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 108 Names of Goddess Saraswati

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108 Names of Goddess Saraswati  

108 Names of Goddess Saraswati
   Om Ambikaayai namaha
   Om Bhaamaayai namaha
   Om Bhaaratyai namaha
   Om Bhogadaayai namaha
   Om Braahmayai namaha
   Om Brahmagyanaikasaadhanaayai namaha
   Om Brahmajaayaayai namaha
   Om BrahmavishhNushivaatmikaayai namaha
   Om Chaamundaayai namaha
   Om Chandikaayai namaha
   Om Chandralekhaavibhuushhitaayai namaha
   Om Chandravadanaayai namaha
   Om Chandrikaayai namaha
   Om Chaturaanana saamraajyaayai namaha
   Om Chaturvargaphalapradaayai namaha
   Om ChitraaMbaraayai namaha
   Om Chitragandhaayai namaha
   Om Chitramaalyavibhuushhitaayai namaha
   Om Devyai namaha
   Om Dhuumralochanamadanaayai namaha
   Om Divyaalankaarabhuushhitaayai namaha
   Om Divyaa Ngaayai namaha
   Om GOmatyai namaha
   Om Govindaayai namaha
   Om Gyaanamudraayai namaha
   Om Ha.nsaasanaayai namaha
   Om Jatilaayai namaha
   Om Kaalaraatryai namaha
   Om Kaamapradaayai namaha
   Om Kaamaruupaayai namaha
   Om Kaantaayai namaha
   Om Kalaadharaayai namaha
   Om Maalinyai namaha
   Om Mahaabalaayai namaha
   Om Mahaabhaagaayai namaha
   Om Mahaabhadraayai namaha
   Om Mahaabhadraayai namaha
   Om Mahaabhogaayai namaha
   Om Mahaabhujaayai namaha
   Om Mahaakaalyai namaha
   Om Mahaakaaraayai namaha
   Om Mahaamaayaayai namaha
   Om Mahaankushaayai namaha
   Om Mahaapaashaayai namaha
   Om Mahaapaataka naashinyai namaha
   Om Mahaaphalaayai namaha
   Om Mahaashrayaayai namaha
   Om Mahaavidyaayai namaha
   Om Mahotsaahaayai namaha
   Om MundakaayapraharaNaayai namaha
   Om Niilabhujaayai namaha
   Om NiilajaNghaayai namaha
   Om Nira.njanaayai namaha
   Om Padmaaxyai namaha
   Om Padmalochanaayai namaha
   Om Padmanilayaayai namaha
   Om Padmavaktrakaayai namaha
   Om Paraayai namaha
   Om Piitaayai namaha
   Om Pustakabhrite namaha
   Om Raktabiijanihantryai namaha
   Om Raktamadhyaayai namaha
   Om Ramaayai namaha
   Om Ruupasaubhaagyadaayinyai namaha
   Om Saavityai namaha
   Om Sarasvatyai namaha
   Om Sarvadevastutaayai namaha
   Om Saudaamanyai namaha
   Om Saumyaayai namaha
   Om ShaastraruupiNyai namaha
   Om Shambhaasurapramathinyai namaha
   Om Shivaanujaayai namaha
   Om Shivaayai namaha
   Om Shriipradaayai namaha
   Om Shubhadaayai namaha
   Om Shvetaananaayai namaha
   Om Subhadraayai namaha
   Om Sudhaamurtyai namaha
   Om Sunaasaayai namaha
   Om Suraasura Namask Ritaayai namaha
   Om Surapuujitaayai namaha
   Om Surasaayai namaha
   Om Suravanditaayai namaha
   Om Suvaasinyai namaha
   Om Svaraatmikaayai namaha
   Om Tiivraayai namaha
   Om Trayiimoortaye namaha
   Om Trigunaayai namaha
   Om Trikaalagyaayai namaha
   Om Vaagdevyai namaha
   Om Vaagdevyai namaha
   Om Vaaraahyai namaha
   Om Vaarijaasanaayai namaha
   Om Vaishhnavyai namaha
   Om Vandyaayai namaha
   Om Varaarohaayai namaha
   Om Varapradaayai namaha
   Om Vasudaayai namaha
   Om Vidyaadharasupuujitaayai namaha
   Om Vidyaaruupaayai namaha
   Om Vidyunmaalaayai namaha
   Om Vimalaayai namaha
   Om Vindhyaachalaviraajitaayai namaha
   Om Vindhyaavaasaayai namaha
   Om Vinidraayai namaha
   Om Vishaalaaxyai namaha
   Om Vishvaayai namaha



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