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Name that means

Meaning:  The Source

List of Names that means 'The Source'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
Abdul BarrIndianServant of the source of goodnessBoy
AbhigyaanIndianSource of knowledgeBoy
AhladajananiIndianSource of happinessGirl
AristarchusLatinBest Ruler; Excellent Origin; SourceBoy
As Salam (السلام)IndianThe Source of Peace
AxelGermanSource of lifeBoy
BronAfricanThe SourceGirl
BurimAlbanianFountain; SourceBoy
CheliyanIndianRich; Resourceful; ProsperousBoy
GenesisEnglishCreation; Generation; Origin; SourceGirl
GenesisIndianCreation; Generation; Origin; SourceGirl
JivikaIndianSource of lifeGirl
PachaiIndianYouthful; ResourcefulBoy
PachaimaniIndianYouthful; ResourcefulBoy
PachaimuthuIndianYouthful; ResourcefulBoy
PegasusLatinBorn near the Pege (Source of the Ocean; Spring; Well)Boy
Ploutarchos  (Πλούταρχος)GreekSource of wealthBoy
PlutarchLatinSource of wealthBoy
PlutarchusLatinSource of wealthBoy
ShivakariIndianSource of auspicious thingsGirl
ShivakariSanskritSource of Auspicious Things; Goddess LakshmiGirl
Shunyuan  (顺源)ChineseFollow to the SourceBoy
SokwNative AmericanSourGirl
YolihuaniNahuatlSource of lifeGirl

List of Surnames that means 'The Source'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AltonEnglish Old Town; Settlement at the river source