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 Names meaning 'Water'

Name that means

Meaning:  Water

List of Names that means 'Water'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AachmanIndianIntake of a sip of water before a yagya or pujaBoy
AbhishekIndianRitual; Shower of milk and water over an idolBoy
AbhishekIndianShower of milk and water over an IdolBoy
AbishekIndianShower of milk and water over an IdolBoy
AbjaIndianBorn in waterGirl
AbjitIndianConquering WaterBoy
AdilaIndianAngel of waterGirl
AhavaHebrewBeloved; WaterGirl
AmadahyNative AmericanForest waterGirl
AmritIndianNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityBoy
AmritSanskritNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityBoy
AmritaIndianFull of nectar; Spiritual holy waterGirl
AmritaIndianFull of nectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AmritaIndianNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AmritaSanskritNectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AnahitaIndianGoddess of water; Fertility; Immaculate; VenusGirl
AnahitaIranian (Persian)Goddess of Water; Fertility; Immaculate; VenusGirl
Arethousa  (Αρέθουσα)GreekWatererGirl
ArethusaLatinThe WatererGirl
ArvinEnglishFresh water; Green waterBoy
ArvinIndianFresh water; Green waterBoy
AysuTurkishMoon; WaterGirl
BuzibaAfricanDeep Water; Open WaterBoy
CalderEnglishViolent stream of waterBoy
CalderIndianViolent stream of waterBoy
CalderScottishCold Brook; Rough watersBoy
ChanchariIndianBird; Vortex of waterGirl
ChowilawuNative AmericanJoined together by waterBoy
DabulamanziAfricanThe Divider of the WatersBoy
DalisHebrewDrawing WaterGirl
DalitHebrewDrawing WaterGirl
DallasScottishMeadow Dweller; Waterfall near the fieldUnisex
DallisScottishWaterfall near the FieldGirl
DamlaTurkishWater DropletGirl
DerrylEnglishDark waterGirl
DerrylIndianDark waterGirl
DestanFrenchBy the still watersBoy
ElrodEnglishMedow at the waterBoy
ElrodIndianMedow at the waterBoy
GlendowerEnglishValley waterBoy
GlendowerIndianValley waterBoy
GlyndwrWelshValley waterBoy
GurselTurkishFlowing WaterBoy
HubaabIndianBubble of waterBoy
IlaIndianWater; Earth; Daughter of ManuGirl
IravatiIndianFull of water or milk; River RaviGirl
IravatiIndianFull of water or milkGirl
IrvinEnglishFresh water; Green waterBoy
IrvinIndianFresh water; Green waterBoy
IrvineEnglishFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvineIndianFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvingEnglishFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IrvingIndianFresh water; Green water; Green riverBoy
IzumiIndianSpring (water spring)Girl
IzumiIndianWater springGirl
JaladIndianGiving waterBoy
JaladhiIndianTreasure of waterGirl
JalahasiniIndianSmile of waterGirl
JalanhiliIndianAs blue as waterGirl
JalbhushanIndianOrnament of water (wind)Boy
JalbhushanIndianOrnament of water (means wind)Boy
JalbhushanIndianOrnament of water; WindBoy
JaldevIndianLord of water; Lord VarunBoy
JaldevIndianGod of water (lord Varun)Boy
JaldevIndianGod of water; Lord VarunBoy
JalelaIndianGoddess of waterGirl
JalenderIndianLord of waterBoy
JalenderIndianLord of watersBoy
JalendraIndianLord of the waterBoy
JalendraIndianLord of waterBoy
JalenduIndianMoon in the waterBoy
JaleshIndianLord of waterBoy
JalindraIndianLord of waterBoy
JalindraIndianLord of watersBoy
JalpoornaIndianFull of waterGirl
JaritaArabianEarthen Water JugGirl
JharnaIndianSpring; Stream (stream of water)Girl
JharnaIndianSpring (water spring)Girl
JharnaIndianSpring (water spring); StreamGirl
KallolIndianLarge waves; Gurgling of waterGirl
KallolIndianLarge waves; Gurgling of water; Shouts of joyGirl
KavanIndianWater; PoemBoy
KavanaIndianWater; PoemGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth white water lilyGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth; White water lilyGirl
LeithScottishFlowing Water; Broad RiverBoy
LinWelshLake; WaterfallGirl
LinnWelshLake; WaterfallGirl
MaayanHebrewSpring of water; Small streamUnisex
MisuNative AmericanRippling Water; Rippling BrookBoy
MoabEnglishWater; Seed; Boy
MoabIndianWater; Seed; Boy
MoesenWelshDrawn out; Saved from waterBoy
MoisesSpanishMoses; Saved from the waterBoy
Moishe  (מאָושע)YiddishMoses; Drawn out of WaterBoy
MoseEnglishMoses; Saved from the water; Drawn outBoy
MoseIndianMoses; Saved from the water; Drawn outBoy
MoselleHebrewFrom the WaterGirl
MosesBiblicalDrawn out of the WaterBoy
MosesEnglishMoses; Saved from the water; Drawn outBoy
MosesHebrewMoses; Drawn out of the waterBoy
MosesIndianMoses; Saved from the water; Drawn outBoy
MosheHebrewMoses; Drawn out of the waterBoy
MoshehHebrewMoses; Drawn out of the waterBoy
MossEnglishMoses; Saved from the water; Drawn outBoy
MossHebrewMoses; Drawn out of the waterBoy
MossIndianMoses; Saved from the water; Drawn outBoy
MoszePolishDrawn out of WaterBoy
MoszekPolishDrawn out of WaterBoy
MozesDutchBorn Of; Son Of; Saved from the WaterBoy
MozesHungarianMosses; Saved; Drawn Out of the WaterBoy
NahlaIndianA drink of waterGirl
NahuatlNahuatlFour watersUnisex
Naida  (Найда)RussianWater Nymph; River Nymph; FlowingGirl
NalinIndianLotus; WaterBoy
NandikaIndianGoddess Laxmi; Water vessel made up of clayGirl
NeelofarIndianLotus; Water lilyGirl
NeeraIndianAmrit; Nectar; Pure waterGirl
NeerajIndianLotus; Born from waterBoy
NeerajaIndianLotus; Born from waterGirl
NenEgyptianAncient WatersBoy
Nereus  (Νηρέας)GreekWaterBoy
NiloferIndianWater lilyGirl
NiloferIranian (Persian)Water LilyGirl
NiloofarIndianWater lilyGirl
NiloofarIranian (Persian)Water LilyGirl
NiloufarIndianWater lilyGirl
NiloufarIranian (Persian)Water LilyGirl
NinaadIndianSound; Gentle sound of waterBoy
NinadIndianSound; Gentle sound of waterBoy
NinadIndianHumming; Sound; Gentle sound of waterBoy
NiradIndianGiven by water; CloudBoy
NiradIndianCloud; Given by waterBoy
NiradIndianGiven by waterBoy
NirajIndianLotus; Born of waterBoy
NirdharIndianOne who holds waterBoy
NirdharIndianOne who holds water; CloudBoy
NixieGermanWater SpriteGirl
OdahingumNative AmericanRippling WaterGirl
PachuaNative AmericanFeathered water snakeBoy
Pachu'ANative AmericanFeathered water snakeBoy
PamuyNative AmericanWater MoonGirl
PamuyaNative AmericanWater MoonGirl
ParulIndianGraceful; Flow of water; Name of a flowerGirl
ParulIndianGraceful; Flow of WaterGirl
PavatiNative AmericanClear waterGirl
PhrixosGreekThe ripple of water in windBoy
PhrixusLatinThe Ripple of water in windBoy
PiyushIndianAmrit; Nectar; Sweet waterBoy
PiyushIndianAmrit; Nectar; Sweet water; MilkBoy
Quan  ()ChineseSpring (of water); FistBoy
QuanVietnameseSpring of Water; Fist; SoldierBoy
ReahGreekMenstruation; Birth Waters; FlowingGirl
Ren  (蓮 / 恋)JapaneseLotus; Love; Water LilyUnisex
Rhea  (Ρέα)GreekMenstruation; Birth Waters; FlowingGirl
RheiaEnglishMenstruation; Birth watersGirl
RheiaIndianMenstruation; Birth watersGirl
SalaciaLatinGoddess of salt water; SaltGirl
SalajIndianWater which flows from melted ice from mountainBoy
SalajIndianWater which flows from melted ice in mountainsBoy
SalilIndianFlowing waterBoy
SangodIndianWith water pond lakeBoy
SejalIndianPure; Depth in character; River waterGirl
SejalIndianRiver water; Pure; Depth in characterGirl
SejalIndianRiver WaterGirl
Shui  ()ChineseWaterUnisex
SoneeraIndianClean waterGirl
TalulahNative AmericanLeaping WaterGirl
TeerthIndianHoly place; Sacred waterBoy
TirtaIndonesianHoly WaterBoy
TirtoIndonesianHoly WaterBoy
ToyeshIndianLord of waterBoy
TusharIndianFine drops of water; WinterBoy
TusharIndianFine drops of waterBoy
UtpalIndianWater lily; Fleshless; BeginningBoy
UtpalIndianWater Lily; FleshlessBoy
UtpalIndianBurst open; Water Lily; FleshlessBoy
VariIndianWater; SeaGirl
VariIndianWater; Sea; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
VariIndianGoddess Saraswati; Water; SeaGirl
VarunIndianWind; Lord of water; AirBoy
VarunIndianLord of the waters; NeptuneBoy
VarunIndianLord of waters; NeptuneBoy
VarunIndianWind; Lord of water; Air; Lord of Sea; NeptuneBoy
VaruneshIndianLord of waterBoy
WileyEnglishWater meadow; Will helmetBoy
WileyIndianWater meadow; Will helmetBoy
ZarannIndianFlow of waterBoy
ZarnaIndianFlow of waterGirl
ZarnaIndianSpring of waterGirl
ZiracunyNative AmericanWater MonsterGirl

List of Surnames that means 'Water'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AitonEnglish Water town
AnnanEnglish Slow running water; Gentle river
AtwaterEnglish At the water
CalderEnglish Violent Water
EatonEnglish Water town
EllrodtGerman Wood clearing at the water
ElrodEnglish Wood clearing at the water
IrvineScottish Fresh water; Green water
IrvingScottish Fresh water; Green water
KiyomizuJapan清水Pure Water
LeithScottish Flowing water
ShimizuJapan清水Pure Water
WilburnEnglish Bubbling spring water

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