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 Meaning of Arvi

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Name:   Arvi   [Arvin]
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In Local:   ਚਾਰ੍ਵੀ; ಪರ್ವಿನೀ; மாலாரவிலீ; ஸர்விகா; ਅਰਵਿਂਦਾ; ਅਰਬਿਂਦਾ; ; অর঵িংদা; অরবিংদা; ਸਰ੍ਵਿਕਾ; ચાર્વી; அரவிஂதா; அரபிஂதா; పర్వినీ; അരവിംദാ; അരബിംദാ; ਪਰ੍ਵਿਨੀ; अरविंद; அரவிஂத; પર્વિની; பர்விநீ; માલારવિલી; అరవింద; মালার঵িলী; পর্঵িনী; అరవిందా; అరబిందా; ചാര്വീ; പര്വിനീ; ਮਾਲਾਰਵਿਲੀ; સર્વિકા; ; അരവിംദ; ಅರವಿಂದಾ; ಅರಬಿಂದಾ; சார்வீ; অর঵িংদ; ಚಾರ್ವೀ; സര്വികാ; ಸರ್ವಿಕಾ; চার্঵ী; మాలారవిలీ; చార్వీ; અરવિંદા; અરબિંદા; ಮಾಲಾರವಿಲೀ; અરવિંદ; ਅਰਵਿਂਦ; ಅರವಿಂದ; సర్వికా; সর্঵িকা; മാലാരവിലീ

Name Arvi generally means Fresh water or Green water, is of Iranian (Persian), Scandinavian, Norwegian, Sanskrit, English, French, German, Indian origin, Name Arvi is a Unisex name, which means both Boy and Girl can have this name. This name is shared across persons, who are either Christian or Parsi or Muslim or Hindu by religion. Name Arvi belongs to rashi Mesh (Aries), Kumbh (Aquarius), Mithun (Gemini), Sinh (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Meen (Pisces) with dominant planet Mars (Mangal), Saturn (Shani), Mercury (Buddh), Sun (Surya) and Nakshatra (stars) Makha, Poorva Phalguni, Arudra, Sathabisham, Krithika, Uttara Phalguni, Revathi, Hastha.
Find qualities of  Aries (Mesh), Aquarius (Kumbh), Gemini (Mithun), Leo (Sinh), Virgo (Kanya), Piscean (Meen) or Find  Numerology,  Lucky number, lucky days, lucky color,  Auspicious stones  for Arvi or Find Chinese zodiac sign or Birthstone for your birthday or Find compatibility of Mesh (Aries), Kumbh (Aquarius), Mithun (Gemini), Sinh (Leo), Kanya (Virgo), Min (Pisces) with other zodiac signs

Similar sounding names: Aurva, Aarav, Arav, Ariv, Aarvi, Aruvi, Arvo

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Meaning of name 'Arvi' in different Region (Origin)
 Origin  In Local  Arvi means  Gender
Indian   Fresh water; Green water Boy
Indian   Battle worthy Boy
Indian   Spear Servant Boy
Indian   Marrow Eminent Boy
Indian     Girl
Indian   Lotus Boy
Indian   Lotus Boy
Indian   Lovely; Beautiful woman Girl
Indian   Pride Girl
Indian   Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Indian   Festival Girl
Indian   Universal Girl
Indian   Best Archer; God of Love Boy
Indian   Pleiades; Pleasing; Loved; Noble Girl
Indian   Shining star Girl
Indian   Fortunate; Happy; Victorious Boy
Indian     Boy
Indian     Girl
Indian     Girl
Indian     Boy
Indian     Boy
Norwegian   Eagle Boy
Scandinavian   Eagle; Tree Boy
English   Fresh water; Green water Boy
German   Friend of people Boy
Sanskrit   Lovely; A beautiful woman Girl
English   Battle worthy Boy
English   Spear Servant Boy
English   Marrow Eminent Boy
Iranian (Persian)   The Pleiades; Pleasing; Loved Girl
Iranian (Persian)   Fortunate; Happy Boy
Sanskrit   Best Archer; God of Love Boy
French   Summer Town Boy

Meaning of name 'Arvi' in different Religion (Caste)
 Religion  Arvi means  Gender
Christian Fresh water; Green water Boy
Christian Battle worthy Boy
Christian Spear Servant Boy
Christian Marrow Eminent Boy
Hindu   Girl
Hindu Lotus Boy
Hindu Lotus Boy
Hindu Lovely; Beautiful woman Girl
Hindu Pride Girl
Hindu Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Hindu Festival Girl
Hindu Universal Girl
Hindu Best Archer; God of Love Boy
Muslim Pleiades; Pleasing; Loved; Noble Girl
Muslim Shining star Girl
Muslim Fortunate; Happy; Victorious Boy
Parsi   Boy
Parsi   Girl
Parsi   Girl
Parsi   Boy
Parsi   Boy

Meaning of name 'Arvi' in different Rashi
 Rashi  Arvi means  Gender  Quality of
Kanya (Virgo) Festival Girl Virgo
Kumbh (Aquarius) Hero of battle Boy Aquarius
Kumbh (Aquarius) Universal Girl Aquarius
Kumbh (Aquarius)   Boy Aquarius
Kumbh (Aquarius) King of kings Boy Aquarius
Kumbh (Aquarius) Divine Girl Aquarius
Mesh (Aries)   Girl Aries
Mesh (Aries) Lotus Boy Aries
Mesh (Aries) Lotus Boy Aries
Meen (Pisces) Beautiful woman Girl Piscean
Mithun (Gemini) Beautiful woman Girl Gemini
Sinh (Leo) Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl Leo
Sinh (Leo) Beauty redefined Girl Leo

Meaning of name 'Arvi' for different Planet's
 Planet  Arvi means  Gender
Mars (Mangal) Lotus Boy
Mercury (Buddh) Festival Girl
Saturn (Shani) Hero of battle Boy
Saturn (Shani)   Girl
Saturn (Shani)   Boy
Saturn (Shani) King of kings Boy
Saturn (Shani) Divine Girl
Sun (Surya) Beauty redefined Girl

Meaning of name 'Arvi' in different Nakshatra (Star's)
 Nakshatra  Arvi means  Gender
Arudra A Beautiful woman Girl
Hastha Festival Girl
Krithika Girl
Krithika Lotus Boy
Krithika Lotus Boy
Makha Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Poorva Phalguni Festival Girl
Revathi A beautiful woman Girl
Sathabisham Universal Girl
Uttara Phalguni Festival Girl

Meaning of name 'Arvi' in different language
 Language  In Local  Arvi means  Gender
Bengali   Girl
Kannada   Girl
Gujrati   Girl
Malayalam   Girl
Telugu   Girl
Tamil   Girl
Punjabi   Girl
Bengali অর঵িংদ Lotus Boy
Kannada ಅರವಿಂದ Lotus Boy
Marathi अरविंद Lotus Boy
Gujrati અરવિંદ Lotus Boy
Malayalam അരവിംദ Lotus Boy
Telugu అరవింద Lotus Boy
Tamil அரவிஂத Lotus Boy
Punjabi ਅਰਵਿਂਦ Lotus Boy
Bengali অর঵িংদা; অরবিংদা Lotus Boy
Kannada ಅರವಿಂದಾ; ಅರಬಿಂದಾ Lotus Boy
Gujrati અરવિંદા; અરબિંદા Lotus Boy
Malayalam അരവിംദാ; അരബിംദാ Lotus Boy
Telugu అరవిందా; అరబిందా Lotus Boy
Tamil அரவிஂதா; அரபிஂதா Lotus Boy
Punjabi ਅਰਵਿਂਦਾ; ਅਰਬਿਂਦਾ Lotus Boy
Bengali চার্঵ী Beautiful woman Girl
Kannada ಚಾರ್ವೀ Beautiful woman Girl
Gujrati ચાર્વી Beautiful woman Girl
Malayalam ചാര്വീ Beautiful woman Girl
Telugu చార్వీ Beautiful woman Girl
Tamil சார்வீ Beautiful woman Girl
Punjabi ਚਾਰ੍ਵੀ Beautiful woman Girl
Bengali মালার঵িলী Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Kannada ಮಾಲಾರವಿಲೀ Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Gujrati માલારવિલી Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Malayalam മാലാരവിലീ Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Telugu మాలారవిలీ Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Tamil மாலாரவிலீ Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Punjabi ਮਾਲਾਰਵਿਲੀ Beautiful eyes like a flower Girl
Bengali পর্঵িনী Festival Girl
Kannada ಪರ್ವಿನೀ Festival Girl
Gujrati પર્વિની Festival Girl
Malayalam പര്വിനീ Festival Girl
Telugu పర్వినీ Festival Girl
Tamil பர்விநீ Festival Girl
Punjabi ਪਰ੍ਵਿਨੀ Festival Girl
Bengali সর্঵িকা Universal Girl
Kannada ಸರ್ವಿಕಾ Universal Girl
Gujrati સર્વિકા Universal Girl
Malayalam സര്വികാ Universal Girl
Telugu సర్వికా Universal Girl
Tamil ஸர்விகா Universal Girl
Punjabi ਸਰ੍ਵਿਕਾ Universal Girl

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