Auspicious Stone for Isaias

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As per  Hindu Astrology  for your name Isaias lucky stone is  Ruby  and alternate stones is/are  Diamond  and as per  Chinese Astrology  the prefered stone is  Amethyst 


Similar sounding names: Sasi, Izsak, Igasho, Essie, Izusa, Sisu, Ishq, Iesos, Esaias, Ikesh, Isaak, Ossia, Iekika, Ishaaq, Ikaika, Isaac, Ijaz, Isas, Iisakki, Isis, Ishaq, Iesous, Isoke, Suse, Iakchos, Essua, Sasa, Izak, Issa, Aissa, Essa, Ishika, Ixaka, Issac, Iacchus, Susie, Izaak

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