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Name that means

Meaning:  The Brave God

List of Names that means 'The Brave God'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
ArielaSpanishLion of God; BraveGirl
BhagatveerIndianThe brave devotee of godBoy
BirindarIndianThe brave godBoy
EkambirIndianOne brave godBoy
JapbirIndianA brave one who remembers godBoy
JasbirIndianA brave one who sings god's praisesBoy
MahibIndianAnother name for god; Lion; BraveBoy
PrabhbirIndianGod's brave warriorBoy
VeerasundariIndianGoddess of braveryGirl
VeerindarIndianA brave godly personBoy
VijenderIndianGod of braveryBoy
VijenderIndianGod of bravery; Triumph of godBoy
VikramjitIndianGod of braveryBoy