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 Sibling names for ஓஂத்ரிலா

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Sibling names for 'ஓஂத்ரிலா' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for VishnuBoy
AbhayapradaIndianBestower of safety; Another name for lord VishnuBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Another name for Agni as the eldest son of BrahmaBoy
AbhinathaIndianLord of desires; Another name for KamaBoy
AbhisumatIndianRadiant; Another name of sunBoy
AbjayoniIndianBorn of the lotus; Another name for BrahmaBoy
AcalesvaraIndianGod of the Immovable; Another name for lord ShivaBoy
AcaryaIndianTeacher; Another name for Drona; Asvaghosa and KrpaBoy
AcaryaIndianTeacher; Another name for DronaBoy
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryanandanaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryasutaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryasutaIndianSon of teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcaryatanayaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AsvatthamanBoy
AchalesvaraIndianGod of the immovable; Another name for lord ShivaBoy
AcharyanandanaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AcharyasutaIndianSon of the teacher; Another name for AswatthamaBoy
AditeyaIndianAnother name for SunBoy
AditeyaIndianAnother name for the sun; Son of 'Aditi'Boy
AditeyaIndianAnother name for the SunBoy
AghaIndianAnother name for god; Pre EminentBoy
AmareshIndianName of IndraBoy
AmareshIndianLord IndraBoy
AmareshIndianName of lord IndraBoy
AmreshIndianLord IndraBoy
AmrishIndianLord IndraBoy
AmukIndianSome; One or anotherBoy
ArjunIndianPeacock; Son of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothersBoy
AvasyuIndianLord IndraBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the Earth; Another name for lord GaneshBoy
DatteyIndianLord IndraBoy
DehabhujIndianAnother name for Lord ShivaBoy
DevendraIndianLord IndraBoy
DevendraIndianLord Indra; King of godsBoy
DevendraIndianKing of gods; Lord IndraBoy
DeveshIndianLord Indra; King of godsBoy
DeveshIndianLord IndraBoy
DeveshIndianGod of gods; Lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods; Name of lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods; Lord IndraBoy
DevrajIndianKing among gods; Name of IndraBoy
FaridIndianUnique; Wide; Pearl; Another name for godBoy
GajendranathIndianOwner of Gajendra; Lord IndraBoy
GhanendraIndianLord of Clouds (Lord Indra )Boy
GhanendraIndianLord of clouds; Lord IndraBoy
HarikanthIndianDear to IndraBoy
HarikanthIndianDear to lord IndraBoy
HarikrishnaIndianAnother name lord KrishnaBoy
IndraarjunIndianBright and brave IndraBoy
IndradattIndianGift of IndraBoy
IndradattIndianGift of lord IndraBoy
IndraduttIndianGift of IndraBoy
IndraduttIndianGift of lord IndraBoy
IndradyumnIndianSplendor of IndraBoy
IndradyumnIndianSplendor of lord IndraBoy
IndrajitIndianVictor over IndraBoy
IndrajitIndianConqueror of lord IndraBoy
IndrajitIndianConqueror of IndraBoy
IndrakantIndianLord IndraBoy
IndrakantaIndianLord IndraBoy
IndrarjunIndianBright and brave lord IndraBoy
IndrarjunIndianBright and brave IndraBoy
IndrasutaIndianSon of lord IndraBoy
IndrasutaIndianSon of IndraBoy
IndratanIndianAs strong as IndraBoy
IndratanIndianStrong as lord IndraBoy
IndratanIndianAs strong as lord IndraBoy
IndravadanIndianLord Indra's nameBoy
IndravadanIndianLord IndraBoy
IshirIndianAnother name for AgniBoy
JeetandraIndianOne who can conquer Indra; Lord of conquerorBoy
JitenderIndianOne who can conquer IndraBoy
JitenderIndianLord of conquerors; One who can conquer IndraBoy
JitenderIndianOne who can conquer Indra; Lord of conquerorBoy
JitendraIndianOne who can conquer IndraBoy
JitendraIndianLord of conquerors; One who can conquer IndraBoy
JitendraIndianOne who can conquer Indra; Lord of conquerorBoy
KanjiIndianAnother name of lord KrishnaBoy
KapilashwaIndianOne With A White Horse (Lord Indra)Boy
KireetiIndianAnother name for ArjunBoy
LaliteshIndianLord of beauty; Husband of a beautiful wifeBoy
LokeshIndianKing of world; Lord Brahma; Lord IndraBoy
MaadhavIndianAnother name of lord KrishnaBoy
MadhavIndianAnother name of lord Krishna; Sweet like honeyBoy
MahadevIndianAnother name of lord ShivaBoy
MahendraIndianLord Indra; Lord of the skyBoy
MalayIndianMountain; A garden of IndraBoy
ManikandanIndianAnother name for lord AyyappaBoy
MeghrajIndianKing of clouds; Lord IndraBoy
MohinderIndianThe great God Indra; God of the skyBoy
MuraareeIndianAnother name of lord KrishnaBoy
PaarthIndianAnother name of Arjun; King; StudentBoy
PalaniappanIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
PalanikumarIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
PalanimuruganIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
PalanisamiIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
PalanivelIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
ParinIndianAnother name for lord GaneshaBoy
PurandarIndianLord IndraBoy
PurandarIndianLord Indra; Lord VishnuBoy
RaghavendraIndianAnother name for lord RamaBoy
RajendraIndianKing of Gods; Lord IndraBoy
RishvanjasIndianLord IndraBoy
SachinIndianLord IndraBoy
SachishIndianLord IndraBoy
SamajIndianLord Indra; MultitudeBoy
SamajIndianLord Indra multitudeBoy
SamajIndianLord IndraBoy
SarvanavelIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
SatamanyuIndianLord IndraBoy
SatpatiIndianLord IndraBoy
SatrijitIndianFather of Satyabhama; Wife of lord KrishnaBoy
Savya-SachiIndianAnother name of ArjunBoy
Savya-SachiIndianAnother name of ArjunaBoy
ShachinIndianLord IndraBoy
Shat-ManyuIndianAnother name of lord IndraBoy
Shat-ManyuIndianLord IndraBoy
ShataneekIndianAnother name of lord GaneshBoy
ShataneekIndianAnother name for lord GaneshaBoy
ShatmanyuIndianAnother name of lord IndraBoy
ShivendraIndianLord Shiva; Lord IndraBoy
ShreerangIndianAnother name of lord VishnuBoy
ShunaIndianLord IndraBoy
ShvetavahIndianLord IndraBoy
SomendraIndianMoon; Lord IndraBoy
SomuIndianMoon; Lord IndraBoy
SunashiIndianLord IndraBoy
SunasiIndianLord IndraBoy
SuneetIndianLord IndraBoy
SuradhishIndianLord IndraBoy
SuradipIndianLord IndraBoy
SurdeepIndianLord IndraBoy
SurdeepIndianLord Indra; Lamp of musicBoy
SurenIndianLord IndraBoy
SurendraIndianLord IndraBoy
SureshIndianLord IndraBoy
SureshIndianThe ruler of the gods; Lord Indra; SunBoy
SureshIndianLord Shiva; Lord IndraBoy
SureshIndianLord Shiva; Lord Indra; SunBoy
SurnathIndianLord Indra; Lord of SurasBoy
SvarajIndianLord Indra; FreedomBoy
SvarajIndianLord IndraBoy
TuvidyumnaIndianLord IndraBoy
TuvijatIndianLord IndraBoy
UlmukIndianLord IndraBoy
UpendraIndianBrother of lord IndraBoy
UpendraIndianBrother of lord Indra; Lord Vishnu; An ElementBoy
VajendraIndianLord IndraBoy
VajradharIndianLord IndraBoy
VajrajitIndianLord IndraBoy
VajrapaniIndianLord IndraBoy
VajrinIndianLord IndraBoy
VaradarajIndianAnother name of lord VishnuBoy
VasavIndianAn Epithet of IndraBoy
VasavIndianAn epithet of lord IndraBoy
VasavIndianLord IndraBoy
VasavaIndianLord IndraBoy
VasavajIndianSon of IndraBoy
VasaviIndianSon of IndraBoy
VelanIndianAnother name for lord MuruganBoy
ViditIndianLord IndraBoy
VidojasIndianLord IndraBoy
VighnarajaIndianLord of all hindrancesBoy
VijayantIndianVictor; Lord IndraBoy
VijayantIndianLord IndraBoy
VijayantIndianVictorious; Lord IndraBoy
VimridhIndianLord IndraBoy
VirikvasIndianLord IndraBoy
YamajithIndianAnother name for lord ShivaBoy
YatindraIndianLord IndraBoy

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