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 Sibling names for શશિકિરણ

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Sibling names for 'શશિકિરણ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AarushiIndianFirst ray of sunGirl
AarushiIndianFirst rays of sunGirl
AkalkaIndianFree from impurity; Moon lightGirl
AkalkaIndianFree from impurity; MoonlightGirl
AmritrashmiIndianMoon LightGirl
AnshumaalaIndianGarland of raysGirl
AnshumalaIndianGarland of raysGirl
AnshumitaIndianRay of sunGirl
AnwarIndianRays of light; Light; Glow; Devoted to lordGirl
AradhanaIndianPrayer; WorshipGirl
AradhanaIndianWorship; Prayer; Pooja; Devoted EffortGirl
ArchiniIndianRay of lightGirl
ArchishaIndianRay of lightGirl
ArchishaIndianA Ray of lightGirl
ArkaIndianSun; Flash of lightning; RayGirl
ArkaIndianFlash of lightning; RayGirl
ArtiIndianPrayer; CeremonyGirl
ArtiIndianPrayer ceremonyGirl
ArushiIndianDawn; Red sky in the early morning; First ray of SunGirl
ArushiIndianDawn; Red sky in the early morning; First rays of the sunGirl
AshakiranIndianRay of hopeGirl
BhaktiIndianDevotion; PrayerGirl
BhanusriIndianRays of LaxmideviGirl
BhanusriIndianRays of goddess LaxmiGirl
ChaandvikaIndianBeautiful moonGirl
ChairavaliIndianFull moon of Chaitra monthGirl
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moonGirl
ChakoriIndianA bird enamored of the moon; AlertGirl
ChandaIndianMoon; Cool like the moon; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandaIndianCool like the moon; Goddess LakshmiGirl
ChandaniIndianA River; Moon lightGirl
ChandaniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandaniIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandiniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandiniIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandniIndianMoon light; A riverGirl
ChandniIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandraIndianMoon; Hindu goddess of moon and starsGirl
ChandraaneeIndianWife of the moon godGirl
ChandrabhaIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandrabinduIndianCrescent moonGirl
ChandrajaIndianDaughter of the moonGirl
ChandrajaIndianDaughter of moonGirl
ChandrajyotiIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandrakalaIndianMoon beamGirl
ChandrakaliIndian1/16th of the moonGirl
ChandrakaliIndian1/16 th of the moonGirl
ChandrakaliIndianOf the moonGirl
ChandrakantaIndianWife of the moon (Night)Girl
ChandrakantiIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandralekhaIndianRay of the moonGirl
ChandralekhaIndianRay of moonGirl
ChandralekshaIndianRay of the moonGirl
ChandralekshaIndianA ray of the moonGirl
ChandralekshaIndianRay of moonGirl
ChandramaniIndianMoonstone; JewelGirl
ChandramathiIndianAs beautiful as the moonGirl
ChandramathiIndianAs beautiful as moonGirl
ChandramukhiIndianAs beautiful as moon; BeautifulGirl
ChandramukhiIndianAs beautiful as moonGirl
ChandramukhiIndianAs beautiful as the moonGirl
ChandraniIndianWife of moonGirl
ChandraniIndianWife of the moonGirl
ChandraprabhaIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandraprabhaIndianStar; Moon lightGirl
ChandrarupaIndianMoon Faced; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandrarupaIndianMoon Faced; Goddess LakshmiGirl
ChandrasahodariIndianSister of the moon; Goddess LakshmiGirl
ChandrasahodariIndianSister of the moon; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandraswaroopaIndianLike MoonGirl
ChandrataraIndianMoon and stars conjoinedGirl
ChandrataraIndianThe moon and the stars conjoinedGirl
ChandrataraIndianMoon and the stars conjoinedGirl
ChandravadanaIndianMoon Faced; Goddess LakshmiGirl
ChandravadanaIndianMoon Faced; Goddess LaxmiGirl
ChandravathiIndianLight of moonGirl
ChandravathiIndianLit by the moonGirl
ChandravispardimukhaIndianBeautiful like the moonGirl
ChandrikaIndianMoon lightGirl
ChandrikaIndianMoon; Moon lightGirl
ChandrimaIndianThe MoonGirl
DeetyaIndianAnswer of prayers; Goddess LaxmiGirl
DeetyaIndianAnswer of prayers; Goddess LakshmiGirl
DeetyaIndianAnswer of prayersGirl
DeetyaIndianAnswer for prayersGirl
InduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
IndujaIndianMoon's daughterGirl
IndujaIndianMoon's daughter; Narmada riverGirl
IndukalaIndianDigit of the moonGirl
IndukantaIndianWife of moon (Night)Girl
IndulalaIndianMoon lightGirl
IndulekhaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
IndulekshIndianThe MoonGirl
IndumatiIndianFull moonGirl
IndumauliIndianMoon crestedGirl
IndumukhiIndianMoon like faceGirl
IndumukhiIndianOne with a moon like faceGirl
IndumukhiIndianWith moonlike faceGirl
InduprabhaIndianMoon raysGirl
IndusheetalaIndianCool like the moonGirl
IylaIndianMoon lightGirl
JyotsanaIndianMoon light; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsanaIndianRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon lightGirl
JyotsnaIndianMoon lightGirl
JyotsnaIndianMoon light; Goddess DurgaGirl
JyotsnaIndianRadiant like flames; Goddess Durga; Moon lightGirl
KadambiniIndianArray of cloudsGirl
KadambiniIndianAn array of cloudsGirl
KadhiroliIndianIntelligent; Brilliant like a ray of sunlightGirl
KairaviIndianMoon lightGirl
KalaIndianArt; Phases of moonGirl
KalanidhiIndianTreasure of art; Moon; Lord ShivaGirl
KaumudiIndianFull moon; Moon lightGirl
KaumudiIndianMoon lightGirl
KaumudiIndianFull moonGirl
KiranmayiIndianFull of raysGirl
KumudiniIndianWhite Lotus; Moon LightGirl
MadhuchandaIndianMetrical composition; Honey moonGirl
MadhumathiIndianDelightful moonGirl
MadhumathiIndianDelight moonGirl
MahikaIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MahinIndianEarth; Greatest; Related to the moonGirl
MakaliIndianThe moonGirl
MaltiIndianMoon lightGirl
MaltiIndianMoonlight; Small fragrant flowerGirl
MaltiIndianSmall fragrant flower; MoonlightGirl
MannatIndianSpecial prayerGirl
MarichikaIndianMirage; RayGirl
MeghamalaIndianArray of cloudsGirl
NilaIndianEnchanting moonGirl
NilavoliIndianRay of light from the moonGirl
NiraimadhiIndianFull moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; Night of full moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full moonGirl
ParvaniIndianFull moon; Festival; Special dayGirl
ParvaniIndianFull Moon; A Festival; A Special dayGirl
ParvaniIndianFull moon; A festival; Special dayGirl
PoojaIndianWorship; Prayer; DevotionGirl
PoonamIndianFull moonGirl
PoornimaIndianFull Moon; The night of the full moonGirl
PoornimaIndianFull moonGirl
PreshtiIndianRay of lightGirl
PujaIndianIdol worship; Prayer; worshipGirl
PunamIndianFull moonGirl
PunomIndianFull moonGirl
PurnimaIndianFull Moon; The night of the full moonGirl
PurnimaIndianFull moonGirl
RaakaIndianFull MoonGirl
RakaIndianFull moonGirl
RashmiIndianRay of lightGirl
RashmiIndianA ray of light; Sun raysGirl
RashmiIndianRay of light; Sun RaysGirl
RashmikaIndianRay of light; Sun RaysGirl
RashmikaIndianRay of lightGirl
RasnaIndianRay; TongueGirl
RasnaIndianTongue; RayGirl
RishimaIndianMoon beamGirl
RohiniIndianStar; Lord Chandra (Moon)Girl
RohiniIndianStar; MoonGirl
SalenaIndianThe moonGirl
SanaIndianBrilliance; Majestic; Praise; PrayerGirl
SarasaIndianMoon; SwanGirl
SaryuIndianRiver SharayuGirl
SaumyiIndianMoon lightGirl
ShashaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
ShashiIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
ShashibalaIndianMoon lady; Moon like faceGirl
ShashibalaIndianThe moonGirl
ShashikalaIndianMoon Light; Brightness of Moon; Phases of moonGirl
ShashikalaIndianPhases of moonGirl
ShashiniIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
ShashiprabhaIndianMoon lightGirl
ShashirekhaIndianMoon raysGirl
ShashirekhaIndianMoon's rayGirl
ShlokIndianHymn; PrayerGirl
SohaliaIndianMoon glowGirl
SohaliaIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightGirl
SomaIndianMoon raysGirl
SomalakshmiIndianLuster of moonGirl
SomalakshmiIndianLuster of the moonGirl
SomanshIndianHalf moonGirl
SomatraIndianExcelling the moonGirl
SonaIndianGold; Moon lightGirl
SouraviIndianSun rayGirl
SouraviIndianSun raysGirl
SuhailaIndianMoon glowGirl
SuhailaIndianMoon glow; Moon shineGirl
SuhailaIndianMoon glow; MoonshineGirl
SuhailaIndianMoon shineGirl
SuhailaIndianMoon glow; Star; Moon lightGirl
SurekhaIndianBeautifully drawn; PrayerGirl
SurekhaIndianPrayer; Beautifully drawnGirl
SuryakantiIndianSuns raysGirl
SuryakantiIndianSun raysGirl
SuvarnarekhaIndianRay of goldGirl
UpadhritiIndianA rayGirl
UshakiranIndianRays of Morning SunGirl
VaraliIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Girl
VarnikaIndianPurity of gold; MoonGirl
VennelaIndianMoon lightGirl
VinantiIndianPrayer; RequestGirl
VipraIndianMoon; PriestGirl
VipraIndianLord Chandra (Moon); PriestGirl

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