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 Names meaning 'Well'

Name that means

Meaning:  Well

List of Names that means 'Well'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AashiyanaIndianBeautiful home; Small dwelling; NestGirl
AbhijaatIndianWell bornBoy
AbhijaataIndianWell bornGirl
AbhijataIndianWell bornGirl
AbhijataIndianWell born womanGirl
AilsaScottishIsland Dweller; Elf victory; Island of AlfsigrGirl
AilseScottishIsland Dweller; Elf victory; Island of AlfsigrGirl
AilsieScottishIsland Dweller; Elf victory; Island of AlfsigrGirl
AkalnivasIndianOne dwelling in the eternal realmBoy
ArminIndianDweller of the garden of EdenGirl
ArshaqIndianHandsome; Well proportionedBoy
Asclepius  (Ασκληπιός)GreekGives well beingBoy
AsklepiadesGreekGives well beingBoy
Asklepios  (Ασκληπιού)GreekGives well beingBoy
Avdotia  (Авдотья)RussianTo Seem WellGirl
Avdotya  (Авдотья)RussianTo Seem WellGirl
BhootanushrutaIndianWell wisher of bhootaganasGirl
BlairScottishPlain; Battlefield; Dweller on the plainBoy
BlaireScottishDweller on the plainGirl
Bo  ()ChineseWave; To Dwell; HouseholdUnisex
BoellGermanHill DwellerBoy
BoyceFrenchDweller near the woodBoy
BrandeisGermanDwells on a burned clearingBoy
BrionyEnglishTo Grow; Sprout; SwellGirl
BrionyIndianTo Grow; Sprout; SwellGirl
BryonyEnglishTo Grow; Sprout; SwellGirl
BryonyIndianTo Grow; Sprout; SwellGirl
CelyddonWelshWood dwellerBoy
CoreyScottishDweller near a hollowBoy
CoryScottishDweller near a hollowBoy
CrannogScottishLake DwellerBoy
CraytonScottishBorder dwellerBoy
CreightonScottishDweller by the RocksBoy
DallasEnglishMeadow stance; Overnight dwelling.Unisex
DallasIndianMeadow stance; Overnight dwelling.Unisex
DallasScottishMeadow Dweller; Waterfall near the fieldUnisex
Dunya  (Дуня)RussianTo Seem WellGirl
Dunyasha  (Дуняша)RussianTo Seem WellGirl
DvimidhaIndianOne who knows present as well as futureBoy
Echo  (Ηχώ)GreekSound; Well spokenGirl
EffiEnglishWell spokenGirl
EffiIndianWell spokenGirl
EffieEnglishWell spokenGirl
EffieIndianWell spokenGirl
EfigeniaPortugueseWell spokenGirl
Efimia  (Ευφημια)GreekWell SpokenGirl
EppieEnglishWell spokenGirl
EppieIndianWell spokenGirl
EuaristosGreekWell PleasingBoy
EudociaLatinSeem wellGirl
Eudokia  (Ευδοκία)GreekTo seem wellGirl
EufemiaItalianWell SpokenGirl
EufemiaPortugueseWell spokenGirl
EufemiaSpanishWell SpokenGirl
EugeinWelshWell bornBoy
EugenGermanWell Born; NobleBoy
EugenGreekWell Born; NobleBoy
EugeneFrenchWell Born; NobleBoy
Eugene  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
EugeneiaGreekWell Born; NobleGirl
EugeniaEnglishWell bornGirl
EugeniaFrenchWell Born; NobleGirl
EugeniaIndianWell bornGirl
EugeniaPortugueseWell bornGirl
EugenieFrenchWell Born; NobleGirl
EugenioItalianWell Born; NobleBoy
EugenioPortugueseWell bornBoy
EugenioSpanishWell Born; NobleBoy
Eugenios  (Ευγένιος)GreekWell Born; NobleBoy
EugeniusLatinBorn of Yew; Well bornBoy
EugeniuszPolishWell Born; NobleBoy
EugueinWelshWell bornBoy
EulaEnglishWell spokenGirl
EulaIndianWell spokenGirl
EulaliaEnglishWell spokenGirl
EulaliaIndianWell spokenGirl
EulalieFrenchWell SpokenGirl
EulaliusLatinWell SpokenBoy
EuliaEnglishWell spokenGirl
EuliaIndianWell spokenGirl
EuphemeGreekWell SpokenGirl
EuphemiaLatinWell SpokenGirl
EuphemieFrenchWell SpokenGirl
EuphemiosGreekWell SpokenBoy
EuphemiusLatinWell SpokenBoy
EvaristeFrenchWell PleasingBoy
EvaristusLatinWell PleasingBoy
Evdokia  (Ευδοκια)GreekTo seem wellGirl
Evdokiya  (Евдокия)BulgarianTo Seem WellGirl
Evdokiya  (Евдокия)RussianTo Seem WellGirl
Evgeni  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Evgenia  (Ευγενια)GreekWell Born; NobleGirl
Evgenia  (Евгения)RussianWell Born; NobleGirl
Evgenii  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Evgeniy  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Evgeniya  (Евгения)RussianWell Born; NobleGirl
Evgeny  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzaCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzenCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzenekCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
EvzenieCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleGirl
EwainEnglishWell bornBoy
EwainIndianWell bornBoy
EwaneEnglishWell bornBoy
EwaneIndianWell bornBoy
EwaneScottishWell Born; NobelBoy
EweinWelshWell bornBoy
EzvenCzech & SlovakWell Born; NobleBoy
FemieLatinWell SpokenGirl
FortunatusLatinFortunate; Happy; Well freightedBoy
FurayahIndianHandsome; Well buildGirl
GarnockScottishDweller by the Alder treeBoy
GenaEnglishWell bornGirl
GenaIndianWell bornGirl
GeneEnglishWell bornBoy
GeneIndianWell bornBoy
GeniaEnglishWell bornGirl
GeniaIndianWell bornGirl
GenieEnglishWell bornGirl
GenieIndianWell bornGirl
GentiusLatinGentian Flower; Well BornBoy
GenyaEnglishWell bornGirl
GenyaIndianWell bornGirl
GinaItalianWell BornGirl
GinoItalianNoble; Well BornBoy
GretaEnglishPearl; Great; Well knownGirl
GretaIndianPearl; Great; Well knownGirl
HaadiIndianWho guides well
HarcourtFrenchFortified dwellingBoy
HarsukhIndianPeaceful through dwelling on godBoy
HitaishiIndianWell wisher; Well to doGirl
HitaishiIndianWell wisherGirl
HitakritIndianWell wisher; Well to doBoy
HitanshIndianHelper; Well wisherBoy
HitanshuIndianHelper; Well wisherBoy
HitanshuIndianWell wisherBoy
HitarthIndianWell wisherBoy
HitendraIndianWell wisherBoy
HitiIndianWell wisherGirl
HoorIndianCelestial maiden; A virgin maiden of paradise for its dwellersGirl
IukiniHawaiianWell BornBoy
JeanaEnglishWell bornGirl
JeanaIndianWell bornGirl
JenciHungarianWell-Born; NobleBoy
JenoHungarianWell-Born; NobleBoy
JenuHungarianWell-Born; NobleBoy
Jian  (; )ChineseWell Build; Strong; HealthyUnisex
KalyanIndianGood; Well; Being; Auspicious; Welfare; FortuneBoy
Kang  ()ChineseWell-Being; ProsperousBoy
KathithIndianWell recitedBoy
KeldaNorseFountain; Spring; WellGirl
KerkScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
KetanIndianHome; Pure Gold; Mark; Sign; DwellingBoy
KetanaIndianHome; DwellingGirl
KirkScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
KirklandScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
KirklinScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
KirklynScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
KritikIndianWell starredBoy
KritikaIndianWell starredBoy
KulikIndianWell bornBoy
KyrkScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
KyrksenScottishDweller by the ChurchBoy
LalaSpanishWell SpokenGirl
LaliSpanishWell SpokenGirl
LaliaEnglishWell spokenGirl
LaliaIndianWell spokenGirl
LaliaSpanishWell SpokenGirl
LallaSpanishWell SpokenGirl
LaqeetIndianWell known companion of the prophetBoy
LoganScottishDweller in a little hollowUnisex
LogenScottishDweller in a little hollowBoy
MahdiIndianOne who is well guided
MaxwellScottishDweller by the SpringBoy
MirlindAlbanianBorn wellBoy
MirlindaAlbanianBorn wellGirl
NairnaScottishDwells at the Alder tree riverGirl
NairneScottishDwells at the Alder tree riverGirl
NasihIndianAdvisor; Well wisherBoy
NitaIndianGuided; Well behaved; MoralGirl
NitaIndianLed; Guided; Well behavedGirl
NiteeshIndianGod of law; One well versed in lawBoy
NiteeshIndianLord of law; One who is well versed in lawBoy
OlaHawaiianLife; Well-BeingGirl
OlallaSpanishWell SpokenGirl
OrbanHungarianCity dweller; Urban; ModernBoy
OuenWelshWell bornBoy
OvdotiaRussianTo Seem WellGirl
OwainWelshWell bornBoy
OweinWelshWell bornBoy
OwenEnglishWell bornBoy
OwenIndianWell bornBoy
OwenWelshWell bornBoy
OwenaEnglishWell bornGirl
OwenaIndianWell bornGirl
OwenaWelshWell bornGirl
OwinEnglishWell bornBoy
OwinIndianWell bornBoy
OwinWelshWell bornBoy
OwynEnglishWell bornBoy
OwynIndianWell bornBoy
OwynWelshWell bornBoy
PatriziaItalianNoble; Well Born; NoblewomanGirl
PegasusLatinBorn near the Pege (Source of the Ocean; Spring; Well)Boy
PhemieEnglishWell spokenGirl
PhemieIndianWell spokenGirl
PoppyEnglishTo SwellGirl
PoppyIndianTo SwellGirl
PosalaNative AmericanFarewell to Spring flowersGirl
PrateetIndianManifested; Well known; ClearBoy
PratithaIndianWell knownGirl
RangithIndianWell coloredBoy
RashidIndianWell guided
RenfrewWelshDwells near the still riverBoy
RitiIndianMemory; Well beingGirl
RitiIndianMemory; Well being; MotionGirl
RosScottishPromontory; Dweller on the peninsulaBoy
RossScottishPromontory; Dweller on the peninsulaGirl
RossalynScottishPromontory; Dweller on the peninsulaGirl
SajaniIndianBeloved; Loving; Well lovedGirl
Sang OokKoreanAlways WellBoy
SanjnaIndianWell knownGirl
SanjvalIndianWell lit blazing brightlyBoy
SarthakIndianWell doneBoy
SarthakIndianImportant; Significant; Well doneBoy
SarthakaIndianWell doneGirl
SaukhyadaIndianBestower of well beingGirl
ShaheerahIndianWell knownGirl
ShahrazadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShahrizadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShahrzadIndianModern; City dweller; Person of the city; City bornGirl
ShilpitaIndianWell proportionedGirl
ShuddhashilIndianWell bornBoy
SilvanosGreekForest dwellerBoy
SilvesterGermanForest dwellerBoy
SilvestreFrenchForest dwellerBoy
SinbadIndianLord of sages; Dweller from SindBoy
SinbadIranian (Persian)Lord of Sages; Dweller From SindBoy
SindbadIndianLord of sages; Dweller from SindBoy
SindbadIranian (Persian)Lord of Sages; Dweller From SindBoy
Sri Krishna Deva RayaluIndianWell Known KingBoy
SubhashiniIndianNice girl; Well spokenGirl
SubhashiniIndianWell spokenGirl
SubhashiniIndianSoft Spoken; Nice girl; Well spokenGirl
SubhashiniSanskritSoft Spoken; Nice girl; Well-spokenGirl
SubhasiniIndianSoft Spoken; Nice girl; Well spokenGirl
SuhridIndianWell disposedBoy
SuhritIndianWell disposedBoy
SuhritaIndianWell disposedGirl
SuibhneScottishWell Going; ProsperousGirl
SulakshanaIndianWell brought upGirl
SumitIndianGood friend; Well measuredBoy
SumitIndianWell measuredBoy
SunayIndianWise; Leader; Well conducted kingBoy
SunayIndianWise; Leader; A well conducted kingBoy
SunitaIndianWell behavedGirl
SunitaIndianOne with good morals; Well behavedGirl
SupritaIndianWell pleasedGirl
SupriyaIndianBeloved; One who is loved by everyone; Well lovedGirl
SupriyaIndianOne who is loved by everyone; Well lovedGirl
SusheelIndianGood character man; Well behavedBoy
SusheelSanskritGood character man; Well-behavedBoy
SushilIndianGood character man; well manneredBoy
SushilIndianGood character man; Well mannered; Well behavedBoy
SushilIndianGood character man; Well-behavedBoy
SushilIndianWell behavedBoy
SushilSanskritGood character man; Well-behavedBoy
SushrutIndianWell heard; Of good reputationBoy
SushrutIndianWell heardBoy
SushrutIndianWell heard; A great surgeon of old timesBoy
SweeneyEnglishWell goingBoy
SweeneyIndianWell goingBoy
TyreeScottishIsland DwellerBoy
UlaSpanishWell SpokenGirl
UraCzech & SlovakCity Dweller; From the City; ModernBoy
UrbaCzech & SlovakCity Dweller; From the City; ModernBoy
UrbainFrenchCity Dweller; Modern; UrbanBoy
UrbanEnglishUrban; City dweller; ModernBoy
UrbanIndianUrban; City dweller; ModernBoy
UrbanPolishModern; Urban; City DwellerBoy
UrbanaEnglishUrban; City dweller; ModernGirl
UrbanaIndianUrban; City dweller; ModernGirl
UrbaneLatinOf the city; Urban; Modern; City dwellerBoy
UrbannaEnglishUrban; City dweller; ModernGirl
UrbannaIndianUrban; City dweller; ModernGirl
UrbanoItalianCity Dweller; Urban; ModernBoy
UrbanoSpanishUrban; Modern; City dwellerBoy
UrbanusLatinOf the city; Urban; Modern; City dwellerBoy
UrbekCzech & SlovakCity Dweller; From the City; ModernBoy
UrekCzech & SlovakCity Dweller; From the City; ModernBoy
VaidhrithiIndianWell AdjustedGirl
VedIndianSacred knowledge; Well knownBoy
VedIndianWell knownBoy
WilburnEnglishWell springBoy
WilburnIndianWell springBoy
WulitonNative AmericanTo do well; ProsperousBoy
XyliaEnglishForest dwellerGirl
XyliaIndianForest dwellerGirl
XylinaEnglishForest dwellerGirl
XylinaIndianForest dwellerGirl
Yefim  (Ефим)RussianWell SpokenBoy
Yevdokiya  (Евдокия)RussianTo Seem WellGirl
Yevgeni  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Yevgeniy  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Yevgeniya  (Евгения)RussianWell Born; NobleGirl
Yevgeny  (Евгений)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
Yevheniy  (Євгеній)UkrainianWell BornBoy
YwainEnglishWell bornBoy
YwainIndianWell bornBoy
ZalikaEgyptianWell Born; ProsperousGirl
ZalikiEgyptianWell Born; ProsperousGirl
ZebulonHebrewFrom the Dwelling PlaceBoy
ZenyaRussianWell Born; NobleGirl
Zhenya  (Женя)RussianWell Born; NobleBoy
ZitomirCzech & SlovakTo live Famous; Well knownBoy

List of Surnames that means 'Well'
 Surname Country of Origin In Local Meaning
AtwellEnglish At the well
BaaningDanish Dwelling; Home
BagleyEnglish The Rising; Swelling ground that lies untilled
BanningDanish Dwelling; Home
BanningEnglish Dwelling; Home
FujiiJapan藤井Wisteria Well
IshiiJapan石井Stone Well
WellsEnglish At the wells

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