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Sibling names for 'শ্রেষ্ঠ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of Safety; Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestowed of safety; Lord VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for lord VishnuBoy
AblaaIndianPerfectly formedGirl
AcchindraIndianFlawless; Uninterrupted; PerfectBoy
AgriyaIndianFirst bestBoy
AgriyaIndianFirst and bestGirl
AkmalIndianComplete; PerfectBoy
AnbarIndianPerfume; AmbergrisGirl
AninditaIndianPerfect; BeautifulGirl
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
AnoopIndianIncomparable; BestBoy
AnoopIndianIncomparable; The BestBoy
AnupIndianWithout comparison; Incomparable; BestBoy
AnupIndianIncomparable; The best; Without Comparison; IncomparableBoy
ApoorvaIndianDifferent; Special; Best; Unmatchable; Exquisite; RareBoy
ApoorvaIndianNot seen before; Different; Special; Best; UnmatchableBoy
AvikshitIndianDifferent; Special; Best; UnmatchableBoy
AyurdaIndianGranter of longevity; Bestower of longevityGirl
AyurdaIndianBestower of longevityGirl
BhagadityaIndianThe Son who bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianSon who bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianThe son which bestows wealthBoy
BhagadityaIndianSun which bestows wealthBoy
ChemmalIndianPremier; BestBoy
DhanadhanyakiIndianBestower of wealth and food grainsGirl
GowshikIndianPerfect; Freedom; HappinessBoy
GowshikIndianPerfect; Freedom; Happiness life of journeyBoy
GunaIndianBestowed with qualitiesBoy
GurudattIndianBestowed by a guruBoy
GurudattIndianBestowed by GuruBoy
GurudattIndianBestowed by a guruUnisex
IndiraIndianBestower of wealthGirl
IndiraIndianBestower of wealth; Goddess LaxmiGirl
JagatiIndianBestowed with speedGirl
JanardhanaIndianOne who bestows boons on one and allBoy
KailashIndianOne who bestows peaceBoy
KailashIndianOne who bestows peace; Adobe of lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peakBoy
KaivalyaIndianPerfect isolationBoy
KalandhikaIndianBestower of artGirl
KalandhikaIndianBestowed of artGirl
KalpeshIndianImaging of god; Lord of perfectionBoy
KalpeshIndianLord of perfectionBoy
KamalIndianPerfection; Excellence; Completion; Utmost level; LotusBoy
KarthikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KarthikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KartikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KartikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KhushalIndianHappy; PerfectBoy
KhushalIndianPerfect; HappyBoy
MuktidayaIndianBestower of eternal blissBoy
MuneendraIndianBest among saintsBoy
MunindraIndianBest among saintsBoy
NagarjunIndianBest among the snakesBoy
NaidhruaIndianParvati; Almost perfectGirl
NaidhruaIndianGoddess Parvati; Almost perfectGirl
NandiniIndianHoly cow; Bestower of joy; GangaGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; GangaGirl
NandiniIndianA holy cow; Bestower of joy; Goddess Durga; A delightful goddessGirl
NarottamIndianBest among men; Lord VishnuBoy
NarottamIndianBest among menBoy
NitikaIndianOf policy; PerfectGirl
ParamIndianThe bestBoy
ParamIndianBeing Supreme; Best; Primary; Perfect; UltimateBoy
ParamIndianThe Best; UltimateBoy
ParamaIndianThe BestGirl
ParamaIndianThe Best; UltimateGirl
PooranIndianThe perfect personBoy
PrathameshIndianLord Ganesh; Lord of the bestBoy
PurshottamIndianThe supreme soul; Lord Vishnu; Best among men; Lord RamaBoy
PurushottamIndianBest among menBoy
PurushottamIndianThe supreme soul; Lord Vishnu; Best among men; Lord RamaBoy
PurushottamSanskritThe best among men; Lord RamaBoy
RajdeepIndianBest of kingsBoy
RishitIndianThe bestBoy
RishithaIndianThe bestGirl
SamanviIndianOne who poses all best qualitiesGirl
SandhyaIndianTwilight; Evening; Dusk; PerfectionGirl
SandhyaIndianDusk; PerfectionGirl
SandhyaIndianEvening; Dusk; PerfectionGirl
SanguptIndianPerfectly hiddenBoy
SanjithIndianPerfectly victoriousBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva all bestowingBoy
SarvadIndianLord Shiva; All bestowingBoy
SarvasiddhantaIndianBestower of skills and wisdomBoy
SarvinIndianBest Archer; God of LoveBoy
SarvinSanskritBest Archer; God of LoveBoy
SarvothamIndianThe bestBoy
SatyendraIndianBest among truthful; Lord of truthBoy
SatyendraIndianBest among truthfulBoy
SaukhyadaIndianBestower of well beingGirl
SenmalIndianThe BestBoy
ShardulIndianTiger; BestBoy
ShardulIndianThe bestBoy
ShilpaIndianPerfectly created; StoneGirl
ShilpaIndianStone; Perfectly createdGirl
ShilpaIndianPerfectly createdGirl
ShrayaIndianShresth; BestGirl
ShreshtaIndianBest; Lord VishnuBoy
ShreshtaIndianThe BestBoy
ShrestaIndianForemost; Best; FirstGirl
ShresthiIndianPerfect; Best of allGirl
ShresthiIndianBest of allGirl
ShresthiIndianBest of allUnisex
ShresthiSanskritPerfect; Best of allGirl
ShreyasIndianSuperior; BestBoy
ShreyasIndianThe bestBoy
SiddhidhataIndianBestower of success and accomplishmentsBoy
SiddhipriyaIndianBestower of wishes and boonsBoy
SiddhivinayakaIndianBestower of successBoy
SiddhivinayakaIndianBestower of success and accomplishmentsBoy
SiddhrajIndianLord of perfectionBoy
SidhiIndianPerfection; Completion; Wife of lord GaneshGirl
SreyaIndianBest; Beautiful; ExcellentGirl
UpamaIndianComparison; The bestGirl
UpmaIndianThe bestGirl
VaradaIndianBestower; Daughter; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VaradavinayakaIndianBestower of success and accomplishmentsBoy
VaradavinayakaIndianBestower of successBoy
VaraganapatiIndianBestower of boonsBoy
VasupradaIndianBestower of wealthGirl
YashaskaramIndianBestower of fame and fortuneBoy