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 Sibling names for ತಾರಿಕಾ

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Sibling names for 'ತಾರಿಕಾ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AbhaidevIndianFree of fearBoy
AbhayIndianFearless; Son of DharmaBoy
AbhayanandaIndianDelighting in fearlessBoy
AbhibhavaIndianOver powering; Powerful; VictoriousBoy
AbhibhavaIndianOverpowering; Powerful; VictoriousBoy
AbhirajIndianFearless kingBoy
AbjitIndianConquering WaterBoy
AlopIndianThat which does not disappearBoy
AlopIndianWhich does not disappearBoy
AlopIndianOne who does not disappearBoy
AmlankusumIndianUnfading flowerBoy
AmoghIndianLord Ganesh; UnerringBoy
AmohaIndianClear; StraightBoy
AngamuthuIndianMade of pearlsBoy
ArghyaIndianOffering to the lordBoy
ArghyaIndianValuable; Offering to the lordBoy
ArijitIndianConquering Enemies; Son of Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArijitIndianConquering enemies; Son of lord Krishna and SubhadraBoy
ArjavIndianStraight forward person by heart; Speech and actBoy
ArjavIndianStraightforward person by heart; Speech and actBoy
AshitIndianLord of the Rings (Saturn)Boy
AshitIndianLord of the rings - SaturnBoy
AshitIndianLord of the rings; SaturnBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of the earthBoy
AvanindraIndianKing of earthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of earthBoy
AvanishIndianGod of the EarthBoy
AvanishIndianLord of the earthBoy
AvishIndianEarth; RiverBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the earth; Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianLord of earth; Lord GaneshBoy
AvneeshIndianGod of the Earth; Another name for lord GaneshBoy
AvyuktIndianCrystal clear; Lord Krishna; Clear mindBoy
AvyuktaIndianCrystal clearBoy
AvyuktaIndianCrystal clear; Lord Krishna; Clear mindBoy
AyaanIndianOne who witnesses; AppearBoy
AyaazIndianRespected and enduringBoy
BakhtawarIndianOne who brings good luckBoy
BasantIndianSeason of springBoy
BasantIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BasantIndianSpring seasonBoy
BasantaIndianSpring season; Yellow ColoredBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earthBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient kingBoy
BhagwantIndianOne whose heart is full of loving devotionBoy
BhaumikIndianAttached to the earthBoy
BhaumikIndianAttached to the earth; EarthlyBoy
BhaumikIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoolokanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopatIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhoopatiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
BhoopendraIndianKing of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of earthBoy
BhoothanathanIndianRuler of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhudevIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevIndianLord of earthBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earth; Lord ShivaBoy
BhudevaIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of the earthBoy
BhupathiIndianLord of earthBoy
BhupathiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianGod of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; Lord of the earthBoy
BhupatiIndianKing; God of the earthBoy
BhuveshIndianThe king of earthBoy
BindusarIndianExcellent pearl; Son of AshokBoy
BindusarIndianExcellent pearlBoy
BirbalIndianBrave heartBoy
BudhilIndianLearned; Wise; AcademicBoy
BukkaIndianHeart; Loving; SincereBoy
ChampakIndianA FlowerBoy
ChampakIndianFragrant flowerBoy
ChandradharIndianOne Who Wears Moon Lord ShivaBoy
ChellamuthuIndianPrecious pearlBoy
ChidambarIndianOne whose heart is as big as the skyBoy
ChidambarIndianSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
ChidambaramIndianSky like heart; One who has heart as wide as skyBoy
DayaalIndianKind heartedBoy
DayalIndianKind heartedBoy
DevarpanaIndianOfferings to the godsBoy
DharendraIndianKing of the earthBoy
DharendraIndianKing of earthBoy
DilawarIndianBrave; Strong heartedBoy
DulalIndianDear; BelovedBoy
DulalIndianDearest; BelovedBoy
DulalIndianDear oneBoy
DulalIndianDearest one; Loved oneBoy
EdomIndianRed; Red earthBoy
EklavyaIndianStudent who learned bow by watchingBoy
EshaanIndianDesiring and wishingBoy
EshanIndianDesiring and wishingBoy
FaridIndianUnique; Wide; Pearl; Another name for godBoy
FenilIndianName of French FlowerBoy
GajkaranIndianLike ears of elephantBoy
GandhaaIndianFragrant; Sweet scent; Fragrance of flowersBoy
GirikIndianLord Shiva; Heart of the godsBoy
GulshanIndianGarden of flowersBoy
GurmanIndianHeart of guruBoy
GurmanIndianHeart of godBoy
HardikIndianFull of love; HeartfeltBoy
HardikIndianFull of love; Heart feltBoy
HarikanthIndianDear to IndraBoy
HarikanthIndianDear to lord IndraBoy
HarmanIndianEverybody's beloved; In everyone heartBoy
HarshitIndianJoyful; One who brings happinessBoy
HavihIndianOblation; Offerings.Boy
HavihIndianOblation; OfferingsBoy
HemantIndianEarly winterBoy
HemantIndianEarly winter; Most beautiful season of the yearBoy
HemishIndianLord of earthBoy
HemishIndianLord of the earthBoy
HridayanandIndianJoy of heartBoy
HridayanandIndianJoy of the heartBoy
HridayanathIndianLord of heartBoy
HridayanathIndianLord of heart; BelovedBoy
HridayeshIndianKing of heartBoy
HridikIndianLord of heart; BelovedBoy
HridyanshuIndianLight from heart; MoonBoy
HrithikIndianFrom the heartBoy
HrithikIndianHeartily; BelovedBoy
HritikIndianFrom the heartBoy
HritishIndianLord of heartBoy
HrydayeshIndianLord of heartsBoy
HrydayeshIndianLord of heartBoy
IbrahimIndianAbraham; EarthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of earthBoy
IlashpastiIndianLord of the EarthBoy
IleshIndianLord of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of earthBoy
IlisaIndianKing of the earthBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; VishnuBoy
IreshIndianLord of earth; Lord VishnuBoy
JagadayuIndianLife spring of the universeBoy
JapanIndianMuttering prayersBoy
JasmineIndianName of a flower plantBoy
JasmineIndianName of a flowering plantBoy
JasmineIndianFragrant flowerBoy
JayadIndianOne who brings victoryBoy
JigarIndianHeart; PreciousBoy
JigneshIndianCuriosity to research; Intellectual curiosityBoy
JigneshIndianCuriosity to researchBoy
JimitIndianWinner of others heartsBoy
JimitIndianWin others heartsBoy
Jiya RamIndianLord Rama's heartBoy
KamalnayanIndianThe lord with lotus shaped eyesBoy
KanwalIndianDetached and unsoiled like the lotus flowerBoy
KapalinIndianOne who wears a necklace of skullsBoy
KarnabhushanIndianEar Ring; Ear OrnamentBoy
KarunanidhiIndianKind HeartedBoy
KeyurIndianArmlet; FlowerBoy
KinshukIndianFlower; NiceBoy
KinshukIndianA FlowerBoy
KintanIndianWearing a crownBoy
KotijitIndianConquering millionsBoy
KripanidhiIndianOne with heart full of mercyBoy
KshitijIndianLord of earthBoy
KshitijIndianLord of earth; HorizonBoy
KshitijIndianHorizon; Lord of earthBoy
KulbhooshanIndianBrings honor to the familyBoy
KusumakarIndianGarden; Spring SeasonBoy
KusumeshIndianLord of flowersBoy
LaalIndianLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LalIndianLovely; Beloved; Dear one; Red colorBoy
LambakarnaIndianLarge eared LordBoy
MaanIndianMind; Heart; Lecturer; RespectBoy
MadhubanIndianLord Vishnu; Flower GardenBoy
MaharanthIndianPollen inside a flowerBoy
MahijithIndianConqueror of earthBoy
MahijithIndianConqueror of the earthBoy
MahipIndianProtector of the earthBoy
ManasyuIndianWishing; DesiringBoy
MandaarIndianA flowerBoy
MandarIndianFlower; Lord Ganesh; A celestial treeBoy
MandarIndianFlower; Lord GaneshBoy
ManeetIndianOne who wins heartBoy
ManjunathIndianKing of heartBoy
ManmeetIndianConqueror of heartBoy
ManmohanIndianPleasing; One who wins over the heartBoy
ManomayIndianConqueror of heartBoy
ManomayIndianConqueror of ones heartBoy
ManomayIndianWinner of heartsBoy
MehdiIndianA FlowerBoy
MehdiIndianGuided; FlowerBoy
NaagdharIndianOne who wears cobra; Lord ShivaBoy
NadirIndianDear; Rare; Precious; PinnacleBoy
NagdharIndianOne who wears cobraBoy
NagdharIndianOne who wears cobra; Lord ShivaBoy
NakshatraIndianStar; PearlBoy
NaleshIndianKing of flowersBoy
NandanIndianPleasing; Son; One who brings happinessBoy
NarmadIndianBringer of delightBoy
NarmadIndianBringing delightBoy
NavashenIndianOne who brings hopeBoy
NavashenIndianThe one who brings hopeBoy
NirajIndianLotus flowerBoy
NishantIndianEnd of night; Dawn; Peaceful; Early morningBoy
NishantIndianPeaceful; Early morning; DawnBoy
NithilanIndianBrilliant like a pearlBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navelBoy
PadmanabhaIndianThe lord who has a lotus shaped navel; Lord VishnuBoy
PalashIndianFlowering; TreeBoy

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