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Sibling names for 'শ্রীপর্ণা' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AshwatIndianGeneration tree; Banyan treeBoy
AshwathIndianGeneration tree; Banyan treeBoy
AshwathIndianBanyan treeBoy
BhadrashreeIndianSandalwood treeBoy
BhadrashreeIndianSandal wood treeBoy
ChinarIndianBeautiful TreeBoy
ChinarIndianName of a beautiful treeBoy
DaarukIndianCharioteer of lord Krishna; TreeBoy
DarukIndianCharioteer of lord Krishna; TreeBoy
DarukIndianCharioteer of Krishna; TreeBoy
DarukaIndianDeodar treeBoy
HarindraIndianA TreeBoy
KadambIndianName of a treeBoy
KalpakIndianA Heavenly treeBoy
KalpakIndianHeavenly treeBoy
KirtibhushanIndianOne who is adorned with fameBoy
KirtibhushanIndianAdorned with fame; FamousBoy
KirtibhushanIndianOne Adorned with fameBoy
KunjaIndianGrove of treesBoy
MandarIndianFlower; Lord Ganesh; A celestial treeBoy
NikunjaIndianGrove of trees; EnchantingBoy
NikunjaIndianGrove of treesBoy
NishIndianBy the Ash tree; An adventurerBoy
NishIndianBy the Ash tree; AdventurerBoy
NishatIndianA treeBoy
PalashIndianFlowering; TreeBoy
PallabIndianSprouting; Young shoots and leaves; Bud; New leavesBoy
PallabIndianNew leavesBoy
PallavIndianSprouting; Young shoots and leaves; Bud; New leavesBoy
PallavIndianYoung shoots and leavesBoy
PatralikaIndianNew leavesBoy
RandIndianTree of good scentBoy
SanobarIndianPalm treeBoy
SantanIndianTree connectionBoy
SantanIndianA TreeBoy
SantanIndianA tree; ChildrenBoy
ShamiIndianFire; Name of a treeBoy
ShirishIndianA Flower; Rain treeBoy
ShirishIndianFlower; Rain treeBoy
SunilIndianDark Blue; Red Lotus; Pomegranate treeBoy
TamalIndianA tree with very dark barkBoy
TamalIndianTree with very dark barkBoy
TribhuvanIndianTree worldsBoy
VedbhushanIndianOne adorned with knowledge of VedasBoy
VedbhushanIndianOne adorned with knowledge of the VedasBoy
VedbhushanIndianAdorned with knowledge of VedasBoy