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 Sibling names for ದಯಾಮಯೀ

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Sibling names for 'ದಯಾಮಯೀ' (Please check and change above options to get desired result)
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AanandiIndianFull of Joy; Blissful; Always Happy; CheerfulGirl
AanandiniiIndianFull of Joy; Blissful; Always Happy; CheerfulGirl
AanandiniiSanskritFull of Joy; BlissfulGirl
AananditaIndianFull of Joy; Blissful; Always Happy; CheerfulGirl
AanandswarupIndianFull of Joy; Blissful; Always Happy; CheerfulBoy
AanandswarupIndianFull of JoyBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Eldest son of lord BrahmaBoy
AbhimaniIndianFull of pride; Another name for Agni as the eldest son of BrahmaBoy
AbhiprithiIndianFull of loveGirl
AcandaIndianSoft temper; Without anger; Gentle; KindBoy
AhsanIndianMercy; Nice; BeautifulBoy
AhsanIndianAn act of kindnessBoy
AkroorIndianKind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friendBoy
AkroorSanskritKind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friendBoy
AmritaIndianFull of nectar; Spiritual holy waterGirl
AmritaIndianFull of nectar; Spiritual holy water; ImmortalityGirl
AnahitaIndianFull of grace; Graceful; ImmaculateGirl
AnahitaIndianFull of graceGirl
Anand SwarupIndianFull of Joy; BlissfulBoy
Anand SwarupSanskritFull of Joy; BlissfulBoy
AnandamayiIndianFull of JoyGirl
AnandamayiIndianFull of Joy; BlissfulGirl
AnandamayiSanskritFull of Joy; BlissfulGirl
AnandmayeeIndianFull of happinessGirl
AnaviIndianKind to peopleGirl
AnbuIndianLove; KindnessBoy
AnbuchelvanIndianKind; King of loveBoy
AnbumadiIndianKind and intelligentBoy
AnumitaIndianLove and kindnessGirl
BakulaIndianA kind of flower; Resembles a crane; BlossomUnisex
BakulaSanskritA kind of flower; Resembles a crane; BlossomBoy
BalbirIndianStrong; Full of strengthBoy
BalwantIndianFull of mightBoy
BhaanumatiIndianFull of luster; FamousGirl
BhaanumatiSanskritFull of Luster; FamousGirl
BhaasvanIndianLustrous; Full of brightnessBoy
BhaasvanSanskritLustrous; Full of brightnessBoy
BhagwantIndianOne whose heart is full of loving devotionBoy
BhanumatiIndianFull of Luster; Famous; River Ganga; Bright; ShiningGirl
BhanumatiSanskritFull of Luster; FamousGirl
BhasvanIndianLustrous; Full of brightness; BrightBoy
BhasvanSanskritLustrous; Full of brightnessBoy
BijoyIndianFull of JoyBoy
BodhanIndianClever; Wise; KindlingBoy
BodhanSanskritClever; Wise; KindlingBoy
ChairavaliIndianFull moon of Chaitra monthGirl
CharismaIndianCharm; Grace; KindnessGirl
ChinmayIndianFull of knowledgeBoy
ChinmayIndianFull of knowledge; Supreme consciousnessBoy
DayaIndianMercy; KindnessGirl
DayaIndianGrace; Kindness; Pity; MercyGirl
DayaalIndianKind heartedBoy
DayaamayIndianFull of mercy; KindBoy
DayaamaySanskritFull of mercy; KindBoy
DayaanidhiIndianKind; One who givesBoy
DayaanidhiSanskritKind; One who givesBoy
DayalIndianKind heartedBoy
DayamayIndianFull of mercyBoy
DayanidhiIndianTreasure house of mercyBoy
DayanidhiIndianTreasure house of mercy; Compassionate lord; KindBoy
DayasagarIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercy; Ocean of compassionateBoy
DayasagarIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercyBoy
DayasagarIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercyBoy
DayasagaraIndianExtremely kind; Sea of mercy; Ocean of compassionateBoy
DeendayalIndianOne Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or PoorBoy
DeepakIndianLamp; KindleBoy
DeepakIndianLamp; Kindle; RadiantBoy
DeepakIndianLamp; KindleBoy
DeepaprabhaIndianFully lighted; Full of lightGirl
DeepaprabhaIndianFully lightedGirl
DeepaprabhaIndianFully lighted; Full of light; Light of lampsGirl
DeeptiIndianFull of lightGirl
DeeptiIndianFlame; Luster; Full of lightGirl
DhyutiIndianFull of splendor; Lord KrishnaGirl
DindayalIndianKindto the poorBoy
DindayalIndianKind to poorBoy
DindayalIndianKind to the poorBoy
DivyambaradharaIndianBeautifully RobedGirl
DivyeshIndianFull of divinityBoy
DivyeshIndianSun; Full of divinityBoy
DyutiIndianFull of splendor; LightGirl
GouthamiIndianFull of life; Name of a riverGirl
GreeshmaIndianKind of seasonGirl
HananIndianMercy; CompassionGirl
HardikIndianFull of love; HeartfeltBoy
HardikIndianFull of love; Heart feltBoy
HarshamanIndianFull of JoyBoy
HarshithaIndianFull of joyGirl
HasiniIndianHappy; Full of laughterGirl
HasitIndianHappy; Full of laughterBoy
HasitaIndianFull of laughterGirl
HasitaIndianHappy; Full of laughterGirl
HasmukhIndianFull of cheerBoy
IlancheliyanIndianFull of youthful potentialBoy
IndumatiIndianFull moonGirl
IravatiIndianFull of water or milk; River RaviGirl
IravatiIndianFull of water or milkGirl
IshayuIndianFull of strengthBoy
JaidayalIndianVictory of kindnessBoy
JalpoornaIndianFull of waterGirl
JeemutbahanIndianFull of lifeBoy
JeevalIndianFull of lifeGirl
JeevanIndianLife giving; Full of lifeBoy
JivajIndianFull of lifeBoy
KamaliIndianFull of desiresGirl
KamaliIndianCollection of Lotus; Full of desiresGirl
KarunaIndianCompassion; Mercy; PityGirl
KarunaIndianCompassion; MercyGirl
KarunaasaagarIndianMerciful; KindBoy
KarunakarIndianMerciful; KindBoy
KarunamayIndianFull of lightBoy
KarunamayaIndianFull of compassionBoy
KarunamayeeIndianFull of pity for othersGirl
KarunanidhiIndianKind HeartedBoy
KarunanidhiSanskritKind HeartedBoy
KaruneshIndianLord of mercyBoy
KaumudiIndianFull moon; Moon lightGirl
KaumudiIndianFull moonGirl
KhushwantIndianOne full of happinessBoy
KiranmayIndianFull of lightBoy
KiranmayiIndianFull of raysGirl
KripaIndianCompassion; MercyGirl
KripaIndianMercy; CompassionGirl
KripanidhiIndianOne with heart full of mercyBoy
KripasagarIndianOcean of mercyBoy
KrunalIndianCompanionate person; Kind to othersBoy
KrunalIndianCompanionate person; KindBoy
KshamaIndianForgiveness; Mercy; FlameGirl
KshamaIndianForgiveness; Mercy; Goddess DurgaGirl
LoveIndianLove; KindnessBoy
MadhumatiIndianFull of honey; River GangaGirl
MadhumatiIndianFull of honeyGirl
MadhumitaIndianFull of honeyGirl
MadhumitaIndianFull of honey; SweetGirl
MayilIndianFull of grace; Like a peacockGirl
MenmoliIndianSpeaks kindlyGirl
NiraimadhiIndianFull moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; Night of full moonGirl
NiranjanaIndianName of a river; Goddess Durga; The night of the full moonGirl
ParvaniIndianFull moon; Festival; Special dayGirl
ParvaniIndianFull Moon; A Festival; A Special dayGirl
ParvaniIndianFull moon; A festival; Special dayGirl
PhoolenduIndianFull moonBoy
PoonamIndianFull moonGirl
PoornachandraIndianFull moonBoy
PoornimaIndianFull Moon; The night of the full moonGirl
PoornimaIndianFull moonGirl
PoornimaSanskritFull Moon; The night of the full moonGirl
PrafullaIndianFull of joyBoy
PrajinIndianKind HeartedBoy
PrajitIndianKind HeartedBoy
PremalIndianFull of loveBoy
PremalIndianFull of love; LovingBoy
PremalaIndianFull of love; LovingGirl
PremilaIndianFull of loveGirl
PremilaIndianFull of love; LovingGirl
PremilaIndianFull of love; Queen of a women's kingdomGirl
PunamIndianFull moonGirl
PunomIndianFull moonGirl
PurnayanIndianOne who has born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
PurnayanIndianOne who was born with full of his mother and fatherBoy
PurnenduIndianFull moonBoy
PurnimaIndianFull Moon; The night of the full moonGirl
PurnimaIndianFull moonGirl
PurnimaSanskritFull Moon; The night of the full moonGirl
QuarrtulainIndianGod's mercyGirl
RaakaIndianFull MoonGirl
RaakaaIndianDay of the full moonBoy
RakaIndianFull moonGirl
RasikIndianConnoisseur; Elegance; Full of feeling; PassionBoy
RidhimaIndianFull of loveGirl
RuteshIndianKind of seasonsBoy
RuteshIndianKind of seasonBoy
SabalIndianFull of strengthBoy
SahojIndianFull of strengthBoy
SahojIndianStrong; Full of strengthGirl
SajivIndianFull of life; LivelyBoy
SajivaIndianFull of lifeBoy
SajivaIndianFull of life; LivelyBoy
SandyIndianDefender of mankindUnisex
SankulIndianFull of; Crowded together; DenseGirl
SankulIndianFull of energyGirl
SankulIndianFull OfGirl
SathishIndianGood king; KindBoy
ShankhIndianConch shell a kind of fluteBoy
SudhamayIndianFull of nectarBoy
SudhamayiIndianFull of nectarGirl
SugitaIndianBeautifully sungGirl
SuhasIndianSmiling beautifullyBoy
SuhasIndianLaughter; Smiling beautifullyUnisex
SuhrudaIndianGood hearted; Kind heartedBoy
SukhwantIndianFull of happiness; PleasantBoy
SulekhIndianBeautifully writtenBoy
SumanaIndianFlower; Kind heartedGirl
SurekhaIndianBeautifully drawnGirl
SurekhaIndianBeautifully drawn; PrayerGirl
SurekhaIndianPrayer; Beautifully drawnGirl
SuvaliIndianFull of graceGirl
TamalikaIndianBelonging to a place full of TamalGirl
TapomayIndianFull of moral virtueBoy
TejuIndianFull of lightGirl
TilakaIndianA kind of necklaceGirl
VibhavariIndianNight with full of starsGirl
VidhyadharIndianFull of knowledgeBoy
VinodIndianPleasant; Happy; Full of joyBoy
VinodIndianHappy; Full of JoyBoy
VinodIndianHappy; Full of Joy; PleasingBoy
VivaanIndianFull of lifeBoy
VivanIndianMoon; Full of lifeBoy
VivanIndianFull of lifeBoy
ZulemaIndianFull of BeautyGirl

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