indian baby names
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Name that means

Meaning:  Young Girl

List of Names that means 'Young Girl'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
BaalaIndianA young girlGirl
BaalaSanskritA young girlGirl
BalaIndianYoung girl; DamselGirl
BalaIndianYoung girlGirl
BalaSanskritA young girlGirl
DeidraEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeidraIndianYoung girlGirl
DeidreEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeidreIndianYoung girlGirl
DeirdreEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeirdreIndianYoung girlGirl
DeitraEnglishYoung girlGirl
DeitraIndianYoung girlGirl
GaurikaIndianA young girlGirl
GaurikaIndianYoung girlGirl
KanizahIndianYoung girlGirl
KishoriIndianA Young girlGirl
KishoriIndianYoung girl; YouthfulGirl
KumariIndianYoung GirlGirl
MugdhaIndianInnocent young girl; Spellbound; InnocentGirl
MugdhaIndianInnocent young girlGirl
MugdhaIndianInnocent young girl; SpellboundGirl
TalithaArabianYoung GirlGirl
TarunaIndianYoung girlGirl
TaruniIndianYoung girlGirl
TarunikaIndianYoung girlGirl
TriyaIndianYoung girlGirl
YoushaIndianYoung girlGirl