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 Sibling names for ચૈતન્ય

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Sibling names for 'ચૈતન્ય' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AayaushiIndianLong lifeGirl
AayuIndianSpan of lifeBoy
AayushIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushiIndianOne with long lifeGirl
AayushmaanIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianWith long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianOne with long lifeBoy
AayushmanIndianLong LifeBoy
AbhigyaanIndianSource of knowledgeBoy
AgamyaIndianKnowledge; WisdomGirl
AgyeyaIndianBeyond comprehension; Beyond knowledgeBoy
AhdIndianPledge; knowledge IslamicBoy
AhdIndianPledge; KnowledgeGirl
AhilanIndianKnowledgeable; CommandingBoy
AnantachidrupamayamIndianInfinite and consciousness personifiedBoy
AnantachidrupamayamIndianInfinite and consciousness; PersonifiedBoy
AparaIndianMaterialistic KnowledgeGirl
AparaaIndianMaterialistic knowledgeGirl
ArionaIndianBringer of lifeGirl
AyushIndianAge; Duration of life; Long livedBoy
AyushiIndianLong lifeGirl
AyushiIndianAge; Duration of life; Long livedGirl
AyushmanIndianBlessed with long lifeBoy
AyushmatiIndianBlessed with long lifeGirl
AyushmatiIndianOne who has a long lifeGirl
BaharIndianSpring; Prime of life; Bloom; YouthGirl
BhamhanandIndianHappiness for knowledgeBoy
BharathiIndianGoddess of knowledge and education; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
BharathiIndianGoddess of knowledge and educationGirl
BharatiIndianGoddess of knowledge and education; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
BramhanandIndianHappiness for knowledgeBoy
BuddhividhataIndianLord of knowledgeBoy
BuddhividhataIndianGod of knowledgeBoy
ChaitanIndianPerceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent IntelligenceBoy
ChatenIndianPerceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent IntelligenceBoy
ChetanIndianPerceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent IntelligenceBoy
ChetanIndianLife; Perceptive; ConsciousnessBoy
ChetanaIndianPerceptive; ConsciousnessGirl
ChetanaIndianPerceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent IntelligenceGirl
ChetanaIndianLife; Perceptive; ConsciousnessGirl
ChetanaIndianSensation; ConsciousnessGirl
ChetnaIndianLife; Perceptive; ConsciousnessGirl
ChinmayIndianSupreme consciousness; Name of lord GaneshBoy
ChinmayIndianFull of knowledgeBoy
ChinmayIndianFull of knowledge; Supreme consciousnessBoy
ChinmayanandIndianHappy; Blissful; Supreme consciousnessBoy
ChinmayanandaIndianHappy; Blissful; Supreme consciousnessBoy
ChinmayanandaIndianBlissful; Supreme consciousnessBoy
ChinmayiIndianHappy; Blissful; Supreme consciousnessGirl
ChinmayuIndianHappy; Blissful; Supreme consciousnessBoy
ChinmayuIndianSupreme consciousnessBoy
ChunmayIndianSupreme consciousnessBoy
DevagyaIndianKnowledge of GodBoy
DevagyaIndianOne with knowledge of godBoy
DevagyaIndianWith knowledge of godBoy
DnyandeepIndianLamp of knowledgeBoy
GouthamiIndianFull of life; Name of a riverGirl
GowshikIndianPerfect; Freedom; Happiness life of journeyBoy
GyandeepIndianLamp of knowledgeBoy
GyandeepIndianLamp of knowledgeUnisex
GyandeepIndianLight of knowledgeUnisex
GyandevIndianLord of knowledgeBoy
GyaneshwarIndianLord of knowledgeBoy
HarjeevanIndianOne who lives a god oriented life; Holy manBoy
HarjeevanIndianOne who lives a god oriented lifeBoy
HarjeevanIndianOne who lives a god dedicated lifeBoy
Jag JeevanIndianLife of the worldBoy
JagadayuIndianLife spring of the universeBoy
JagajeevanIndianLife of the worldBoy
JagajeevanIndianLife of world; Worldly lifeBoy
JagjeevanIndianWorldly lifeBoy
JaivalIndianLife givingBoy
JansiIndianLife LikeGirl
JanuIndianSoul; Life forceBoy
JeemutbahanIndianFull of lifeBoy
JeevalIndianFull of lifeGirl
JeevanIndianLife giving; Full of lifeBoy
JeevankalaIndianArt of lifeGirl
JeevanlataIndianCreeper of lifeGirl
JeevanprakashIndianLight of lifeBoy
JeevaraajIndianLord of lifeBoy
JeevarajIndianLord of lifeBoy
JilpaIndianLife givingGirl
JinendraIndianLord of lifeBoy
JinendraIndianLord of life; Lord of victoryBoy
JivajIndianFull of lifeBoy
JivikaIndianSource of lifeGirl
JivinIndianGive lifeBoy
JivinIndianTo give lifeBoy
JivrajIndianLord of lifeBoy
JnyandeepIndianLight of knowledgeBoy
JyotindraIndianLord of lifeBoy
KannakiIndianDevoted and virtuous lifeGirl
KenishaIndianA beautiful lifeGirl
KenishaIndianBeautiful lifeGirl
KhushwantIndianA life filled with happinessBoy
LakshmanapranadataIndianReviver of Lakshmana's LifeBoy
MadhavaIndianKnowledge filled god; Lord KrishnaBoy
MadhavaIndianKnowledge filled godBoy
MuktiIndianLiberation; Freedom from life and deathGirl
MuktiIndianFreedom from life and deathGirl
NibodhIndianKnowledge; WisdomBoy
OhaIndianMeditation; True knowledgeBoy
OmaIndianLife giverGirl
OmarIndianElevated; An Era; Life; Long livingBoy
PrabodhIndianConsciousness; Sound adviceBoy
PrabodhIndianSound advice; Waking; Vigilance; ConsciousnessBoy
PrabuddhaIndianAwakened; KnowledgeableBoy
PradnayaIndianWisdom; Buddhi; KnowledgeGirl
PradnyaIndianWisdom; Buddhi; KnowledgeGirl
PramaIndianKnowledge of truthGirl
PrameshIndianMaster of accurate knowledgeBoy
PramitIndianEnlightened One; Consciousness; DefiniteBoy
PramitIndianConsciousness; IntelligentBoy
PramitiIndianKnowledge of truthGirl
PramitiIndianKnowledge of truth; WisdomGirl
PramitiIndianWisdom; Knowledge of truthGirl
PranIndianLife; ForceBoy
PranIndianLife; Vital breath; ForceBoy
PraneshIndianLord of lifeBoy
PrannathIndianLord of life; HusbandBoy
PransukhIndianJoy of lifeBoy
RishikaIndianSaintly; One who is knowledgeableGirl
RitaIndianWay of lifeGirl
RitaIndianBrave; Honest; Way of lifeGirl
RitajitIndianConqueror of knowledgeBoy
SachitIndianJoyful; ConsciousnessBoy
SachitIndianWise consciousnessBoy
SachitIndianWise; ConsciousnessBoy
SachitaIndianJoyful; ConsciousnessGirl
SachitaIndianWise; ConsciousnessGirl
SajivIndianFull of life; LivelyBoy
SajivaIndianFull of lifeBoy
SajivaIndianFull of life; LivelyBoy
SambodhIndianComplete knowledgeBoy
SanjeevIndianGiving lifeBoy
SanjeevIndianGiving life; Re-AnimatingBoy
SanjeevIndianLife GivingBoy
SanjivIndianLove; Life; VitalBoy
SanjivIndianLove; LifeBoy
SanjivanIndianImmortality; Making alive; Giving lifeBoy
SaraswatiIndianGoddess of knowledgeGirl
ShrutiIndianLyrics; Musical notes; Knowledge of VedasGirl
ShrutiIndianKnowledge of Vedas; Musical pitchGirl
ShrutiIndianExpert in Vedas; Knowledge of Vedas; Musical pitch; Having knowledge of scripturesGirl
SudhindraIndianLord of knowledgeBoy
SujanIndianWise; Exalted knowledgeBoy
TalibIndianWilling; Divine; Wishes; Seeker of knowledgeBoy
TarikIndianOne who crosses the river of lifeBoy
ThirugnanamIndianWise; Knowledgeable; Attained realizationBoy
TribhuvanIndianOne with knowledge of three worldsBoy
TrilochanIndianHaving three eyes; One of higher knowledgeBoy
VedIndianSacred knowledgeBoy
VedIndianSacred knowledge; Well knownBoy
VedaIndianUnderstanding; Wisdom and knowledgeGirl
VedaIndianKnowledge; WisdomGirl
VedangIndianPart of the sacred knowledgeBoy
VedangaIndianPart of the sacred knowledgeBoy
VedanshiIndianThe part of the sacred knowledgeGirl
VedaprakashIndianLight of knowledgeBoy
VedaprakashIndianLight of the knowledgeBoy
VedbhushanIndianOne adorned with knowledge of VedasBoy
VedbhushanIndianOne adorned with knowledge of the VedasBoy
VedbhushanIndianAdorned with knowledge of VedasBoy
VedikaIndianConsciousness; Altar; Name of a river in IndiaGirl
VedikaIndianAltar; A river in India; ConsciousnessGirl
VedprakashIndianLight of Vedic knowledgeBoy
VedswarupIndianForm of knowledgeBoy
VeekshaIndianVision; KnowledgeGirl
VeeskaIndianVision; KnowledgeGirl
VidhyaIndianWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VidhyadharIndianFull of knowledgeBoy
VidhyadharIndianOne with KnowledgeBoy
VidyaIndianWisdom; Knowledge; Learning; Goddess DurgaGirl
VidyadeviIndianGoddess of knowledgeGirl
VidyadeviIndianGoddess of knowledge; Goddess SaraswatiGirl
VidyadhariIndianPassive of KnowledgeGirl
VidyaranyaIndianForest of knowledgeBoy
VighneshwarIndianLord of supreme knowledgeBoy
VineetIndianUnassuming; KnowledgeableBoy
VineetIndianUnassuming; Knowledgeable; ModestBoy
VineetaIndianUnassuming; Knowledgeable; ModestGirl
VineethIndianUnassuming; Knowledgeable; ModestBoy
VinitaIndianKnowledge; modest; VenusGirl
VinitaIndianRequester; Knowledge; Modest; VenusGirl
VivaanIndianFull of lifeBoy
VivanIndianMoon; Full of lifeBoy
VivanIndianFull of lifeBoy

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