanishBelonging to the lordBoy
DominaEnglishBelongs to the lordGirl
DominaIndianBelongs to the lordGirl
DominaLatinBelongs to the lordGirl
DomingaSpanishBelonging to the lordUnisex
DomingoSpanishBelonging to the lordBoy
DomingosPortugueseBelongs to the lordBoy
DominicEnglishBelongs to the lordBoy
DominicIndianBelongs to the lordBoy
DominicaEnglishBelongs to the lordGirl
Dominica  (Ντομίνικα)GreekBelonging to the lordGirl
DominicaIndianBelongs to the lordGirl
DominicaLatinBelongs to the lordGirl
DominicaSpanishBelonging to the lordGirl
DominickEnglishBelongs to the lordBoy
DominickIndianBelongs to the lordBoy
DominicoItalianBelonging to the LordBoy
DominicusLatinBelongs to the lordBoy
DominikCzech & SlovakBelongs to the LordBoy
DominikPolishBelonging to the LordBoy
Dominik  (Доминик)RussianBelonging to the LordBoy
DominikaCzech & SlovakBelongs to the LordGirl
DominikaPolishBelonging to the LordGirl
Dominika  (Доминика)RussianBelonging to the LordGirl
DominiqueEnglishBelongs to the lordGirl
DominiqueIndianBelongs to the lordGirl
DomoHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DomokosHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DomonkosHungarianBelonging to the LordBoy
DonekPolishBelonging to the LordBoy
DuminCzech & SlovakBelonging to the LordBoy
EelisFinnishThe Lord is my GodBoy
EilisHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
EliaHebrewThe Lord is my GodGirl
EliaItalianThe Lord is my GodBoy
EliaSpanishThe lord is my GodBoy
EliahEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
EliahIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
EliasEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
EliasFinnishThe Lord is my GodBoy
EliasHungarianThe Lord is my GodBoy
EliasIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
EliaszPolishThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElieFrenchThe lord is my GodBoy
ElihuHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElijaSpanishThe lord is my GodBoy
ElijahBiblicalThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElijahEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
ElijahHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElijahIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
EliorHebrewThe Lord is my LightBoy
ElioraHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
EliotEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
EliotIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
EliottEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
EliottIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
EliyahuHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
EliyyahuHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
EljasFinnishThe Lord is my GodBoy
ElliotEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
ElliotIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
ElliottEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
ElliottIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
ElyEnglishThe lord is my GodBoy
ElyIndianThe lord is my GodBoy
Elya  (עליאַ)YiddishThe Lord is my GodBoy
Elye  (עליע)YiddishThe Lord is my GodBoy
HardhianIndianThe one absorbed in the lordBoy
HariIndianThe lord of natureBoy
HaricharanIndianFeet of the lordBoy
HarjapIndianOne who meditates on the lordBoy
HarsharanIndianOne who takes shelter in the lordBoy
HieremiasGreekThe Lord will upliftBoy
HieremiasHebrewThe Lord will UpliftBoy
Ilia  (Илия)BulgarianThe Lord Is My GodBoy
Ilia  (Илья)RussianThe Lord is my GodBoy
IliasHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
Ilija  (Илия)BulgarianThe Lord Is My GodBoy
Iliya  (Илия)BulgarianThe Lord Is My GodBoy
IllesHungarianThe Lord is my GodBoy
IlliasHebrewThe Lord is my GodBoy
Ilya  (Илья)RussianThe Lord is my GodBoy
InderdeepIndianLight of the lordBoy
IoloScottishThe Lord is worthyBoy
IshanIndianThe lord of wealthBoy
IshwinIndianone who praises the lordGirl
JagdeshIndianThe Lord; Provider of the worldBoy
JanessaIndianThe lord of graciousGirl
JaskeeratIndianOne who sings praises of the lordBoy
JaspreetIndianOne who loves to sing praises of the lordBoy
JedidiahEnglishBeloved of the LordBoy
JedidiahIndianBeloved of the LordBoy
JehoashEnglishGiven by the lord; Whom Jehovah gaveBoy
JehoashIndianGiven by the lord; Whom Jehovah gaveBoy
JemEnglishSupplanter; Appointed by the lordBoy
JemIndianSupplanter; Appointed by the lordBoy
JereEnglishAppointed by the lordBoy
JereIndianAppointed by the lordBoy
JeremiHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremiahHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremiasGermanAppointed by the lordBoy
JeremiasHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremieHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JeremyHebrewGod will uplift; Appointed by the LordBoy
JoashEnglishGiven by the lordBoy
JoashIndianGiven by the lordBoy
JoelIndianJehovah is the lordUnisex
Joo Chan  (파이팅 찬)KoreanPraise The LordBoy
JormaFinnishAppointed by the lordBoy
KamalnathIndianThe lord of Goddess LakshmiBoy
KamalnayanIndianThe lord with lotus shaped eyesBoy
KameshvariIndianParvati; The lord of desiresGirl
Kyriake  (Κυριακη)GreekOf the lordGirl
Kyriaki  (Κυριακη)GreekOf the lordGirl
Kyriakos  (Κυριακος)GreekOf the lordBoy
MayurIndianThe lord who has a peacock feathered crestBoy
NamleenIndianAbsorbed in the lord's essenceBoy
NitnamIndianOne who ceaselessly remembers the LordBoy
NuriaHebrewThe Lords LightGirl
OraHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OrahHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OraleeHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OraliHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OriHebrewThe Lord is my LightUnisex
OritHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OrleeHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OrliHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
OrlyHebrewThe Lord is my LightGirl
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navelBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navel; Lord VishnuBoy
ParampreetIndianOne who loves the lordBoy
PareshaIndianLord of the lords; Lord RamaBoy
PareshaIndianLord of the lords. A name for lord RamaBoy
PareshaIndianLord of the lords; A name for lord RamaBoy
PrabhroopIndianThe manifestation of the lordBoy
PreetIndianLove; The one who loves the LordGirl
RamaIndianPleaser of the lord; Goddess LaxmiGirl
RamaaIndianPleaser of the lord; Goddess LaxmiGirl
RamaaIndianPleaser of the lordGirl
RangleenIndianImbued in the lord's absorptionBoy
SahibIndianThe LordBoy
SakuJapaneseRemembrance Of The Lord
SaurjyeshIndianKartikeya; The lord of velourBoy
SwahaIndianShape of Swahadev; Wife of Agni; The lord of the fireGirl
SwahaIndianWife of Agni; The lord of the fireGirl
SwaminathIndianThe lord almightyBoy
TathagatIndianTitle of the lord BuddhaBoy
TeknamIndianOne who takes support of the lord's nameBoy
ThakurjeetIndianOne who has won the lord's loveBoy
TobiaItalianThe Lord is GoodBoy
TobinHebrewThe Lord is GoodBoy
UrielEnglishFlame of God; Light of the lordBoy
UrielIndianFlame of God; Light of the lordBoy
UrielaEnglishFlame of God; Light of the lordGirl
UrielaIndianFlame of God; Light of the lordGirl
UriellaEnglishFlame of God; Light of the lordGirl
UriellaIndianFlame of God; Light of the lordGirl
VarunaIndianWife of the lord of the sea; Name of a riverGirl
VishwambharIndianThe LordBoy
VishwanathIndianThe LordBoy
VishweshIndianThe lord almightyBoy
YogadhipaIndianThe lord of meditationBoy
ZacariasSpanishRemembered by the lordBoy
ZachaiosGreekRemember the lordBoy
ZacheusGreekRemember the lordBoy
ZedEnglishRighteousness of the lordBoy
ZedIndianRighteousness of the lordBoy
ZedekiahEnglishRighteousness of the lordBoy
ZedekiahIndianRighteousness of the lordBoy
ZevachyaHebrewSacrifice of the LordBoy
ZidkijahEnglishRighteousness of the lordBoy
ZidkijahIndianRighteousness of the lordBoy

List of Surnames that means 'The Lord'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
ElliotEnglish The Lord Is My God
ElliotFrench The Lord Is My God

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