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Sibling names for '঵সিস্ঠা' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AgastiIndianName of a sageGirl
AnasooyaIndianFriend of Shakuntala; Wife of the sage 'Atri'Girl
AnasuyaIndianFriend of Shakuntala; Wife of the sage 'Atri'Girl
AnusuyaIndianNon jealous; Friend of Shakuntala; Wife of the sage 'Atri'Girl
ArundhathiIndianFidelity; Wife of the sage VasistaGirl
DitiIndianIdea; Wife of sage KashyapGirl
DitiIndianWife of sage KashyapGirl
DitiIndianWife of the sage KashyapGirl
DitiIndianIdea; Wife of the sage KashyapGirl
GautamiIndianRiver Godavari; Wife a sage GautamGirl
LopaIndianWife of sage; LearnedGirl
LopaIndianLearned; Wife of sageGirl
LopaIndianWife of sageGirl
LopamudraIndianWife of sage Agastya; Learned womanGirl
LopamudraIndianWife of sage AgastyaGirl
MaitreyaIndianThe name of the sageGirl
MarkandeyaIndianLord Shiva's devotee; A Sage who wrote Devi MahatmyamGirl
PulomaIndianWife of the sage BhriguGirl
PulomaIndianWife of sage BhriguGirl
RajshriIndianSage like kingGirl