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Name that means

Meaning:  Tulsi

List of Names that means 'Tulsi'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaratrikaIndianDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plant (Basil)Girl
AaratrikaIndianDusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaratrikaIndianThe dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaratrikaIndianA dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaratrikaSanskritLamp beneath 'Tulsi' plantGirl
BrindaIndianRadha; Tulsi (Basil)Girl
BrindaIndianTulsi (Basil); Goddess RadhaGirl
SragviIndianSacred Tulsi plant (Basil)Girl
SragviIndianTulsi (Basil)Girl
SragviIndianTulsi; Sacred Basil plantGirl
SragvibhushanIndianLord Vishnu; One who loves Tulsi (Basel)Boy
SragvibhushanIndianLord Vishnu; One who loves Tulsi (Basil)Boy
TulasiIndianA sacred plant Tulsi (Basil)Girl
TulasidasIndianServant of Tulsi (Basil)Boy
TulasidasIndianServant of Tulsi (a Basil plant)Boy
TulasidasIndianServant of Tulsi (Basil plant)Boy
TulsidaasIndianServant of TulsiBoy
TulsikumarIndianSon of Tulsi (Basil plant)Boy
TulsikumarIndianSon of Tulsi (Basil)Boy
VaishnaviIndianDevotee of lord Vishnu; Goddess Parvati; Tulsi (Basil)Girl
VrindaIndianBasil; Goddess Radha; TulsiGirl
VrindaSanskritBasil; Goddess Radha; TulsiGirl
VrindaaIndianTulsi (Basil)Girl
VrundaIndianBasil; Goddess Radha; TulsiGirl
VrundaSanskritBasil; Goddess Radha; TulsiGirl