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 Sibling names for ಚೈರಾವಲೀ

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Sibling names for 'ಚೈರಾವಲೀ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadhiraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
AadhiraIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
AanandswarupIndianFull of Joy; Blissful; Always Happy; CheerfulBoy
AanandswarupIndianFull of JoyBoy
AbhicandraIndianOne with a moon like faceBoy
AbhicandraIndianMoon like face; One of the seven Manus of the Svetambara Jain sectionBoy
AbhicandraIndianWith a moon like face; One of the seven manus of the Svetambara jain sectBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Eldest son of lord BrahmaBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Another name for Agni as the eldest son of BrahmaBoy
AgharnaIndianThe MoonBoy
AmalenduIndianThe unblemished moonBoy
AmalenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
AmalenduIndianPure like the moonBoy
AmalenduIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
AmalenduIndianUnblemished moonBoy
AmarisIndianChild of the moonBoy
AmritambuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
AmritambuIndianLord Chandra; MoonBoy
Anand SwarupIndianFull of Joy; BlissfulBoy
ArdhenduIndianHalf MoonBoy
ArvanIndianOne of the moon's horsesBoy
AshwinIndianStar; A Hindu calendar monthBoy
AshwinIndianA Hindu calendar monthBoy
AshwinIndianA Hindu monthBoy
AsvinIndianA Hindu monthBoy
AsvinIndianA Hindu calendar monthBoy
BalachandraIndianYoung moonBoy
BalachandraIndianYoung Moon; Crescent moonBoy
BalachandravIndianCrescent moonBoy
BalbirIndianStrong; Full of strengthBoy
BalenduIndianYoung moonBoy
BalwantIndianFull of mightBoy
BankimchandraIndianCrescent moonBoy
BhaasvanIndianLustrous; Full of brightnessBoy
BhagwantIndianOne whose heart is full of loving devotionBoy
BhalchandraIndianMoon crested lordBoy
BhasvanIndianLustrous; Full of brightness; BrightBoy
BijoyIndianFull of JoyBoy
ChaaruchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and lord KrishnaBoy
ChakorIndianA bird enamored of the moonBoy
ChandakIndianThe moonBoy
ChandraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandraabhaaIndianLuster of moon lightBoy
ChandraananIndianThe moonBoy
ChandrabhaIndianLustier of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhaIndianLusture of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhaIndianLuster of moon lightBoy
ChandrabhanIndianMoon; Lustrous as moonBoy
ChandrabhanIndianThe moonBoy
ChandrabhavIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandradattIndianGift From The MoonBoy
ChandradevIndianMoon God; A KingBoy
ChandradharIndianOne Who Wears Moon Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrahaasIndianSmiling like a moonBoy
ChandrakantIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrakantIndianBeloved by the moonBoy
ChandrakantaIndianThe moonBoy
ChandraketuIndianMoon bannerBoy
ChandrakiranIndianMoon beamBoy
ChandrakirthiIndianAs beautiful as moonBoy
ChandrakirthiIndianAs famous as moonBoy
ChandrakirthiIndianAs famous as the moonBoy
ChandrakishorIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrakumarIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrakumarIndianThe moonBoy
ChandramIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandramohanIndianAttractive like a moonBoy
ChandramohanIndianAttractive like moonBoy
ChandramohanIndianAttractive like the moonBoy
ChandramohanIndianAs beautiful as the moonBoy
ChandranIndianThe moonBoy
ChandranIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrananIndianMoon like faceBoy
ChandranathIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandranathIndianThe moonBoy
ChandranshuIndianMoon Ray; Lord VishnuBoy
ChandraprakaashIndianMoon lightBoy
ChandrarajIndianMoon beamBoy
ChandrarajIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (lord Shiva)Boy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knotBoy
ChandrashekharIndianOne who holds moon in his hair knot (Shiva)Boy
ChandrathaIndianNectar of the moonBoy
ChandravadanIndianMoon like faceBoy
ChandrayanIndianThe moonBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of moon; Lord ShivaBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of the moonBoy
ChandreshIndianLord of moonBoy
ChandreshIndianLord Shiva; MoonBoy
ChandrikaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrimaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
ChandrodayaIndianMoon riseBoy
CharuchandraIndianBeautiful moonBoy
CharuchandraIndianBeautiful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri KrishnaBoy
ChinmayIndianFull of knowledgeBoy
ChinmayIndianFull of knowledge; Supreme consciousnessBoy
ChitreshIndianMoon; Wonderful lordBoy
DayaamayIndianFull of mercy; KindBoy
DayamayIndianFull of mercyBoy
DeependuIndianBright moonBoy
DeeptenduIndianBright moonBoy
DeeptenduIndianBright Moon; Shining MoonBoy
DevachandraIndianMoon among the godsBoy
DevachandraIndianMoon; Among the godsBoy
DharmachandraIndianMoon of dharmaBoy
DhavalachandraIndianWhite moonBoy
DipenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DiptenduIndianBright MoonBoy
DivyenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DivyenduIndianBright moonBoy
DivyenduIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Bright moonBoy
DivyeshIndianFull of divinityBoy
DivyeshIndianSun; Full of divinityBoy
DurijeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DvigeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
DwijarajIndianKing of Brahmins; MoonBoy
DwijarajIndianKing of Brahmins; The moonBoy
DwijendraIndianKing of Brahmins; The moonBoy
DwijendraIndianKing of Brahmins; MoonBoy
EkachandraIndianThe only moonBoy
EkachandraIndianOnly moonBoy
GirichandraIndianMoon detectorBoy
HardikIndianFull of love; HeartfeltBoy
HardikIndianFull of love; Heart feltBoy
HarmendraIndianThe MoonBoy
HarmendraIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
HarshamanIndianFull of JoyBoy
HasitIndianHappy; Full of laughterBoy
HasmukhIndianFull of cheerBoy
HemachandraIndianGolden moonBoy
HemchanderIndianGolden moonBoy
HemenduIndianGolden moonBoy
HimanshuIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
HimanshuIndianThe MoonBoy
HridyanshuIndianLight from heart; MoonBoy
IlancheliyanIndianFull of youthful potentialBoy
InduIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
IndubhushanIndianThe MoonBoy
IndubhushanIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
InduhasanIndianLike a moonBoy
IndukantIndianLike a moonBoy
IndukantaIndianLike a moonBoy
IndulalIndianMoon's lusterBoy
IndulekhaIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
IndumatIndianRespected by moonBoy
IndushekharIndianLike a moonBoy
IndushekharIndianLike a moon; Lord ShivaBoy
IshayuIndianFull of strengthBoy
JagachandraIndianMoon of the universeBoy
JagachandraIndianMoon of universeBoy
JaichandIndianVictory of the moonBoy
JalenduIndianMoon in the waterBoy
JayachandIndianVictory Moon; Ancient king of KannaujBoy
JayachandranIndianVictory of moonBoy
JayachandranIndianJaya means victory and Chandran means moonBoy
JayachandranIndianJaya means victory and Chandran means moonBoy
JeemutbahanIndianFull of lifeBoy
JeevanIndianLife giving; Full of lifeBoy
JivajIndianFull of lifeBoy
JyotichandraIndianSplendor; MoonlightBoy
KaladharIndianOne who shows different phases; MoonBoy
KalanathkrishnaIndianMoon of lord KrishnaBoy
KalapIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
KarhikIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarhikIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of deva army; Kartik is a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarthikaIndianSon of Lord Shiva and leader of Deva army; A Hindu monthBoy
KartikIndianName of a Hindu monthBoy
KartikIndianName of one of the MonthsBoy
KartikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KartikIndianName of a month in Hindu calendarBoy
KartikIndianA Hindu monthBoy
KartikeyaIndianSon of lord Shiva and leader of Diva army; Kartik is also a Hindu monthBoy
KarunamayIndianFull of lightBoy
KarunamayaIndianFull of compassionBoy
KhushwantIndianOne full of happinessBoy
KiranmayIndianFull of lightBoy
KripanidhiIndianOne with heart full of mercyBoy
KshirajIndianMoon; Lotus; Conch shell; NectarBoy
KumudeshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
LalchandIndianRed MoonBoy
LalchandraIndianRed MoonBoy
LalitchandraIndianBeautiful moonBoy
MaaghIndianName of a Hindu monthBoy
MaghIndianName of a Hindu monthBoy
MahtabIndianLight of moonBoy
MayankIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
MrigajIndianSon of moonBoy
MrigajIndianSon of the moonBoy
MrigankmouliIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MrigankshekharIndianOne with moon in his hair; Lord ShivaBoy
MudilIndianMoon shineBoy
NabenduIndianNew moonBoy
NabhenduIndianNew moonBoy
NavenduIndianThe Moon a night after amavasyaBoy
NavenduIndianThe moon night after amavasyaBoy
NavenduIndianMoon a night after amavasyaBoy
NavinchandraIndianMoon a night after amavasyaBoy
NeelabhIndianObject in the sky (cloud; moon)Boy
NeeleshIndianLord Chandra (Moon)Boy
NeeleshIndianLord Krishna; MoonBoy
NeeleshIndianLord Chandra (Moon); Lord Krishna; Blue godBoy

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